#811 | Sunday, March 3rd, 2002
I had a math lesson and i couldnt get my eyes of the TV .I was in shok when it is happened and i think about it many times.
Michael Shehter | 16 | Israel

#812 | Sunday, March 3rd, 2002
I am a college student in Alabama, and on 09-11 I was in class. In between classes, someone told me that the WTC had been hit. I didn't think anything about it at first because no one had any details about what was going on. I thought that maybe it was just a minor crash into the WTC. When I got home that day after my 1100 class, I turned on the television and they just kept showing the images over and over of the 2nd plane hitting the WTC. At first I was just in disbelief and shock. I was like "Could this really be happening to America, the great America?" And sure enough I wasn't dreaming, it was real. After seeing so much horror, I just started crying my eyes out. I thought about the thousands of people that were in the WTC, and the lives that were lost. I cried for days thinking that it was all a dream and any minute I would wake up. I personally did not lose anyone in the attacks, but I sympathsize with the thousands of families who have lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have had to deal with the tragedies of 09-11, especially the heroes...the firefighters and police officers. I am graduating from college in April and I will also be a police officer. I have a great appreciation for the heroes of this tragedy who risked their lives to save others because it's their job. I just hate it that it took such a horrible tragedy to make people realize the kind of job that both firefighters and police officers have to do. They should be appreciated all the time because this is their job and they do this everyday, not just in horrible tragedies such as this one. This is one day in my mind that will never be forgotten until the day I die. I pray that the country can remain as united as we are now because unity makes our country stronger. God Bless America!
Cori | 23 | Alabama

#813 | Sunday, March 3rd, 2002
I was in cafe study, which ends at 9:55 am. Right before the bell rang, one of the administators came onto the intercom and said that he wanted to inform everyone that there had been two plane crashes-one into the WTC and one into the Pentagon, and he would update everyone with more information as soon as possible. As I was walking through the halls to my next class, I heard both teachers and students joking and saying, "Why would I care about a plane crash?" "What do these plane crashes have to do with me?" I couldn't believe that even teachers were so quick to jump to conclusions about the events before hearing anything. My first reaction was that plane crashes are extremely rare in the United States for one, and the fact that they had to do with these landmarks was a little strange. On my way to half study at around 10:50 am, I walked by a classroom with a tv on and I stopped in to watch as there was footage of one of the Twin Towers collapsing. All I could do was watch in awe, wondering what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.
Greg | 17 | New Hampshire

#814 | Sunday, March 3rd, 2002
I was driving to my girlfriends when I turned on the radio to catch the 9 a.m news and found out about the plane crashes. All I could do was cry when I saw it on the news and would hear the American National anthem or God Bless America. All week I cried and tried to explain to my 3 older children what was going on. It was really devastating to all in North America.
Susan Caperchione | 35 | Canada

#815 | Monday, March 4th, 2002
I'd been web-designing all day and I hadn't been looking at the news. My mum called my name from downstairs when she got home from work. She was asking me if I'd seen the news, if I knew what was happening in America. She told me that Georgia, my younger sister, was sitting in the kitchen in floods of tears. I didn't know what to think so I went online and looked at the BBC News website: it was everywhere. News tickers were streaming across the screen and there were horrifying images of billowing smoke emerging from the Twin Towers. I honestly couldn't believe it, New York's skyline looked desolate. I signed onto about four chat programs and tens of people messaged me about it, asking me if I'd heard. I just couldn't take it in. I think it really hit me when I saw the live footage on the news over the next couple of days... I'll never forget how those images made me feel and how scared I was for the lives of those close to me.
Bonnie | 20 | United Kingdom

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