#542 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I was driving to work when the first plane hit.The news came over the radio moments later.It depth of it took my breath away and I had to stop my car and then I started crying.I wanted to just go home and hold my children.But I did keep going and at work, we listened to the news so we could kept current.As more events happened, a great sadness came over all of us.We realized that our country was under attack and I personally felt the same as I did long ago when President Kennedy died-very cold and stunned.I work for the Postal Service, a Carrier.Everyday still there is something to keep it fresh in my mind; a letter, newspaper, magazine, and I thankful for that.The buildings can be rebuilt but the people are gone forever, except in memories.We should NEVER forget what has happened to them.
Nancy | 44 | California

#439 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I had flown into Atlanta late the previous evening, and didn't awaken till about noon. I turned on CNN, as almost every business traveler does, and immediately saw the 2 planes crashing into the WTC.

My first thought was that CNN was reviewing a new action movie! When I heard the commentator speaking, I immediately called my wife back in MD. Thankfully, she was OK, just shaken and numb as was I.

Fortunately, I wasn't scheduled to fly back to MD until Saturday, and by then flights had resumed.

Ian | 44 | Maryland

#408 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I was driving my Bus in Germany when I heard it on the News, one of the first things I thought was to to find a TV with CNN to view the tragedy and try to understand why this is happening and Who is responsible. Feeling for the lost and missing.. We also have learned that not only do we have a bigger and better Country but we also have more targets for Insane to destroy..
Bob | 44 | Germany

#295 | Tuesday, November 27th 2001
Sept 11 th , A day that changed the world.I am a resident of UK, Whilst it happened in your country, the shockwaves were felt around the world and no more so than here in England. I had been working the night before and woke, putting the Tv on. The sight that filled my screen will live with me for ever.I dont think i moved from that seat for the next 5 or 6 hours.
My heart goes out to the families of those that lost relatives and loved ones on that day.
My pride at the bravery of those rescue workers who went into the towers to help people knowing that they would most proberly never get out is immense.
Standing side by side with America as we have on so many times in the past, we feel your sorrow and grief.
God bless you all

Darryl | 44 | United Kingdom

#223 | Saturday, October 27th 2001
In Memory of what we had, who and what we lost, and hope for tomorrow----------

Wounds and Scars------

A wound represents the present, a scar is a memorial of the past--a historical

Wounds were inflicted September 11, 2001--another day that will live in infamy--driven by mutual misunderstanding, miscommunication and unfathomable hatred. But
wounds are temporary--causing either death or scar........

Scars--reminders of events in which something new is learned. Some think scars represent pain, an accurate but very narrow perspective. Scars tell a story, explain the past and provide new insight for a healthier and brighter future. Scars are a necessity to build character and serve as evidence that healing is possible, that life still goes on--but never the same as before--a visible flaw remains as a reminder........

When I think of wounds and scars I remember Jesus' hands---The pain He endured, the immortal wounds, and the scars that convey an undescribable love. If He had remained dead the holes would be fatal wounds--but He lives--the scars proved His resurrection to doubting minds........

The wounds of September 11th will heal--however, the physical and emotional scars will forever remain as living memorials representing and reminding us of the devastation of hate and the healing power of faith, hope and love--"and the greatest of these is
love" (I Corinthians 13:13).......

Healing is in process--removal of rubble and debris from buiiding sites, planes, and foremost, hearts. Only ruins remain.......

Healing requires a deep cleansing--God, Hear Our Prayer--renew our hearts--
destroy our selfish pride, help us all to be still, to listen and learn, and to love. Guide us to true peace and freedom for all.

darlene | 44 | Tennessee

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