#764 | Friday, February 15th 2002
I remember Septermber 11th, as the day the world stopped. I remember where I was, how I felt, and what I thought when I was told about the attacks.
I remember just knowing, that it was real. It was the moment in life where every person realized we were one- we were the same... there was no, and still is not one word to describe how each of us felt. We felt united, yet destroyed... yet we knew that no matter what happened we were all in this together.
'We will fight not out of spite, cause someone must stand and declare whats right...and we are never broken...'

Mine and everyones heart will never forget the heros of that day- the victims, the people who are still there and the people who gave up everything to go there... we are all with you... God is with you....

Jemimah Duffy | 16 | Australia

#760 | Thursday, February 14th 2002
on september 11th I was in my language arts class when my teacher received a call on her cell phone. it was her husband who called to tell us to turn our television on that the towers had been struck by an airplane.At first i thought it was a small cessna single engine craft but later on the news i found out it was a commercial jet.then at that very moment while watching the news i saw the second plane hit.I knew at that moment this was extremely serious.the bell later rung and i left my class.while walking down the hall i saw a fammiliar art teacher he looked at me with eyes filled with tears and said the pentagon has just been hit.my exact words were "God my God". while in my math class the next class after language arts we were watching the news and that few moments i saw both towers collaps. i had to be exused from my class,and i remember trying to take i long walk and clear my mind.that day was horrid not just because it was the worst attack in americas history, but because at the 6th month anniversary of the attacks i found out my best freind died. God Bless America!
anonymous | 16 | Georgia

#751 | Sunday, February 10th 2002
I was sitting in my classroom, like I always did at that time of day. I was 16 and naive to the thought of destruction coming so close to home. We sat there in silence since moments before an armed gunman was coming up to our school and we were in lock down until the police apprehended him. I sat in a chair that was nothing more than a piece of plastic and some parts of metal. I sat in a hall way high on the top floor of the building, floor length windows surrounding me. I sat there with a sketch book in my hand, drawing the intricate details of the Victorian building. I sat there in peaceful silence, not knowing that a plane had smashed into the side of the world trade building. I sat there until I heard a scream in the classroom, filled with 7 high school students.

I stopped and waited to hear why there was a scream, but all I heard was “turn on the radio”. It was then that I knew that something had happened. I ran from my simple plastic chair into the small classroom, and just as I entered I heard a newscaster come on the radio saying there’s dust everywhere, I can’t see. I stopped and looked around at the blank faces of my friends, and asked what had happened. They replied in sullen voices that a plane had crashed into the WTB and that there were people still inside and another one just hit into the second building.

I directed my ears to the radio, and heard the most horrible thing I could ever imagine. The woman on the radio was still saying there was dust everywhere and people running everywhere, and then she stopped speaking, gasps were coming out of her mouth as screaming erupted around her. She yelled run run the building is coming down! The screaming and yelling was horrific as I heard the crashing of the building falling. You could hear as it hit the ground, you could hear the people running to save their lives. And then it just stopped...there was no more sound. There was nothing at all. Trembles flew through my body as I looked around at the searching faces, yet none of us could comprehend what had happened.

I got up slowly, grabbed my book bag and walked out of the room, tears streaming down my face. I walked across the school campus, and the air was still like the radio. I felt bare and exposed so I ran to the other building. I entered my homeroom for lunch and there was laughing. I stopped short and looked around in horror as I saw happy faces. My friend said Hey Julia how are you? beautiful day isn’t it. My face was of pure disgust as I stared at her joyous face. I asked her why she was happy? she answered why wouldn’t I be? I said how about the two buildings with thousands of people in it that was hit by planes? She had not heard, no one had in my homeroom. I was the barer of bad news. However my entire school seemed distant to the fact that people had died, they were unemotional. The only people that had the right emotions were the ones in that class with me. They had heard the terror.

I emailed my boyfriend, I needed to have the comfort of letting someone know I was all right. He lived half a world away, yet I knew he would be worried about me. I needed to tell someone how I felt without hearing happiness. My school did not handle the situation well, and I had no time to grieve. Our classes were not canceled, there was no break to the constant pressure. And I was left alone to deal with it my own way. I went home that day shaken beyond belief, and forced myself to work. It took 2 weeks to even work the way I use to.

The next day, after the tragedy, I went up to that very classroom that I had heard the immense destruction and I stopped before I entered that room. I stopped by the chair that had held my body before I ran from it to hear the news. It had not been moved from it’s spot and the sketch book was left on the ground where I had dropped it. The picture was not finished and I picked it up delicately to look at it. I cried then, knowing that between drawing that line that I looked at, and hearing “turn on the radio” my life had been changed. I marked the date on the picture and stared out the windows. I sat back down in the chair, leaving it in the same position and cried over and over again.

I lost a friend in that building, and still I have never grieved.

Julia | 16 | Maine

#748 | Saturday, February 9th 2002
my name is Roi, i am 16 years old,
and i'm from Israel.
im september 11th i was listen to a radio programe, therefor i heard in the radio's news that the a plane crash into the twince and they said that more info will give later, i was shocked and i open the tv and i saw the CNN,
i see it akk the day.

i wish that peace in all over the world will come soon.


Roi Hutmacher | 16 | Israel

#729 | Monday, February 4th 2002
I remember September 11th. we were taking the GQE,Graduation Qualifying Exam, or Istep depending on what grade you're in. We tested that day until 10:15 or 10:30 and when the princapal came over the annoucements he told us all that America was attacked by terrorists and that the world trade center towers in New York wer destroyed. We had a moment of silence but shortly afterward people in that class disturbed me they were not upset that this happened to America. A couple of minutes later my dad came and got me and i spent the day, until i went to work, with my family. I spent 30 minutes at work my manager told me to go home if she had a kid she wouldn't have her kids come to work tonight. I went home and spent time with my brother who on December 10th left for the Marine Corp.
Mallory Moore | 16 | Indiana

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