#2120 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was being annoyed that the phone won't stop ringing. By 10am I woke up just in time to see John Edward. I turned on the TV and proceeded to the bedroom. I thought My gosh these contacts are really dirty, because the TV sure looks hazy. I went for a baby bottle and sat with my daughter on the bed. All I saw was Manhattan skyline and honestly I thought, why is it so foggy. Then the scrolling headlines started, and my tears started to fall.
My husband called and all I asked What HAPPENED!???? Then I couldn't stop thinking about my best friend, Roxy. She lives in Queens. I tried to call lines were busy, but I insisted and it connected me. She was ok, her husband John (who works in Mt.Sinai hospital) was stuck in Manhattan due to the shut down of the MTA. The most important part was that they were ok. I didn't sleep for 5 days. I couldn't eat either. I lost 15 lbs in 1 week. I was thinking what's coming next. Is this it? I was going out of my mind. Until my husband forbid me to watch, listen or even checked the news.
A year has passed, I reflect on today. I can't help feeling that a part of everyone died that day as well. I personally didn't know anyone on the flights, WTC 1 & 2, or the Pentagon, we are all connected. Not because some of us are white, black, yellow, brown, or red, BUT we are all HUMANS!

For the Faithfully Departed who became Angels, I will never forget!

Yolanda Ovalle | 25 | Florida

#2010 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
September 11th 2002.

On this day we remember the Hero’s and the Victims of 9-11-2001.
We remember the day that World suffered the worse crime imaginable.
We remember seeing Aircraft crashing into the Buildings and the other one in the ground in Michigan. On this day we lost Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, and Sons. We lost Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers and Sisters. We lost In-laws, Neighbors and Friends. We lost Husbands and Wives, Fiancé’s, Boyfriend’s, and Girlfriends. We lost Police, Firemen and Women, Port Authorities, and Paramedics. We lost Military life as well as other Rescue workers.

This day we all felt the pain and sorrow that can not be described. We all remember seeing and hearing of the tragedy. We will not forget the horrifying images of the Planes crashing into the buildings. We will not forget seeing people trying to jump to safety. We will not forget the horrible images of human remains flying in the air and scattered on the ground. We will not forget the images of brave Rescue workers rushing in to save people, putting aside their own safety to help others. We will not forget the people them selves helping each other to safety as well. We will not forget hearing the calls of People aboard the flights and the People sacrificing their own Lives for others to stop Evil acts of terrorism so that others would be safe.

This day made people forget about their differences to stop and help try to rescue the Victims. We saw Men and Women of different Race, Creed and Nationalities all working as one to help. We saw unity of people all trying to do what they could to help working long hours and volunteering not wanting to stop till all could be rescued. We saw people standing in line at the Red Crosses donating Blood. We saw people bringing Food and Drinks to the Rescuers. We saw people giving money to help and people running out to buy Flags to show their support.

We saw Firefighters and Police Officers standing on Street Corners taking collections to help the Victims and Families of the Victims. We saw Celebrities coming together to pay tribute to the Heroes and Victims. We saw a Nation and World Wide support to stop the Terrorist. We saw other Countries pull together that had their difference to stop the people responsible for the act of cowardism attacks.

On this day we Remember standing as one and not backing down to the people who have tried to destroy our way of life. While they have impacted us they also have made us change our way of life. How ever they have not succeeded in making us back down.

To the Families of Victims and Heroes we will not forget. We will not forget seeing people holding up signs and pictures of their loved ones trying to search and hope for their safe return. We will not forget seeing the children crying as well trying to understand why. We remember seeing the President having to stop his visit with a School to be with Children and to promote education and reading. Then having the tears appear as he had to tell the children I have to go because we have been attacked.

We will not forget seeing and hearing of Military Planes ordered to shoot down any further threatening Aircraft if so needed to protect others. We will not forget hearing that all Aircraft except that of Military or Rescue to be grounded until they were given permission to resume.

We will not forget the reports of the Media many who were also in tears and also seeming to be helpless but wanting to keep reporting of news of Rescues.

We will not forget the loved ones in the Service being sent in to take out the terrorist and to stop any further acts that they may take.

