#796 | Thursday, February 28th, 2002
Every morning the first thing my husband and I do is turn on the news while we're getting ready for work. This particular morning we didn't turn on the news. He had the day off for some reason I don't remember why but we made coffee and sat outside for a little while drank our coffee enjoyed the morning with our dogs. I finally had to go and upon entering the building of my workplace one of the ladies said, "I can't believe they're crashing those airplanes into those buildings!" and of course I said, "What?" in disbelief, and immediately went over to the big television, that we have in our main reception area, turned it on and witnessed all that was happening. As more and more of my co-workers arrived to work a crowd formed in front of the TV and we were in shock. This went on for days we'd come to work and stand or sit in front of that TV and just watch and listen in disbelief together. The thing that touched me the most was those dear people in the face of despair had the presence of mind to call their loved ones for one last "I love you" and "goodbye". To this day I can't quite grasp it all. I feel like I'm in a daze. It's always there. It won't go away. It will never go away what has been done to us. But God gave us a sound mind and not a spirit of fear but strength and power. Let's all draw on that together and keep this country going. I "am" proud to be an American. We will survive.
Lillian M. Parra
Chemehuevi Indian Reservation
Lillian M. Parra | 56 | California

#797 | Thursday, February 28th, 2002
I was having lunch with some colleagues of mine (we are school teachers) when we saw on TV that a plane had hit the wtc. The noise in the room didn't allow us to hear the comments. After the second hit we were astonished, but no one thought of terrorism: as we didn't hear the TV comments, all we though was that the smoke that the first hit had provoked had obscured the vision of passing planes.
I remember getting out of the restaurant when I had the idea: "could this be a terrorist attack?" My friends thought about it and said it could be possible, but we went to work inocently.

It was just some minutes later that some teachers came to the room where we were working and said: "America is being attacked! 2 Planes have hit the wtc and 3 planes have hit the Pentagon!" (They had heard that "the 3rd plane had hit the Pentagon" and they thought that this was the 3rd plane that the Pentagon had suffered hit.)
I must have become white, and connected to CNN's site to know more: it was down with so much rerquests. They finally put a text web page with small size downloading and I saw that that was very serious. Their headlines were short and serious.

Older techers passed by our room and mumbled "So, we finally have entered ww III?" Everyone must have thought that the United States would have reacted very furiously and with a sense of revenge.
I then quit working, and went to the television: the horror kept going:

"3 planes down! Will there be more?"
"A 4th plane came down!!!"
"There are two more suspect planes heading for Canada. Canada major buoldings are being evacuated"
"The tower is falling. Now the death counting will definetely be catastrophic"

Then were the TV images: people from the wtc jumping from the wtc ... the camera following their fall... everything was happening at that moment, and we were witnesses.

"CNN is showing images from an Arab Country...people are comming to the streets, celebrating!"

Everyone was aprehensive: would this be the end? Could a Nuclear/3rd war be emminent?

I remember that that night CNN showed some images of bombs exploding in Kabul: an America quick reaction? I was invaded with anger, and hoped that it would be so. But it wasn't: It was opposition bombs revenging the death of their leader.

The attack had ended.
Filipe | 28 | Portugal

#798 | Thursday, February 28th, 2002
I was at work and just happened to put the radio on at ten minutes to ten to hear the news. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and was glued to the radio. A co-worker of mine had to go into town and was watching the T.V. when the towers collapsed. It was something I could not fathom and I had him repeatedly explain/describe to me what he saw. I listened to the radio the entire day and any time a customer came in, we all but ignored them, which they didn't mind considering the circumstances. When I finally got home I got to see the footage and the thing that still gets me is that is didn't help me to comprehend or understand it any more that listening all day. As the days and weeks passed I was still having troubles comprehending what had happened. We are approaching the six month anniversary and despite the fact that it is not center stage on the news any more, I still think about it daily and still wonder in disbelief. It still doesn't seem real!
amanda | 27 | Canada

#799 | Thursday, February 28th, 2002
On 9-11-01 I had a day off school. I was sleeping, and just after 9 am i woke up to the tv on...it was the most tragic thing i have ever seen...i live in Canada and im sending my love to all the victims of 9-11 ... god bless...
Natasha | 19 | Canada

#800 | Friday, March 1st, 2002
I was out having breakfast with my mother when the crashes happened.It was such an awful thing to have happened.I was so shocked at the news!Before something like that happened no one could possibly think it would ever happen to us here in the GREAT USA,but it did.It really gets you to think about life,about how valuable it really is.You really start taking a look at yourself and wonder what can you do to make your life and others a little better.I have gotten mad and cried.I can only hope that we as Americans can pull together and try to live together more peaceably and unite more and not just because of this most tragic incident in American History and really take stock of our lives and what we can do for others.We all need to start taking a stand for what is right and be there for one another.We all need to as a Nation get our selves and our Nation back to God,that is what our Country was founded on.We have gotten away from what is the most important thing and that is GOD.
Sincerly Debbie
DEBBIE BURNETTE | 44 | Alabama

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