#980 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was still 21 when the attacks occurred but my birthday was coming up on September 26th. I feel like I was one of the last people in the U.S. to find out. I was asleep in bed at noon (3:00 EST) when my mom called me on her separate phone line from downstairs. She said to get up already and proceeded to tell me the news. As she always did so I wasn't paying much attention until she said that the WTC had been destroyed. I said what do you mean destroyed, it's still there isn't it. She said no it's completely gone and the Pentagon has been attacked. I had only one thought right then, I said to her "The Taliban. Mom, it was the Taliban." I hadn't turned on a TV, radio, nothing. I've known about them and how they've made people suffer for years, but it was the first I'd heard of Osama Bin Laden. That day, as I watched grown men cry, I worried about all my friends in Connecticut, which we had moved away from 2 months earlier. I knew early on we'd go to war, which was actually a big relief because I knew someday someone would have to remove the Taliban.
Lorie Cuni | 22 | Nevada

#981 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was actually sleeping when this happened. I first heard of this when i was at school. All my classes had the televisions on and cued into the news. I was scared because i thought there was going to be another Pearl Harbor bombing because we're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and we won't have help unless people from the mainland fly over here. I also felt that all the lives that were lost was just sad. Chilren now don't have parents. How will they ever understand about what had happened to their parents. But in a way I was relieved that it wasn't here in Hawaii.

I know that many lives were lost from this attack. But in a way i believe that we have learned things from this attack to prevent this from happening.

The whole day that this was happening, i was glued to the television to see what was happening. I just thought that this would be in history.
Erin | 15 | Hawaii

#982 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
My plans for September 11th were to wake up at about 9am (8am EST) and get ready to go and eat lunch with my best friend because it was her birthday...she was going to be 17. Instead I woke up when the phone rang and my other friend was freaking out on the other end yelling at me to turn on my tv because we had been attacked. I thought it was some sick joke and told him to slow down and tell me again. He told me to just put on my tv and I did. As soon as I turned on the tv the second plane hit the second tower of the WTC. I honestly thought it was some preview for a new movie. Then they kept replaying it over and over again. I was in shock and me nor my friend on the phone could speak, we just watched in silence and heard each other gasp on the phone. He told me that he had to get back to work and hung up with me. I sat down and watched in horrow the events unfold on tv when I saw that the Pentagon and another plane was attacked. I thought about my family and friends wondering if it was over. We live so close to the refineries in Houston that if anything went wrong there we would all die instantly. I called my other best friend that was supposed to eat lunch with me and my best friend and told him to just stay home. During those first few morning hours I could only think the worst. I thought about all the people and my heart went out to them. I can only imagine how they feel. After about a couple of hours I called my friend and told her happy birthday. She couldn't say anything...I was surprised I could.
Deborah | 18 | Texas

#983 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was at work at a Pennsylvania steel mill,when we heard that the World Trade center was hit.Initially,like a lot of others,we thought it was a horrible accident and went about our jobs.Then,when the news came of the second tower,and then the pentagon,we all huddled around a radio,thinking "My god,america is under attack!!"We sat there,fully expecting to hear of other attacks nationwide,for we surely thought a sustained and well timed attack was underway.We all immediatly phoned our homes and schools to check on our families and children.

Oh what a sad sad chapter in american history....

God Bless America,forever.....
Tim S. | 43 | Pennsylvania

#984 | Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
I was sleeping when the phone rang and it was my daughter who was driving to Ohio telling me to turn on the t.v. She had heard the reports on the radio about the attacks.
DeeAnna | 47 | California

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