#1631 | Saturday, August 31st 2002
I woke up at around 8am PST as usual, ready to go to work, by this time in New York the towers have already fallen. On my way to work, I was driving listening to music (I usually listen to sports radio.which for the rest of the day was talking about this incident). On the freeway, I saw the reader board, near Sea-tac airport, it said "Airport closed." And I was like, why is the airport closed, so i turned on sportsradio, and started to hear words of hijackings and towers collapsing, and thats where I was, when I found out about the events, I was in a shock for the next month or two after that..

Thanks for listening to my words.

Otto Rogers | 28 | Washington

#1589 | Saturday, August 24th 2002
It was my birthday and i was pissed that it was taking attention from me... Probably because it didnt personaly effect me at all here in seattle wa. other than it takes longer to get in and out of the airport
adam | 19 | Washington

#1510 | Tuesday, July 30th 2002
I was in school,it was 5th period when i heard about what happened to the world trade center. I looked at the t.v. and i thought to myself who would do such a thing like that? That question and a million other questions ran through my head about 9-11. Including if anyone was going to be okay that were in the Twin Towers.
It was so sad to hear that someone would do that to innocent civilians that had no thought in mind that, that was going to happen. R.I.P 9-11

Cameon Smith | 14 | Washington

#1459 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
Where to start, where to start?

Well, I woke up in the morning to my mother yelling at me from her room across the hall. "Jeremy, Jeremy wake up! A plane just hit the World Trade Center."
In my drousy state I managed to respond, "your kidding, right?"
Needless to say, she wasn't kidding! I jumped out of bed and the first thing I saw when I walked into her room was the picture of the first tower that had been struck. It may sound terrible, but it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. The hole was gigantic. I noticed you could see the outline of the wing tips on each side.
We started to talk about what could have happened. Glide scope problems? Problem with the hydrolics on the plane? Pilots drunk or incapacitated in some way? Pilot error? But on a bright sunny day? I told myself it was a freak accident and then began to walk out of the room. Just as I got to the doorway I heard a person who the news station was interviewing start to yell, "Wait a minute it looks like another plane is coming. Another plane just hit the other tower!" Right then and there it became all to apparent what was happening. One plane could have been an accident, but two planes had to be intentional. We moved to the livingroom to watch the bigger TV, and to call my dad. We listened to the President's remarks from the Florida Elementary School. I'll never forget the gasps of the crowd when he announced that this was "an apparent terrorist attack on our country".
I had to pick up my brother at around 7:30am and I was getting dressed when I heard a report about a fire at the Pentagon. Still in my state of denial I told my mother not to worry, it was probably just some small isolated fire that was being blown out of proportion because of the days events. Then I saw the first pictures, and I realized that I couldn't have been more wrong. My only thought at that moment was 'My God'! Then reports started coming in from all over the place. Another fire on the Washington Mall, all planes believed to be hijacked, many more possibly in the air, an explosion at the state department, another plane headed toward Washington, air force fighters scrambled, a plane crash reported in Pennsylvania, White House and the Capitol being evacuated, Pres. Bush being evacuated to a secure undisclosed location, all US airspace had been closed. Luckily many of these turned out not to be true, but sadly many were true.
Out of all these two really struck me. First, US Navy ships were being deployed all across the country, and then the military was orderded to stand up to Threat-con Delta. That is when I realized the sevarity of the situation. The military only goes to Threat-con Delta when we are at war. Basically as far as the military was concerned, as of that morning the US was at war with someone. I got a real idea of the true sadness of the nation when I went to the local Fred Meyer grocery store and heard nothing but complete silence. It seem silly to notice something so irrelevant, but in a store where normally people are chatting away, and you can hear the humm of people discussing various topics the silence stuck out like a sore thumb.
I think Sen. John Warner put it best that day when he said, "This has indeed been the most tragic hour in our nations history, but I think it can be out finest." As painful as that day was, look what came out of it. I have never in my short life seen such patriotism, and national pride. For a short time everyone forgot about all racial, or cultural barriers. For that short time we were all simply Americans. We were all one family. It was amazing to see kids on the side of the road waving flags, and see people from all nationalities immaginable turning out for rallies, and memorials. And another thing that I never expected was the world reaction. Even with as many faults this great nation has (as does any nation) the world rallied around us. For one moment the entire free world stood as one, shoulder to shoulder. As arrogant as we may sound to you, I don't think anyone will ever understand how much that support meant to America. Something as simple as playing the American National Anthem at Buckingham palace moved many Americans to tears.

Thank you for letting me ramble on like this. Keep this site running!

Jeremy | 20 | Washington

#1399 | Saturday, June 15th 2002
First I would like to respond to another person's post, becuase I think he needs to know the truth behind his accusations. I don't want to turn this into a discussion group, but I believe these are things that need to be clarified.

Here is a quote from his post: "Where were you on August 6, 1945? Oh, don't you recognize that date? That's the date that "good ol USA" whiped an entire city off the face of the earth, and then again on August 9, 1945."

The US did target, and attack civilians in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. The reason behind this was not to kill as many civilians as we could, or to even flex our muscles, it was to save lives. If the US, or the Russians invaded Japan the entire country would have been decimated, and the result would have been millions of more dead Japanese, Americans, and Russians. The bombs forced an end to the war, and prevented any more people from dying.

On to the next: "And it's been conveniently forgotten that while the Japanese only attacked military targets during WWII, America saw fit to destroy millions of innocent lives."

First of all millions of poeple did not die. Estimates cover a large range of numbers, but it's safe to say that only about 240,000 people were killed in the attacks. Still a significant number of people but nowhere near "millions".
That said, in response to the first part of your statement I say you should ask the people of Nan King if the Japanese only attacked military targets in WWII. Also, it's clear that if Japan got the bomb first they would not have hesitated to use to use it.

I just had to get that off of my chest. I want to thank you for this site. You really are doing a service.

Jeremy | 20 | Washington

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