#894 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On September 11th I was at school. I was sitting in Health Class and we were taking notes on why people use violence as a way to feel better about themselves, we all find that very weird to be talking about that on that day. My principle came in and asked if we were aware of what happened, then he told us, everyone started crying and wanting to go home to our family. I will never forget that day, I still remember what I was wearing. I pray for the victims and their families everyday. I will never forget, you will always be in my heart. God Bless America!!
Amanda | 16 | Mississippi

#874 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was in school. I didn't hear anything about it until about 9:15 CDT, after first hour, in the hallway. I heard people talking about some bombing of some kind, but thought nothing of it. When I got to my 2nd hour class about two minutes later, the teacher was talking to somebody else while he was walking in the room. He said something like "this is a lot worse than the Oklahoma City bombing." I was thinking oh great, what happened now. I sat through the whole period wondering what had happened. When I got to my third period class at about 10:00 CDT, the TV was on in the room. They were showing people running, screaming, hiding behind cars. On the bottom of the screen, it said something about the world trade centers collapsing. I was totally shocked. Our class just sat there in silence watching the TV. Our teacher told us that this is probably the biggest thing we will witness in our lives, and it was happening right there, right now. Even then, it seemed like a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from. It actually took a few weeks for it to "sink in." When I woke up the next morning, I turned on the TV hoping that I had just woken up from a really bad dream and it hadn't happened. Unfortunately, it really had happened. I hope that the victims are coping well today, now close to year later.
Anonymous | 16 | Iowa

#811 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
I had a math lesson and i couldnt get my eyes of the TV .I was in shok when it is happened and i think about it many times.
Michael Shehter | 16 | Israel

#805 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I woke up only when my ride called me at 6:45 am to ask me why I wasn't answering the doorbell. Oops. So I got ready in the quickest three minutes ever and sleepily stumbled into her car mumbling a good morning along with an apology. Her reply?? "The World Trade Centers have been attacked!" Man did THAT wake me up. We were listening to the radio so intently.
That whole day at school, every teacher touched a little if not a lot on the tragedy. Before second period I listened to the radio for a few minutes and was shocked to hear that two MORE planes had crashed. Some teachers let us get on the internet and look up more information so that we could comfirm facts from plenty of rumors that students claimed were true. (i.e. That Hollywood has been hit too, etc)
When i got home from school, all i could do was watch the TV and a thousand prayers went through my head. I was so glad that everyone I knew was safe, but I still couldn't help but cry for the thousands of people who weren't. We had two family friends make it out of there alive. But then I found out that my neighbor had been on the flight that crashed into the Pentagon. Then it made me think: All those flights were en route to LA... maybe everyone i know ISN'T safe. A lot of San Diegans fly via LAX.
That day and the weeks following, I cried so much more than I ever thought I would. It's a day I'll never forget and in a way, i think that's a good thing.

Shreya | 16 | California

#777 | Tuesday, February 19th 2002
my name is stephen young,
on behalf of myself and australia we give our depest simpathy.I am glad that all the allied troops are in afganastan and wish them all the luck in the world.my simpathy also gose to the allied soldiers that were killed in afganastan.

yours with simpathy
stephen young.

stephen | 16 | Australia

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