#791 | Tuesday, February 26th, 2002
I remember 9/11 too clearly. I was in French class when my teacher came running in and told us the news and how her relatives(now safe) worked at the WTC. She said one had called and said a plane had hit, but right after this the connection went off. Leaving us to work on compositions, she went outside to frantically call her relatives. After this period, we were all led into the library to watch what was happening, getting there just as the first tower collapsed. I remember clearly the teachers hadn't told us about this earlier and so when we found out, both planes had already hit, leaving us to think, up until third period, it was just a normal Tuesday. But it wasn't, as we had assembly after assembly, tests canceled, auditions canceled, everything canceled. I also keep a journal, and I read my September 10 entry just now about a test on 9-11: "I'm dreading tomorrow! I don't want to go to school..." and it went on, but those two sentences stuck in my mind. I'm sure many people, had they known, would say the same about going to work.
Sorry its long.
janie | 15 | Massachusetts

#792 | Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
I was at work when someone said a plane hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center. My first reaction was "It must have been some guy in a private single engine plane that hit the building, similar to a bug hitting the wind shield of a car". A while later someone said another plane hit the other tower, this time they said it was an air liner, thats when I thought this must be terrorists. Soon after that someone said the Pentagon was hit. We all scrambled to get a TV set to watch. All we had were tv's for viewing safety videos. We made a makeshift antena, and we got Dan Rather explaining what was going on. The video of the 2nd jet hit the tower came on. It was like watching a video game. Its still almost unbelievable that it happened.
Tom Rakowski | 41 | Illinois

#793 | Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
I will never forget that morning. I had been hanging ot with some old friends and we had not been together since high school that summer graduation. On September 10 we went all over town. We watched videos at a friends house and road out to Denny's where we met some new guys who quickly ended up sitting in the booth with us. One who I will never forget was named Steve and he showed us his art work. By the time we left Denny's it was Sept. 11 at about 2:30 a.m. We went back to my friends house and watched another movie. Then I was dragged out of the house at about 5:30 a.m. for an early breakfast. We finally got back to Lauren's around 7 a.m. where we went to bed. About 2 hours later all five of us awoke by a call from my mom. She told us to turn on the T.V. We watched in shock as the towers began to fall to the groud and as we watched people jump to their deaths. The incident changed all of us forever. It was so wierd how God brought us five together that night I will never understand why he chose us five out of all the friends we hadin highschool, but I will forever thank him for it. Lana
Lana Colantuono | 18 | Illinois

#794 | Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
Some people find it odd when they ask me or the members of my class what we were doing on 11th September 2001, it even seems odd to me. It was 2.10pm (British time) I remember we had been set a test on the development of a child and then all of a sudden we heard a really loud noise from outside, and as we looked out there was a plane circling the school and this went on for about 20 minutes. We thought this was a little weird but finally the time came for us to go home. I'd just got on a train to go home when my mobile phone started ringing, and as I picked it up I realised it was home, so I answered and was told 'Laura, get home quickly world war 3 has started'. I automatically thought this was a joke and didn't believe my sister but she started saying how New York was coming under attack by aeroplanes but still I didn't know what to think. I did feel like crying because this was all my worst fears coming true but I kept telling myself 'It's not true, it's not true.' However when I reached my destination the train station had the radio on and I heard it all clearly for myself 'The world trade centre had been hit by an aeroplane and there was still some planes missing'. I was terrified and felt so sick for the poor people who had died in the accident. I couldn't watch the news as it just scared me and that night I didn't sleep at all; worried that something else would happen. When I think back on it I can't believe how weird it was that our school was being circled by a plane just about the same time that the first plane crashed into the world trade centre and just hope that nothing like this ever happens again.
Laura | 18 | United Kingdom

#795 | Thursday, February 28th, 2002
I was living in Peapack, in Northern New Jersey, no more than 45 minutes outside Manhattan but on 9/11 I was with my girlfriend in her college dorm room when she turned on her computer to be greeted by the news that a plane had hit the WTC. Both of us presumed that it was no more than a small engine aircraft, a 2 seater perhaps, and whilst shocked, had no idea of what was really going on. I left straight after that, as I had planned to, to make the half hour journey home. All the way home, I had the radio on, and unaware of the magnitude of what was going on, I was slightly oblivious until it was announced that a second plane had gone in, and the Pentagon was being struck too. I will never forget driving down I-78 that day, people were either driving atabout 50, concentrating on their radio's or doing about 90 to get to wherever it was they were going in a hurry.
I got home, and sat in front of the TV with my housemates, as we all thought about calling our relatives and parents in England to let them know we were ok, however our phonelines were jammed. The feeling as the morning went on was horrible, the situation just kept getting worse every five minutes. It was actually quite surreal. One consideration was whether our coaching sessions (I am a soccer coach) that evening were going to take place when eventually I recieved a call saying that they would be cancelled because it was likely a number of the kids would've lost parents in the tragedy, which is when the whole thing really hit home.
The rest of the day was spent in something of a daze, we walked for some lunch to the local bar, which is next to Gladstone station, the last station on a line out of Penn Station. People there were just taking refuge having just jumped on a train, any train to escape Manhattan. We also wondered how many cars in the train station car park would remain unclaimed that night. All these thoughts I will never forget.
The attitude and response of the American people however was fantastic. If this kind of tragedy was to have taken place in the UK or anywhere else in the world, I am not convinced that people would have reacted as magnificently as the Americans. I look forward to moving back to Jersey in March.
- | 20 | United Kingdom

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