#37 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
I was on my way to work when I heard on the radio about this awful tragidty. I happen to be a nurse,emergency and also same day surgery.Tuesday,I was to work same day surgery,people come in for small procedures and go home several hours later.But this day was not the usual day.AS I entered the hospital at the ER entrance I came around the corner in the waiting room.Many of the EMT's I work with daily were huddled around the TV. I was in shock I heard about a plane crash but not sure what had really happened.I could not believe what I was seeing.I stood with them and watched briefly,but I had to got to go to work!
I went upstairs and everything was very busy my co-workers were all in shock.Then the news about the Pentagon ,again were are all in shock,the patients are in shock. People are questioning should I have surgery today?We had 16 patients ,16 small tv's,seemed like 16 different tv stations .WE were all on overload.
Then one of my co-workers realizes that her daughter is engaged to a Manhatten rookie policeman. She is in tears ,She does not know what to do. She finally leaves and goes home .We later get word that he is fine but a member of his family may not be.
We are all trying to do our jobs to care for our patients,to have this be like any other Tuesday.But it is not .Some crazy people have just done an awful thing to many innocent people and to our country.
The day goes on ,it seems very long.The news keeps getting worse.My headache gets worse also.The patients are all worrying.I have a patient sign a consent form .I think this date will live forever just as Pearl Harbor has.
My thoughts go ,often ,to my family hoping everyone is coping OK.My husabnd has left work. I worry about my young son.He worrys so about everything.He is to young to understand.(Do any of us understand?)He sobs as soon as I walk in the door. How do you explain this to a child. My thoughts are also with my oldest son in college.What must he think?Is he alone or is he with some friend so they can share thoughts and tears.
You think I cannot watch this anymore on the TV ,But you leave and return to catch more news.
My closing thoughts are to pray for the victims both the families and the lives lost.Pray for our leaders that they may may make the correct decision on how to handle this crisis.Also for all the workers who are putting thier hearts and souls into finding the lost victims.

Kathy | 44 | Connecticut

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