#831 | Friday, March 8th, 2002
I was on my way to my office on the 37th floor of Tower 2. My subway train was delayed at Chambers Street (one stop away) because of a "possible smoke condition in the tunnel." The train operator was alternately told to stop, not to stop, and one time to pick up anyone at the Cortlandt St. station. There was even mention on the radio of an explosion of some kind.

The train was supposed to make the stop but when we arrived the train operator was told to keep going. I got off at Rector St. (one stop past) and was horrified to discover both buildings on fire.

Many people on the street had arrived after the planes hit and we didn't know exactly what happened.

While waiting for a phone I started taking pictures. I then realized that there would be no one in the subway station and went down there to call home.

To make a very long story short. I walked around to the north side of the site and was around Chambers Street when I felt and heard a boom behind me and saw the top of Tower 2 start to crumble. The police were yelling to run and I did just that. I managed to stay ahead of the cloud that chased me up the street.

All in all I was lucky. I was fine. Everyone from my office escaped injury as well. It was a couple of weeks before I could load the pictures in my computer and was lucky there, too. I didn't record anything gory on the chip.

I just wish that everyone could experience a little of the horror of that day and pass it on to the next generation. Then perhaps this sort of thing will never happen again.
Stu Greenberg | 48 | New York

#832 | Friday, March 8th, 2002
I'll never forget standing in front of the bathroom mirror and hearing my seven year old son saying a plane is flying at the building. Having watched the speculation regarding the burning first tower my husband and I were horrified to realize this was intentional. My husband, at first, couldn't grasp what I was gasping out- he came running out of the bathroom and we sat, stunned, and watched our nation lose its innocence. I jumped into the car to head to the highschool where I teach and was amazed to find that all of the radio stations were covering the story. After dropping off my 2 children, and trying to explain, without feeling like I really could, to my seven year old what he had seen ( and what I wished I could erase) I literally ran into my class to set up my TV. I had woken my mother earlier to tell her to turn on her TV and she now called me to tell me about the pentagon. Just as I got my TV adjusted I heard screams from the neighboring room, the first tower had fallen. I vividly remember thinking "OH SWEET JESUS, all of those people are gone!" I sat and wept while the shocked students began to file into class. We watched all week and tried to come to grips with what had happened to all of us. Stories began to come through, even in Moriarty, NM people had lost friends and relatives in NY and Washington. As a teacher I watched unprecedented honor be given to our flag but at what a cost. I guarded my three year old as carefully as I could and yet just last month ( February) I told him we were going to take a fun plane ride to go to Disney World, he stunned me by saying that planes crashed and he didn't want to ride on one; I was once again gripped by agony at the thought of the true loss of all our innocence.
Katherine McCarty | 35 | New Mexico

#833 | Friday, March 8th, 2002
I lived and worked in Hollywood California at the time. The first thing I noticed was there were no helocopters overhead. I never thought I would find the buzz of the media comforting.

On September 12 I worked on a television show that filmed near LAX. When a single airplane flew overhead I realised I had never been so worried in my entire life. Needless to say we never had to stop for another airplane that day.
Kim | 27 | California

#834 | Friday, March 8th, 2002
i was sleeping in my bed in rancho cordova, california when my great aunt called me at 7:15 am. it was te day after my birthday and i felt like my birthday had been jinxed because the day before my b-day i had all my college books stolen from my car along with my b-day presents. my b-day was sep. 10. i was in total shock and awe that something like that could happen. i didn't really grasp the concept until a few days later, so when i did i went around sacramento going door to door trying to collect money for the relief fund. it is actually quite amazing how many people were rude after such a tragedy. i also bought a completely white sheet that i had decorated with a friend that said "united we stand" in big bold letters out of red and blue marker that we took around to the houses to be signed. i still have that sheet. i did not know personally anyone killed in the attack but my heart goes out to all the families and survivors, deceased, firefighters and contributors. we have overcome this tragedy and become more united. god bless america.
becky | 20 | California

#835 | Saturday, March 9th, 2002
On 9/11 I was watching sky news in the UK at about 2pm when the first plane hit. At first I thought that it was a terrible accident until I saw the next plane hit. I immediately called family and friends to tell them to turn the tv on. The rest of the day was spent watching the news unfold. It is beyond belief the measures terrorists will go to. My outlook on life has changed dramatically, I lived in America for a time and the patriotism was an amazing quality of the people, I hope it lives on stronger than ever! Times are now not safe in the Western world, I want my children to always remember the patriotism and united front shown by the American and British people and know that the war on terror will secure their democratic future. I will never forget the stories of those who lost their lives that day and will continue to cry for all those growing up without parents and sons and daughters etc. God bless you all Joanne 24 UK
joanne cullen | 24 | United Kingdom

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