William Preece | 35 | Florida

#1974 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My daughter missed the school bus on September 11, 2001, so I had to drive her in to school. Since her first class was P.E. I was in no rush. We sat in the car talking with a CD playing in the background. At 8:55 a.m. my daughter got out of the car and went to class. As I drove away, I turned on the radio and Peter Jennings was on the air. I thought, what's going on, where's our local news guys. Then I heard what had just happened. It was like I was in a dream for a moment. I called my husband at work to let him know what had happened. By the time I got to Walmart and picked up a few things, another plane had hit the Pentagon. When I got home, I picked up my baby and began rocking her and I was glad I was so far away from it all. A few hours later, my daughter got home from school and said, "Mom do you know what song was playing on the CD before I got out of the car?" "The Next Five Minutes" by Steven Curtis Chapman (the jist of the song is the next five minutes may be your last five minutes).
Caroline Miller | 37 | Florida

#1876 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at home on that morning. with my now ex husband.

The day changed my life. I was first in shock, then broken hearted over the deaths and losses of all the people. Tears for the families were shed and many prayers were uttered then and in the days to come. I wanted to go to war personally to find the people responsible for such a thing.

One month and fourteen days later, after much soul searching and prayers, I left my husband of thirty two years.
He was and is an alcoholic and drug addict. He abused me verbally and emotionally for all of those years. I raised two daughters for him. I worked my way through nursing school to make a better life for us and he worked hard to destroy everything for which I worked very hard. He spent everything we had on drugs, including the home I bought, on my own. Because of 50-50 laws about marriage, he acquired credit cards, unknown to me and spent until everything was gone. I sold the house to keep from having foreclosure. My girls grew up and left, only after I almost completely lost my sanity. Yet I still stayed with this man because I loved him. That is a brief history of the story.

Sept. 11, 2002, made me wake up and realize that my sisters were right, I needed to get away from this man. I left one morning Oct. 24, 2002, with my clothes and that is all. This was only after I had lived with my mother-in-law for the past year, caring for her at home. She had heart heart and kidney failure, and I am a nurse.

I just looked around one day, and said to myself, my life could end today and I would have had nothing but abuse from this man, and he has never applied himself in any way to try to take care of me or my children. It is the best thing I ever did.

I am a Hospice nurse now, and I see people everyday with problems that cannot be fixed, just like the many families that lost loved ones on the nightmare day, 9-11-02. It gives a perspective on my own problems, however heartbreaking they are to me, mine can be fixed.

That day gave me the courage to escape the life and the man that was killing me slowly. You see, I had no desire to live anymore. Now I do. It is a difficlt struggle everyday to keep that desire. I look around at the suffering, heartaches of those poor people, and I keep going.

I am making a a move, back to my home state, my oldest daughter is going with me, she's going to college and I am going back to school for my RN degree, I am an LPN.

Ironically, a day that took the lives of so many, gave me the courage to finally run for my life. I would have surely taken my own life had I stayed in that place. It changed my life, the way I saw things. I saw my situation as hopeless. I am now recovering from
years of mental and emotional abuse, with the help of God. It gave me the courage to escape. It made me see how quickly life can be taken away without warning. It made see that I needed to flee, stop making that addict able to be who he was. I was an enabler, not realizng it. Now I am free from all of that.

I pray everyday for the survivors of that day. I consider myself to be one of them. Sept. 11, 2002, gave my life back to me. I was one of the lucky ones. I am a survivor.

mjshook | 53 | Florida

#1862 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I remember sitting in my 2nd period Ecology class when the principal of my high school came on the intercom announcing that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.At first I was completly clueless about the whole thing because i didn't know that it was that big of a deal plus at the moment i thought it was an accident. I didn't even know they were speaking about the twin towers untill later in the day...All my life i had known those buildings as the twin towers not the world trade center! The reality of the severness of the whole tragety didn't hit me untill later that day around 5th period (Weight training class) All my friends were glued to the TV and alot of them were crying and all i could do was comfort them because I could not cry.I tried being strong infront of them. Later on that evening when i was home listening to the Radio the song "Proud to Be An American" came on and it was the fist time i had heard it and i couldn't hold it in any longer i just had to cry beacause this is my Country who was suffering and i couldn't help it.From that day on I'd find my self crying a lot...And for the next couple weeks all i could show was my American Pride by wearing red,white and blue! May God Bless the USA and i can't help but to say that I am so proud to say i am American and no matter what i will stand for my Country and our freedom!
Flor Jimenez | 17 | Florida

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