#75 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
just getting out of my Freshman english class at UGA. classes got cancelled. everybody was in a panic. i went back to my dorm room and woke up my roommate with the news. he blinked dumbly and his expression was something like "um. what the hell?" He had been alseep until 11 am. pretty soon other guys on the hall were coming into our room watching the news. it was pretty scary. i remember thinking "one day my kid is going to ask me 'what were you doing when they took out the WTC dad?' This was history right before my eyes." I'd only thought people like my dad and grandfater had memories like this. JFK, Pearl Harbor... wow.
Thomas | 18 | Georgia

#62 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
i was awake. wide awake. fresh from a nightmare that was frighteningly simular to what i witnessed on tv moments later. i attached myself to the tv, hoping and praying i was still in my nightmare. praying again, that maybe bruce willis or some other hollywood box office hero would swing across the screen, screaming "yippie kai yay muthah f*ckah" or something equivalent. sadly, i was awake now. and the terror of nightmares had meshed into reality. and i cried. because the glass between hollywood and reality had just shattered. because i live in a world where people are capable of such unspeakable acts. because i was thankful, right then and there, that i was alive. because things like these should only be lived in nightmares.
april nicole herron | 18 | North Carolina

#42 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
Tuesday was my one day off from work. I take it off every week for band practice. Than my phone begins ringing while I am still asleep which of coarse wakes me up. Normaly I would let it ring my dad usually gets it anyway, but than i remembered that he was out running errands, so i roll over and grab the phone thinking it was my drummer freting over band practice. It was my mom who works for the goverment with a company that fixs submarines. I never herd fear in her voice before then. With shakeing voice she tells me about the world trade center and pentagon. The first thing I said was "Get out mom" She said she would as soon as posible. So i throw some pants on run to a tv and begin a new day of infamy. I call my cousin, both her parents work on a sub base she was already up and aware. Neither wanted to admit it but we were both scared so she came over as we watched the news unfold. I forgot where I was for alot of things but never will i forget watching the towers come falling down ending lives and instilling a new sence of patriotism flow through my veins. Even through my saddness I could think in the back of my head " I am an American, I am Pissed off" We will survive A revalution gave us our freedom. Many wars have tried to take it wel will overcome this Because I am an american I will always be an american. Its not only my right but my privlage given to me by those fallen in previos wars anf my thought of those you died just to save our nation grew, I know the world trade center is only the first in what is yet to come but people have already died and i dont want their death to be in vein. All thought in my head while the towers came down.
Larry Kuhse | 18 | Connecticut

#41 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
i was sleeping.. sortof. i was in a sleeplike state when the phone rang. it was my mother calling from work. it was 9:52. "were under attack", is what my mother said. "turn on channel 8!" so i turned on the tv and instantly i am snapped awake by images of the pentagon aflame, along side a picture of the twin towers erupting with fire. this is the same place i sat for awhile, telling my mom what was going on, because all she had was a radio at work. i hung up with her and phoned my frined evan, who was still asleep. "the pentagon and new york city have been attacked by terrorists" i said. he quickly turned on the tv. i filled him in quickly on everything i had heard. we both watched in silence as the first tower collapsed,and i stayed on the line with him untilt he seconed tower went... both of us were shocked. i hung up with him and dialed my mothers work number. i filled her in and she said quitly "i just heard" i stayed on my bed for at least 3 hors listenign to the news. before getting up and making breakfast. this was the start of the day i shall never forget.
Michael Bennett | 18 | Connecticut

#29 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
On Tuesdays I do not have class until 11 am. At about 9 am I hear the girl across the hall begin to freak out about something. I heard the word airplane and I thought she was watching some reality show about sky divers. She was telling everyone to watch the t.v. I tried to go back to sleep, but she was too loud. So I decided that I would get up and take my shower. As I open the door she starts trying to tell me about the airplane. She was wearing a shirt with the New York skyline on it, and she pointed to the towers and said that they were gone. Then she pointed to the screen and I saw it all. I was so much in shock that I went to the shower. All through my shower I just prayed. Then I got back to my room and the magnitude of the situation hit me. I fell on the floor and wept.
Rachel | 18 | Texas

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