#1883 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at work in my office. It was around 3:00 PM in France. My boss called me and told me to connect to the net to check-out what was going on in NY. The first picture I saw was one of the towers with a huge amount of smoke surrounding it. The news was not that clear and precise at that moment. I went to his office and we watched the following events with horror. Everything became suddenly so futile. I realized at that moment that it was a huge warning for the US but also for all the western countries. I realised that nothing could prevent such acts.
On September 10th 2002, it seems that the leaders of the western world did not realize what happened in NY City. Mr Bush and his friends are ready to invade Iraq. They do not care about what is going on in Israel and still consider Saudi Arabia as an ally. So people of LA, Atlanta, London, Paris or Berlin; get ready to get hurt. Nothing as changed. The weapons that killed so many innocent Americans on the doomed September 11th were not mass destruction weapons manufactured by Iraq but simple airplanes. So let's go to Iraq!!!

Guillaume | 29 | France

#1879 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On September 11,2001,I was at work.I heard of the attacks from a co-worker.I went to my bosses office to see the news coverage.Then out of the corner of the screen I see the second plane and all I did was yell NOOOO!I immediately called my mom in Jacksonville Fla. to tell her what had just happened.She told me they were forcing all civilians to leave to base.I then called my girlfriend at college to make sure that her sister and brother(who both work in New York) were ok.She told me her brother(who commutes to NY everyday) saw everything from the NJ turnpike.After talking to her for 15 minutes a friend told me about the pentagon.I hung up with my girlfreind and called my grandfather to find out if my aunt was ok.I knew at times she was there.At about 12pm I heard on the news that there was a possibilioty that the Philadelphia might shut down all of the bridges.So I left for the day and went home to watch on tv.
On September 22 I went to NY.I got as close as Chambers Street.I turned out to be about only a few blocks away.I sat down right away and started crying.I never could have imagined such a horrific scene.There had to be about 100 people standing in complete silience.Watching the rescue workers come up to the tents and taking breaks.Buses brringing more workers in to help and more equiptment.From that day forward I tip my cap to any of the people who put their lives on the line each and everyday.May God be with you and God Bless.

sean crumpton | 29 | United States

#1797 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was on the 77th Floor of 2 World Trade Center when the second plane crashed into the building.
Allan | 29 | New York

#1785 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
The Corpthorne Harbour View in Singapore. The event happened 10pm local time, I was watching 'Austin Powers, the spy who shagged me' on HBO and I missed the whole thing.
That is, until I got up in the morning to read the Straight's Times (newspaper) and spent the next ten minutes thinking I'd missed some Singaporean April fools day joke.
I left for London two days later and I've never in my life seen so much mayhem at an airport (and I travel ALOT).
Heathrow was astounding, everyone coming and going as fast as possible.
I went for a walk down Oxford St the next day and I could have swung a cat and not hit anybody on this usually most buys of English shopping strips.
I went home a week later and scored an upgrade to first class where the steward kept appologising for the plastic knives. We had metal ones from Singapore through to Melbourne.

Travis | 29 | Australia

#1706 | Friday, September 6th 2002
On September 10th, I was checking in for my flight to San Francisco from Rio De Janiero, Brazil. The ground staff began issuing boarding passes for a flight via Newark on September 11th, then tore them up saying that the checkin deadline for that flight had passed. They rebooked me on a flight via Miami instead.
After an uneventful flight to Miami, I boarded United flight 984 to San Francisco. We took off over the high rises of downtown at 7.45 am, and the aircraft a 767, was almost empty.
Two hours into the flight I was watching a video program called 'earthquake in New York' predicting a quake there and an expert came on and said, 'the Twin Towers would survive an earthquake...' at that very moment a tense voice came through the headphones, 'cabin crew to the cockpit, emergency,' and the passengers who had heard that pulled off their earphones and looked bewildered around the cabin; immeditately the plane began banking and dropping sharply; the flaps were up on the wing to slow us down as fast as possible. I immediately began paying attention to the noises around me and the plane sounded fine; but there was no announcement at all as to what was happening if it was amechanical problem.... as i listened to the crew prepare us for an emergency landing (in Oklahoma, the TV screens told us) I looked for a phone to call my family but there wasnt one, and later that day I realized what it would have been like to be on the hijacked planes and have to call to say goodbye.
we continued to drop very quickly and did a bumpy landing in Oklahoma and saw about 12 aircraft rapidly land on the runway immediately after us; then we realized the situation was much bigger than our plane alone. The captain said that there had been a national emergency and we were to get off the plane as fast as possible. When we got to the terminal we found it full of people just standing around watching the TV....by then the towers had fallen. We were then rushed off to a hotel and later reports came in of flight 93, the flight I had narrowly been booked on,was the plane that had crashed in Pennsylvania.
For two and a half days we bonded with our crew and passengers and when we did take off we were like old friends. The 2 hour flight to San Francisco was tense but calm, and the cabin crew performed the safety demo with defiance. When we arrived at the gate, ground staff outside theplane were cheering and waving US flags, and when we entered the darkened terminal there were more staff waving flags and cheering us.....it was quite a welcome after such a traumatic and stressful three days.

Dave Lowe | 29 | Oklahoma

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