#1860 | Monday, September 9th 2002
When America was attacked I was suprised. When we were attacked I was at school in my third our class when I found out what happened. Before september 11 I didnt even know that the twin towers even existed, but i already knew about the pentagon. I feel so sorry for all of the families of all the people who were victims. If I had one wish I would wish that the attack on America never happened to take all of the pain and sorrow away fom the victims families. The only good that came out of this is that America showed how strong we are when we work together. The other good thing is that the victims souls are finally in peace,Amen.
Sephi Ovia | 12 | Florida

#1845 | Monday, September 9th 2002
The Aftermath – September 11, 2001

Love endures and Hate churns.
Children scream while Fires burn.
Freedom is lost and Justice Aches
Over 3000 Perish while a Nation shakes.

Survivors weep and the president Despairs
But families unite while War is declared.
A giant awakes and Courage is found.
Troops mobilize while Bombs hit the ground.

The world watches and the enemy Hides
Peace is lost while Strength provides.
Tyrants are evicted and Warlords disjointed.
A nation starts over while a King is anointed.

Soldiers fight Bravely and Victories are Won.
Battles complete but the War is not done.
Evil is the Enemy and Hate is his Knife
Victory is Futile after a Family losses a Life.

Wives without Husbands and Fathers without Sons.
Daughters without Mothers, in the name of God this was Done?
Only Love will prevail while Evil is stripped of his Hate.
Only Understanding will let our Pain Terminate.

We must not become that which we Despise
But we must not forget those who Lost Loved Lives
If we fail to execute our war against Terror.
Then we fail to protect our Freedom to Love Altogether

Brave men and women who wear a patch on their arm…
Love just as much as those who were harmed.
That is why we must continue to go wherever Evil hides…
For the sake of the Children who have Not Yet Lost Their Lives.

The Enemy is Evil and he knows not what is Right
A Nation seeks Justice but Sleeps without it this Night.
The Enemy is Evil and he Cares not for your Life.
That is why we must Find him … and Stab him… with his very own Knife.

Mourn our Loved... Mourn our Cherished... but take Evil to Task.
So “Lets Roll” to Baghdad and Kick his Evil ASS…
Find Sadaam.. Find Bin Laden.. Rob Evil of Life.
Find Justice.. Find Vengeance... Then Banish Evil’s Knife.

In memory - Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford | 35 | Florida

#1827 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I recall the light streaming into my room. It was my day off and I lazily shuffled my feet to the bathroom to put my contacts in. On the other side of the bathroom wall rested the TV. I heard people screaming and I came around the corner to see my two roommates sitting in the chair in disbelief. One was crying as the other held her close, tears running down their face as well. "We're being attacked," was all one could muster as I tried to understand what was happening. I saw the smoke rising from the World Trade Center Tower and recalled the bomb that happened there some time before. "There's a bomb or something?", was my question to them as the newscaster said, "Let's show this video." It was then that everything slowed down for me, I watched as this plane seared into this building and felt my breath leave me. I couldn't speak, I couldn't do anything. I remember rage coursing through me the same time that the child in me screamed for it's mother. In that moment of feelings the second building was struck and reports of the Pentagon began rising in the news. I felt litterally under attack. These people were finding places of importance to strike and kill who was to say I wasn't next door to the next place on their list? Even still as the memorial comes around I wonder if they would do the same again. Fear rested in me for close to three months. Afraid to go away too long, refusing business trips and being with my family and friends every moment I could. I am too young to ever know how a nation felt with JFK's assasination I often never understood it. The loss of a leader is hard but so many still hold that day close to their hearts. I understand now how they feel.....I unfortunatly understand all too well.

"May you find serenity in the silence of peace, for the silence will be broken and the peace shattered by chaos. Yet within chaos, peace follows it's suit and so the healing will begin and the world shall turn another day."

Cindy Rockwell | 26 | Florida

#1787 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was asleep. A friend came to borrow my car and I groggily told him ok, and then went back to sleep. When my clock radio came on, the first thing I heard was "schools will remain open". I didn't know what happened and I bolted out of bed and turned on the tv only to hear the tail end of a sentence saying "...where the World Trade Center used to be..." Nothing computed. I thought, "what do you mean, USED to be?" I thought this was impossible. All these thoughts passed through my mind in several seconds, not minutes, as I was waking up. I immediately realized that we were in the midst of something BIG, and I felt awash with pure horror. My sister lives behind me, and I rushed to her house in my PJs. She was already up, watching the TV. She filled me in on what had happened, and I just gawked in horror and disbelief. They were replaying the video clips, and the first thing I saw was people jumping from the towers to avoid the fires, and then the buildings falling and people running from the clouds. I knew immediately that we were at war, and that I was witnessing the changing course of history before my eyes. I just sat before the TV with my sister, unable to comprehend the loss of life, or the psychological makeup of someone who would do such a thing. The tragedy profoundly affected me emotionally, and led me to question all I had known before. On the approaching anniversary, I still do not have any answers...
Barbara Taylor | 54 | Florida

#1776 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was at work and a coworker came by to tell a plane hit the Twin Towers. I thought it was a terrible joke..I ran to the TV room in time to see the second plane hit.
While the TV recapped all the events that just occurred I looked at all my coworkers who crammed into the TV room. I looked at their faces while they were seeing life change before them. I thought at this moment," We were being attacked by land..WORLD WAR III had occurred." I was in shock. War had come to us and we would now have to protect ourselves.
My thoughts went to my children who were in school. I was wondering if that they were safe and what plans I needed to make to get them.I heard there were more planes in the air uncounted for. I wonder if Tallahassee would be hit because the President Brother was here, Jeb Bush.
My thoughts went to the people who were hurt and injured...I could not imagine how NY would handle all those people who were hurt.Not realizing that the building would crumble before my eyes.
That people would be lost forever that day.
I was in horror seeing my fellow Americans running to save their lives, running over the bridge.And when the buildings crumbled, I was in absolute horror.All those people trapped and hurt. Fireman, police, emergency workers..all trapped, dead, and missing.
I thought that I could hurt no more, cry no more until they pulled out the fireman's Priest's body pulled out. Then seeing the people holding pictures and signs up looking for their lost relatives..
My heart broke in pieces that day. Those people, anyone of them , could have been me. I felt their anguish, their terror, their sadness and grief.I prayed to the Lord to give them strength to cope through this horror.
I thought about the day Japan invaded Pearl Harbor and wondered if my mother felt this same way and wondered what she thought seeing this in the last year of her life.
Now after a year later, after we recovered everyone we could, we rebuilt the Pentagon, and give homage to all the brave AMERICANS who lost their lives. We are now talking about attacking Iraq.
I pray that our leaders will act cautiously. I don't want another mother, dad, brother , sister, husbands or wives, experience a loss like this extend every again.
I don't have the answers to make these terrorists pay. I do know that on September 11, 2001, a piece of my heart was permanently broken..
May God Bless America!!

Phyllis Powell | 49 | Florida

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