#881 | Sunday, March 10th, 2002
my family came here from turkey with nothing, and now 30 years later, we are living the american dream. and being a native new yorker, i was able to experience what 9/11 truly meant. i was lucky...not only to be alive, but that every single one of my family members and friends made it home safe that day. it is unfortunate to say however, that everyone knows someone affected directly by this tradgedy. i work in a hospital about 25 minutes away from manhatten...i was just arriving at work that morning when i heard what had happened on the radio. i walk towards the hospital and everyone is outside on their cell phones. i was in shock, i was worried, most especially about my father and uncle who both work in the city. i tried calling my father but the call wouldn't go through because the lines were down. i called my mother and she was unaware that it had even happened. the hospital was then put on emergency standby...and that's all we did. stood by...waited for something, anything to wake us up from this awful nightmare.
anonymous | 22 | New York

#882 | Sunday, March 10th, 2002
I was at work in Chicago; I had started my new job as an attorney only a week earlier. I heard a rumbling outside my office about a plane hitting a building. I tried to load an internet website but couldn't. Cursing what I thought was our firm's bad internet connection, I went to work. Soon later, I heard a gasp outside, and went to a nearby partner's office who had a small TV. It was there I watched the replay of the second plane hitting Tower 2. And there I saw Tower 2 collapse.

Soon after, I left work and went home, trying to call my family along the way. I finally was able to reach everyone in my immediate family, while watching the news on TV. I finally got to talk to my sister and it was then I broke down. I work on the 33rd floor of a 40 story building owned by a local media corporation. What if they had come to Chicago? What if they had hit my building? I couldn't stop crying for a good 20 minutes.

Our lives are changed, but we here in America are realizing how lucky we are to be Americans -- especially those of us in the younger generation who mumbled through the Pledge of Allegiance in school, and never quite realized how lucky we were. It's brought us closer to our family and friends, and taught us more about the world, and the violence around the world. We've learned to treasure our allies who stand for democracy in the world, and stand strong even in the face of their own terrorists and suicide bombers. And we've become stronger as a country.

G-d bless the USA.
Michael Massing | 27 | Illinois

#883 | Sunday, March 10th, 2002
I had just moved to Hawaii and flew from LA to Kauai exactly one week before the bombings. I woke up at 6am Hawaii time turned on the televion and couldn't beleive what I was seeing. I thought it must be CNN news about a movie. I sat there for a few minutes watching the planes go into the two towers as CNN reported the events that had happened. My husband and children were in California and I tried to call them since my husband is stationed at Fort Irwin California in the Army. I couldn't reach them for several hours because the lines were tied up with people trying to reach loved ones. My boss here came to my residence and told me that we would not be going to work because the Pacific Missle Range Facility was shut down and I should wait for word of when we could go to work. I sat and cried for the people lost and rejoiced as people made it out, then the terrrible news came again of two more planes, one crashing into the Pentagon and one hitting the ground in PA. I just wanted to be with my family but the only thing I could do was pray for our country and the hero's who died trying to help. The USA is the greatest country in the world and as hard as it seems, we will survive this. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Tami Jackson | 38 | Hawaii

#884 | Sunday, March 10th, 2002
I remember vividly where I was, what I was doing that Horrific morning of September 11. I had just started a brief meeting when someone came into the office and said "Turn on the TV. You won't believe what is happening." When I saw smoke billowing out of the two towers of the WTC, my jaw dropped. This normally outspoken individual didn't know what to say. After staring at the TV, in utter disbelief, for what felt like hours I picked up the phone and called my dad, a FireFighter in Oregon. I don't know why, possibly hoping he could tell me what to think or do. I felt numb, I don't know if it was the realization that I could do nothing or the thoughts of the thousands of people trapped in those burning buildings. I still cringe and get that soured feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I think of September 11. -- Brian White, Boise Idaho
Brian White | 23 | Idaho

#885 | Sunday, March 10th, 2002
I'm an American living in Canada. The morning of the attack, I was on my way to the university when I heard something on a radio on the bus about a plane crashing into the WTC. At first I thought it was some kind of "War of the Worlds" radio show, until I asked if that was for real. Someone else on the bus nodded and said that it was on tv that morning. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything else. I went to the coffee shop on campus and tried to log onto the CNN or CBC site to see what was going on. The coffee shop turned on the radio so that we could hear. Everyone was shocked and I was getting upset because I have a friend who lives and works near Ground Zero. The whole day was a daze for me. I thought about going home, but it seemed better for me if I could be around friends. When I got home I turned on CNN and watched the days events. I cried for days. We observed the moments of silence and had a memorial service on campus, which was nice. I still get upset just thinking about it now, 6 months later. I'm not sure I ever really processed it all. I had to stop watching the news after a few days because I didn't and couldn't watch the footage of the planes running into the buildings and the towers collapsing any more.
Jen | 33 | Canada

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