#945 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
That morning I was in gym class and afterwards we went to the commons area of our school where the TV was turned to CNN and just as we got there the second plane hit. It changed me a lot when I saw that.
Since then i have been more patriotic and kinder to others. There is a place in my heart for those lost in that horrific event and I will never forget it.
Justin Booth | 17 | Illinois

#946 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
9-11! WoW, what a day! I was watching Good Morning America. Charlie & Diane come into our home everyday, but that will be one morning I will never forget as long as I live....I was watching when GMA cuts to the towers not for sure what had happened like the rest of us and as I was watching on --- here comes plane #2 and hits the other tower. My hands covered my mouth and I began to cry! Our family was enduring at 4 month strike at the Powerhouse where my husband worked and he was working a temporay job while on strike and my phone rings immediately and I hear "Don't cry, it will be ok"! He knew I would be very upset. Our 11yr son was at school and I wanted so much to go get him, but my husband said not to panic and leave him at school, he will be fine. That also was my 40th birthday, but in my eyes I couldn't celebrate.......It will be a day I will never forget!
Kristi | 40 | United States

#947 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I was at Illinois Central College in buisness math class. My professor came in and said my God children were at war. "Anything I am going to teach you can wait." "Go to a tv, radio, or get on the internet and watch this and learn what has happened." I remember a tight feeling in my chest because the school was warned by officials that colleges were a possible target.
I watched as friends and strangers stood in tears and hugging anyone that we could get a hold of. The entire day just seemed like everyhting stopped. That night we were glued to every news station that would give us some possible hope.
I remember skipping homework because I was just to stressed out. The teachers who experienced Pearl Harbor were just as stressed. We all thought that the world as we knew it was coming to an end.
The super power of the world had just been attacked by our own planes. My God have mercy.
Joe Bignell | 22 | Illinois

#948 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
On the morning of 9/11, I was at work, in a long-term care facility where I have worked for over 20 years.I'm a dept. head there, and our maintenence man came to get me and told me a plane had just hit Trade Tower 1. I went to the T.V. and everyone was frozen in front of it. The residents were dazed. Then the second plane struck the other tower. We all cried and felt the loss of all those people who had lost their lives. As the day progressed, it was very sad at the facility. These old people had seen so much in their lives and now this! They had endured and survived wars, losses due to those wars and also the depression. Now they were sure another war was forth coming for them to watch. They ladies started telling us "young people" what kinds of things to go buy at the grocery. It was just like clock work to them, they seemed to be immediatly transported to the past, reliving their wars as if it were. They have seen so many changes in their lives. The total number of people lost that day is equal to the number of people in my home town in West Central Illinois! I fully support our Military strike and search for this cowardly man we have all come to know so well. My first grandchild was born just two weeks prior to 9/11. Before he was born I wondered what the world may be like when he reached the age of 21, 31, 41. I hope it is a world like I had the priviledge to grow up in. Being strong and free and above all free from fear. This is why we must all support our Military, Police forces and the brave dear Firefighters and rescue personel. It is a day I will never forget and hope to keep my presence of mind to be able to recount it for all of my future grandchilren and great-grandchildren someday. I feel such sadness for all the families who lost loved ones that day. Especially all the pregnant women who gave birth since. I read their stories in People Magaine the other day and just cried like a baby. I didn't know these women or their husbands, but I cried for them. I'm sure the children will grow up strong and follow their fathers steps. They have to be strong for they havr been born from strong people. Both, their father and mothers strength are in these children. I think we should follow some of these children into adulthood. I think they will grow to do great things. May God bless us alland keep us safe from harm. United we stand, divided we will not be driven.
DeeVon Mummert | 39 | Illinois

#949 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
During the attack, I was asleep. My family's daily routine starts off by getting ready for school/work...my parents was watching the news and while I was passing by their room, seeing the towers collapse caught my eye! I had gone into their room, CURIOUS about why this was happening! Knowing more about this TRAGIC situation, I felt really sad for the innocent as well as the ones that tried to save lives!
Ashley Paulo | 15 | Hawaii

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