#2040 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Bonjour de Toulouse.

En ce jour de deuil et de souvenir, je vous adresse toute ma sympathie, mon amitié devant cette catastrophe.

Soyez assuré de ma solidarité dans mes pensées et dans mes prières.


Patrick Blanche

Patrick Blanche | 35 | France

#2014 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at home in AZ, and had awaken my son to get ready for school. I was scheduled to work the 12-8pm shift at my job, so while my son prepared for school, I turned on the TV and sat back with my morning coffee. When the broadcast told of a plane striking the World Trade Center, I thought, "What a terrible accident!", but as I watched the second plane strike the second tower and the other reports came in about the Pentagon and Flight 93, I knew this was no accident. Being recently discharged from the active duty Air Force, I immediately called the Air Reserve Personnel Center in CO and told them that I was ready to come back to duty. The following month, I was on my way overseas to finally do the job I had trained to do. In Feb of 2002, I was transfered to the Pentagon in DC where I am today. Rather, tonight; because I am working the night shift on 9-10-02 keeping watch over the nation and preparing to honor the victims of 9-11-01 in the morning.
David Barton | 35 | District of Columbia

#2010 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
September 11th 2002.

On this day we remember the Hero’s and the Victims of 9-11-2001.
We remember the day that World suffered the worse crime imaginable.
We remember seeing Aircraft crashing into the Buildings and the other one in the ground in Michigan. On this day we lost Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, and Sons. We lost Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers and Sisters. We lost In-laws, Neighbors and Friends. We lost Husbands and Wives, Fiancé’s, Boyfriend’s, and Girlfriends. We lost Police, Firemen and Women, Port Authorities, and Paramedics. We lost Military life as well as other Rescue workers.

This day we all felt the pain and sorrow that can not be described. We all remember seeing and hearing of the tragedy. We will not forget the horrifying images of the Planes crashing into the buildings. We will not forget seeing people trying to jump to safety. We will not forget the horrible images of human remains flying in the air and scattered on the ground. We will not forget the images of brave Rescue workers rushing in to save people, putting aside their own safety to help others. We will not forget the people them selves helping each other to safety as well. We will not forget hearing the calls of People aboard the flights and the People sacrificing their own Lives for others to stop Evil acts of terrorism so that others would be safe.

This day made people forget about their differences to stop and help try to rescue the Victims. We saw Men and Women of different Race, Creed and Nationalities all working as one to help. We saw unity of people all trying to do what they could to help working long hours and volunteering not wanting to stop till all could be rescued. We saw people standing in line at the Red Crosses donating Blood. We saw people bringing Food and Drinks to the Rescuers. We saw people giving money to help and people running out to buy Flags to show their support.

We saw Firefighters and Police Officers standing on Street Corners taking collections to help the Victims and Families of the Victims. We saw Celebrities coming together to pay tribute to the Heroes and Victims. We saw a Nation and World Wide support to stop the Terrorist. We saw other Countries pull together that had their difference to stop the people responsible for the act of cowardism attacks.

On this day we Remember standing as one and not backing down to the people who have tried to destroy our way of life. While they have impacted us they also have made us change our way of life. How ever they have not succeeded in making us back down.

To the Families of Victims and Heroes we will not forget. We will not forget seeing people holding up signs and pictures of their loved ones trying to search and hope for their safe return. We will not forget seeing the children crying as well trying to understand why. We remember seeing the President having to stop his visit with a School to be with Children and to promote education and reading. Then having the tears appear as he had to tell the children I have to go because we have been attacked.

We will not forget seeing and hearing of Military Planes ordered to shoot down any further threatening Aircraft if so needed to protect others. We will not forget hearing that all Aircraft except that of Military or Rescue to be grounded until they were given permission to resume.

We will not forget the reports of the Media many who were also in tears and also seeming to be helpless but wanting to keep reporting of news of Rescues.

We will not forget the loved ones in the Service being sent in to take out the terrorist and to stop any further acts that they may take.

William Preece | 35 | Florida

#1906 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My family were all out of the country - my parents were in Italy, and my sister was studying in West Virginia (USA). I don`t usually turn on the TV in the mornings, but for some reason I did on the 11th September. The news was just breaking that a plane had gone into one of the Trade Centre buildings, and I just watched in total horror and disbelief. The worst thing was that I knew about it before my sister, and I had to ring and let her know.

I still can`t get my head around it - it still hasn`t fully `sunk in`. Mostly I try not to think about it, but I know that it`s never far away.

Anna | 35 | United Kingdom

#1904 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was feeding my baby in the lounge, glancing at the tv occasionaly as he had his bottle of milk. A news flash came on, showing footage of the 1st plane hitting the WTC...it seemed like a Hollywood movie....surreal.

I grabbed my son up from his rockingchair and held him so tight..watching....unbelieving at the screen....blank faced...I couldnt cry..was desperately hoping at first that at anymoment, people would come rushing out of those buildings...the horror went on and on...people waving from the windows..i couldnt turn away from the events, yet each moment was like torture...I felt i HAD to watch..to believe?

I was numb for days...everything and everyone became more precious....

H Stone | 35 | United Kingdom

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