#939 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
september 11th 2001 sucked and I just hot the submit key and it said my comment needs to contain 50 characters, so, again, I repeat: september 11th 2001 sucked
eric howard | 34 | California

#940 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I heard the news from a crazy homeless man but I didn't believe him.

I was running late for work, again, the day of 9/11. I had been underground on the Metro when the WTC was hit. And I heard the the rumble and crash when the Pentagon got hit, but I had not yet heard the news of any of the attacks and really didn't think much of it. I work at the US Department of Commerce in DC, 2 blocks from the White House. It wasn't until I got to my building when my crazy homeless friend says "They World Trade Center is on fire." With this story, as with others he tells, I dismissed it and went on up stairs.

When I got there, I had an email message stating that "the New York Regional Office has been closed due to a bomb at the World Trade Center." At which point, my supervisor comes and says "they just hit the Pentagon." It then clicked what I had just heard on my walk to my building. I ran to the other side of the DOC that has a view of the Pentagon, and sure enough, it was on fire. And then I left the building. Still not knowing what was going on.

When I get out of my building at 14th and Pennsylvania, I look up, and hovering above the White House is a big, unmarked, low-flying, white jumbo jet. It is odd to see a jet flying right overhead in DC, but I later found out that it was a flying tactical command center protecting the White House.

Anyway, I got the full news coverage at the bar and decided that I needed to get back to Virginia. Fearful of further attacks to DC, I decided that I could not get back on the Metro. I had to walk. And the closest way out of DC and home was the Memorial Bridge which gave me a close look at the burning Pentagon. As I crossed the Mall, I was detoured around the Washington Monument. Then I heard the sound of more explosions nearby. These turned out to be the sonic booms of in-coming jets fighters.... regardless, when I heard them I screamed at them in the middle of the Mall, "Would you stop f**king bombing us!!!"
Kevin Matthews | 27 | District of Columbia

#941 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
First of all I work as a receptionist for Knight Ridder Newspapers. It was around 8:00am Sept. 11, 2001 when I walked into the office. I usually just go ahead and do newspaper distributions for the political reporters, and then do a run around before turning on all the TV's in the reception area. But this morning I went directly to the tube and turned it on. As the television screen faded on, I saw the first World Trade Center tower all smoked up with a hole the size of a plane in it. Forgive me for being pesimistic but I said to myself "Oh my God, they've done it again....". Not even 5 minutes went by and all the lights on the switchboard were lighting up. I was transfering calls, reassureing family members that certain reporters who were on location in New York were alright. I kept my eye on the television and saw the second tower being hit. I knew then we were going to war. Definately when the Pentagon got hit. My Office manager called to tell me she was in heavy Traffic on the 14th Street Bridge, here in Washington DC and that she saw the plane that hit the Pentagon, flying low and that her husband jokingly said "I hope that's not going to the Pentagon...." Not knowing minutes later his premanition would come to pass. After that....All hell broke loose in the Newsroom. I handle calls coming in every 5 minutes or so. For some the thought of that day may have died down some, for weeks even months of the aftermath, but for me and this newsroom it's an ongoing event.
David V. Bowers | 30 | Washington

#943 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I was at home with my husband in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was already up and getting ready for work and had TV news on in another room and heard that a plane had hit the WTC. He alerted me to turn on the TV in the bedroom which I did. I watched for a few moments and saw a plane flying too low. Then it crashed into the 2nd tower. We were shocked. We've lived through Vietnam, the civil rights movement, earthquakes, personal traumas. Nothing prepared us to see the crash and then the devasting implosions of the towers. As the hours and days unfolded, we discovered we knew several people who were directly affected: the husband of a friend of my sister's, the inlaws of a woman I knew in grade school, the son of another woman I knew in grade school, a former employee of my employer. We'll never forget that morning and will always be grateful that we were together and safe during that terrible time.
Cathy & Corky Prazenica | 55 | California

#944 | Monday, March 11th, 2002
I was in my first hour class when it happend and I heard teachers talking about it but i didnt really know what was going on. But when i got to my second hour class they had the T.V. on and it showed what happend and we watched it that whole hour and all i could do was cry. I guess it kinda opend my eyes to what can happen to the US. Stuff i never thought could or would ever happen. But i am so proud to be an american. I still 6months later cry to think about it and all the children who went home to find there parents or family members had died. I cant imagine how they felt but it is still hard to still think it happend. This is probably the hardest thing for me to deal w/ and i know i will remeber it for the rest of my life, and probably still feel all this pain i feel now. Its just hard to relize how much can change in so little time!
Nicole Hodge | 14 | Illinois

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