#1556 | Friday, August 16th 2002
I was on duty as a police officer in a southern town. I remeber vividly hearing of the attack. I can still see it as if it were today.
Aubrey | 32 | Georgia

#1544 | Wednesday, August 14th 2002
On September 11th, 2001, I was at work. I was the only one in the office when it began. My boss called and said that he heard on the radio that a plane accidently flew into one of the Twin Towers. I immediately turned on the television. Then my world came crashing down. I watched in horror as the nightmare began. To this day, I still cry and get goose bumps when I think about it. I am over the nightmares now, but they return once and awhile. It really touched home because my husband is a police officer and many friends work for the fire department. I know what the rescue personnel had to go through in an emergency. They truley are heros. We will never forget and we will get revenge. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
Angela Combs | 23 | Georgia

#1483 | Wednesday, July 17th 2002
9-11-01 Me and my husband was on a flight (AirTran) FLT 278 out of Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA. Our flight took off at 8:30am and was to land at 11:05am. We were over Baltimore, MD (in the air) when the Pilot came on and informed us that "we were turning around and going back to Atlanta" I looked at my husband and asked if was joking? He assured me that he was. Then the Pilot came on again and said "We are making an immediate landing" "All air space has been closed due to a disaster in New York City something to do with airplanes and that we would see it on the news tonight"... That's all he said. I was scared and started shaking thinking that airplanes were being shot out of the air. Finally we landed in New Port News, VA. Once we landed a passenger pulled out his palm pilot and started reading out load that "both Twin Towers had been hit, and the Pentagon had also just been hit". The plane was quite this entire time. Once we got off the plane inside the airport, they insisted that we check out and no one was allowed to roam or use the bathrooms. Once we had a chance to see the TV monitors in the airport, we were all shocked. All I could think about was all the people on the air planes and in the buildings. Copies of both plane tickets and Hertz rental available on request. LosingSleep2@cox.net

Michelle Rooney | 28 | Georgia

#1461 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
At the time the first plane hit, I was in class at Kennesaw State University. Totally oblivious to what was happening, I hopped in the truck to go home, expecting to hear the local talk show host who is normally on at that time in the morning. The news of the first plane was just breaking over the air. First reports were coming through that it was apparently a small plane (like a Cessna) and it appeared to be a bad accident. Believe it or not, the station went back to regular programming and said they would keep us posted. I thought nothing of it and put in a CD, listening to music the rest of the 15 minute drive home. When I got there, I flipped on the tv to catch the last hour of the Today Show. Like everybody else in America, I was shocked by what was going on. I called my mom, and best friend who live in a much smaller town than I do, knowing that with me being in Atlanta they would worry about me. They were both at work and had no idea what was going on. I let them know that everything in Atlanta was normal, but I would let them know the second that anything changed. At this point, nobody knew if more attacks on large cities were coming, but (looking back) I did something really stupid and went to downtown Atlanta to try and find my boyfriend. I finally found him on the Georgia Tech campus and let him know what was going on. We spent the afternoon glued to CNN, watching in shock as the events unfolded. We went with his roomie to eat at Ruby Tuesday for dinner, but the mood was pretty rotten, and we watched the tv at the bar, as our lives were changed forever by this senseless tragedy.
The thing that sticks in my head the most that day, was the message on the traffic signs in Atlanta. Usually they give travel times and warnings about wrecks, but today, of course was different. They simply said "National Emergency--ATL Airports Closed." I don't know why I was so moved by these signs, but they brought tears to my eyes to see those words, National Emergency.
My heart goes out to everyone that was affected that day; whether it be those who were lost, those who lost a loved one, or just those like me watching from a distance.
God Bless America

David F | 20 | Georgia

#1456 | Tuesday, July 9th 2002
I was a senior in my high school. It was second period, about 10:00 when my teacher said, "America has been attacked." This particular teacher always played jokes, and this just thought this was a cruel sick one. But when he saw the expressions of disbelief on our faces, he turned on the tv and let us watch the news. All day, every class, we watched the news. Alot of kids were crying, many prayed...but we all were scared...
steve | 18 | Georgia

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