#816 | Monday, March 4th, 2002
I was in a hotel room in Birmingham, AL getting ready to leave for a training class for a new job I had taken. I was watching the last part of the news when they said they were following a breaking story about a plane crash into the WTC. When the local news went back to the Today show I wanted to see what was going on. Then, as I was getting ready to turn off the TV to leave, I saw the second plane hit. I knew this was no accident. I stood in the room stunned. I left about 10 mins later and went to where we were having class. They had already brought a TV into the room. We all watched in stunned slience as the event unfolded in front of us. We watched the towers fall. At the same time all this was going on, my daughter back home (350 miles away) was very sick and my wife was taking her to the hospital she called me on my cell phone crying that we were under attack. Neither on of us slept that night as I waited on word of my daughter we both talked on the phone while we watched the news all night.
Don Samples | 37 | Tennessee

#817 | Monday, March 4th, 2002
I was at work when it happened, about 2 in the afternoon UK time. We usually had BBC radio playing, and when the newsflash announced that the first plane was hit, we all thought it was some terrible freak accident. Then, about 30 minutes later, we heard the news of the second plane. All of us sat in stunned silence, hardly daring to believe what we had heard. We had updates all day, and most of us went to the electrical store in the shopping centre at some point to watch it on tv. By the time I got home at 6pm, I heard everything, but seen nothing. The pictures were more shocking than I could ever have imagined, and my father and I sat in astonishment, staring at the television all evening. Still, 6 months on, it barely seems true, and the two towers, which we once all took for granted in movies and tv programmes, stand out now whenever we see them. My thoughts continue to go out to all those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and anyone else affected by the tragedy.
Lindsay Evans | 18 | United Kingdom

#818 | Monday, March 4th, 2002
I was at school, just like I would have been any other day. It didn't seem different at all, but then I walked into Algebra class. Someone had said something about hearing the radio in another class and about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon coming down and I was just like... "What?" I sat there in silence for about an hour, not really understanding the magnitude of what happened. It didn't occur to me that so many lives were lost until I read the news later that day. We listened for the radio for the entire period, hearing the latest updates about everything. We live in nothern New Jersey and some people work in NYC, so every few minutes the class would get interrupted and you'd hear "So-and-So, please go to the office for dismissal" on the loud speaker throughout the day. I remember feeling annoyed at everything, not really sympathetic (although I was later) because it was all anyone would talk about and all of the television channels were blocked off and competely news. I think I regret that now, but everyone's reaction is different.
Fran | 14 | New Jersey

#819 | Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
I was visiting NYC and stayed at my brother's in Poughkeepsie. On 9/11 I was going with the Metro-North train to Grand Central Station. I left at 9 am and the train stopped in the middle of nowhere at about 10. Stayed at that unknown town for an hour to catch a train back to Keepsie. At that time, I couldn't believe what they said about the terrorist attacks and all. But when I saw on the telly what just happened, I was stunned and cried. The next day I went to Manhattan, although most part of the city was close, and New York City was in grief. For me personally, it was an unforgetable memory. And I have to say, New York City was and is incredible! It's still the greatest city on earth. They can't tear this nation and its people apart! GOD be with us, GOD bless America!
Melly | 19 | Indiana

#820 | Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
I was on the computer on my way to college. My friend whom I was speaking online with all of a sudden said that he had to go American was being attacked. Knowing that he is a big time joker and that you have to believe half of what comes out of his mouth, I turned on the news myself. On every channel was the broadcast about the twin towers being shot down. I couldn't visualize what was going on. I never dreamed that this would ever happen. At about 830am my dad called and said he just witnessed the second plane hit into a twin tower. His whole buidling had to evacuate. I was really horrifed, scared and worried about him and many other lives that were at stake. As an American I need to feel the right to feel safe with all means. And we all need to figure out the best possible way to fight terrorism. May God Bless You All.
Samantha Vogel | 20 | New York

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