#129 | Friday, September 21st 2001
. what s


on the stove of america?
..see all that
(smoke). . dense

in our eyes

(please) give us more
.. pacifier lies

the world s whore

'america under attack'
fight back.too late.
.someone else decided
my fate.

[i was walking to second core.english. a plane had hit the world trade center. then another. and i spoke: wait.youmean.this was a kamikaze type of thing? and indeed it was. my mother teaches at my high school.i ran to her room.asked her if she had talked to dad..i grew up ten minutes from the pentagon before moving to nc. a lot of my childhood friends became orphans that day. and whitney turned 17. end.]

joy richard | 17 | North Carolina

#113 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
my girlfriend woke me up with a friendly phone call on 9 11. she told me to look at the news. i checked USAtoday.com and it all just seemed so unreal. and it was hard to get through my head something like that could happen.
Dan | 17 | Texas

#111 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
I was running cross country. We didn't even know that anything bad was happening. Everyone was acting normal cas no one on the team knew anything about the attacks. We got into the locker room like 45 minutes after the attack on the pentagon, and some girl from the volleyball locker room comes into the cross country locker room and tells us to turn on the radio, and she explains what happened. We were screaming and crying.
Kacey | 17 | Texas

#93 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
i was sitting in health class, my mom walked in the door to give me a check for my SATs. She told my teacher to turn on the tv. Then she left. It was horrible, i sent my friend at another school nearby a text message on my cell phone. I said "The world trade center! It's under attack!" before i knew it i was being forced to send the message "The pentagon!" he was frantic, his class recieved all their information from me throughout class. I knew that my friend went to school in NYC. I was horrified. All day i was scared out of my mind. I came home, shaken, and sat at my computer. My friend was online, i was so glad to hear he was ok. My cousin relayed the news that she was in a helicopter in NYC, near where it all happened, as it happened. She works for the news there. She was horrified as well. I was talking to my friend in NYC when a plane flew over my house. I freaked out... all planes were to be grounded!then there was a loud BOOM and my house shook... i live right by the nations largest air force base. i started to cry. the tv said that a plane had crashed into the VA! I was so scared. Later they said that there was a brush fire near the VA and the plane was a gov't plane and there had been a sonic boom... they put the two together and had come up with the VA story. I was so mad. my city was the one place in america that a plane SHOULD have been flying and no one told me... grrr...
i will never, ever, forget, however, where i was when i heard Bush's speech. I was in the kitchen at work, staring at the old broken down radio with the missing face. I was drying dishes. I put them down and just stood there with streams of tears across my cheeks as my boyfriend held me closely and told me everything would be alright. the day has scarred us all forever... nothing will be the same anymore from here on out. this is no longer the america we knew and loved...

Tiffany | 17 | Ohio

#68 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was listening for the #1 song on the Australian hits countdown and right after it, the D.J broke right in after the song had barely finished.

"We've just had breaking news that the World Trade Centre in New York City has had a plane crash right in to it."

My heart stopped pounding for a few moments, wondering why oh why would we care? I didn't quite realise the importance of the WTC, thinking it was just a building. I thought someone important must have died, I suddenly then thought of all the celebrities at the New York Michael Jackson concert. I waited for a name, expecting the Aaliyah tragedy pt2.

"The American's believe its an act of terrorism, we'll keep you up to date." the D.J finished.

I sighed with relief! sighed! It wasn't til about an hour later, that I decided to go to bed. I turned on my television to watch some late night infomericals and I saw the WTC in bursting flames and smoke, reminding me of independence day. I suddenly began to feel my hands tremble as I heard George Bush start to speak, looking almost ready to cry. I flipped the channel, the exact same news stream was there. Flipped again, and again. I knew something was really serious. I've never, ever been so scared in my life. I went to bed and prayed most of the night.

Nothing has changed.

Jessica T | 17 | Australia

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