#2017 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Dear where were you.org;

On the day of this horrific tragedy, I was at work as usual. I found out from a co-worker who had heard from another co-worker about this event. Throughout the working day, I was listening to what what was happening in New York City and Washington D.C. on the radio. I was just full of disbelief.

I felt like this was something out of a Hollywood movie.

On that evening, I was seeing the horrific images on the news repeteadly at a downtown bar. This time I was in total shock. Just seeing the two airplanes colliding into the two towers, and seeing them collapse onto themselves like they were made of dust, brought alot of grief to my heart. Also, to see all the people jumping out of the two buildings, from many stories high, in hopes of getting out of them only to fall to their deaths just overwhelmed me with sorrow, and still does to this day.

Seeing people run for their lives as the two twin towers were collapsing in New York City was just heartbraking.

I just wanted to break down in tears. I didn't want to leave the downtown bar where I was at. I wanted to know more if something else had happened.

There hasn't been a day in this past year where I haven't thought about all this. Just typing all of this out brings alot of pain, and sadness to my heart.

I would really like to thank where were you.org for giving people a chance to write down their comments, and feelings in regards to this event that changed everyone's lives so much.

Roberto Carlos Calderon | 29 | Canada

#1968 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My husband and our two small children were on our way home to Illinois from Texas. We were a few miles outside Texarkana when the radio show we were listening to said they were cutting away to national news. The terror and confusion we felt was mixed with even more fear as the realization of how far from home we were. Luckly the kids were to small to realize what was going on. As we passed the Little Rock Airport it was eerie to see all the planes grounded and police everywhere. Listening to the radio, holding on to my husband hand and looking back to see my kids, was how I passed the long trip home. My heart went out,and still does, to everyone at the WTC, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. J. Schueler Columbia, Il
Janet Schueler | 29 | Illinois

#1957 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
A year ago I was on my way home from college her in Norway. When I came home mom told me that to planes had smased in to WTC, I was stund, what kind of people can do such a thing.
It is still incredible that this happend.
My heart go out to all those who lost ther loved one, may God bless you all.

Monica Nygard | 29 | Norway

#1941 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I live in Queens, New York & work in Manhattan. I'm on the 2nd floor of a 21 story building, My apt. is located about 10 miles from the World Trade Center. I've worked a few blocks away from the WTC and have an Aunt & friends who live nearby. I also have family, friends and neighbors who worked in the WTC complex. Also many who are NYPD & FDNY.

I would like to thank everyone who helped & those who kept us in their thoughts during our rough times. I could never imagine NY becoming a disaster area, but that's exactly what happened. We needed help & it seemed like the entire world showed up or sent things to help out. THANK YOU ! every last one, THANK YOU !

I would normally take my lunch & sit in across from the Javits Center in midtown, just a short work from work. The day after the attack, the Red Cross & every voulnteer was showing up there to help. I was dazed in a state of shock for the entire time they occupied the area around the Javits Center.

This is suppose to be things I'd only ever see on the news, right ?

I'm still as shocked, angry, and heartbroken TODAY as I was almost a year ago to the day. This was the World Trade Center. It may of happened in the city I live in, in my country, but I hope that people all over the world remember that this was an attack on the world, not just New York, D.C., and the plane that went down in PA.

People from all over OUR WORLD were killed.

Not just New York or the United States.

On the morning of September 11th I woke up early for me. I normally leave for work at about 10:45am. I work in the Editorial Department for the New York Daily News in mid-town Manhattan. When I turned on the t.v. I had it on the local news with the volume off & the radio on. I started getting into my morning routine when I noticed the WTC had a fire, at first I really didn't pay attention to it much. I shrugged it off as a possible fire in Windows of the World. Must be the New Yorker in me.
As time went on & they didn't break to a commerical, I started to figure it was worse then I had originally thought.

I then watched the 2nd plane of cowards slam into the second WTC building filled with innocent hard working people. I then realized what was happening. I watched the first tower come down & can still remember the horror I felt, because I still feel it today. I just can't seem to think of the words to describe it.

After the first tower came down & I couldn't take sitting in my apt. watching CNN anymore. I went downstairs for some air. Not long after, a neighbor Mike who lives on the 18th floor came back to our building. We talk a little about what was going on. I told him the first tower came down. We both went up to his apartment, from there you can see the Manhattan skyline perfectly.

While watching the news & trying to make phone calls without any luck. We saw the second building collapse from his window.

This day has changed my life completely. The number of lives lost on that day has made me take a hard look at myself. They way I view my personal success and what I want out of life is completely different. I realized that I'm not living my life to it's fullest. I'm not doing the things that I enjoy. I have so many things I'd like to learn & do. I want a dog. I want a simple, easy lifestyle. I want to travel to places all over the world...

Now I am doing something about it. My final day working behind a computer all day doing a job that's not right for me will be September 27, 2002. Three days later I will be flying to my new life in the U S Virgin Islands.

This move isn't in fear of living in New York, it's in fear of not getting the most out of my life. Infact, I will be planning my visits back home around the September 11th anniversary. I will NEVER FORGIVE September 11th, but more importantly I will NEVER FORGET September 11th.

KC Keane | 29 | New York

#1911 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was sitting at work in Scotland (I work for the local Council (city hall). My dad was in hospital following a major throat cancer operation and I had just got word that he was going back to theatre so the surgeons could have a look at something. I remember feeling very worried about that when a guy I work beside got a phone call from his wife. He told us that a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers and I remember thinking to myself, I always thought the twin towers were those big buildings in New York but I must be wrong as it would no way be them. Then his wife phoned again to say that another plane had hit the other building. Another phone call confirmed that both buildings had collapsed. We just couldn't believe it. To think we are sitting at work on an afternoon while that atrocity was happening (I think it was 2.30 pm or thereabouts). I remember getting home from work and that was all my husband and I could watch on the news. My little girl was only 2 and I thank God for that as she was too young to be worried about it. My prayers are with everyone affected by that and also for the world as a whole, goodness knows where we are heading.
Karen Flood | 29 | United Kingdom

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