#693 | Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
My comments on Septmeber 11th? Well for one I am terrible sorry to all the victims of September 11th and all the familys who lost memebers. My birthday is that day so it wasn't all that fun watching people all depressed. I felt horrible for it. It was a tragic day that will never be forgotten.
Chantel | 15 | Canada

#694 | Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
I picked up Air Force One that weekend at a stoop sale. I watched it on Sunday and then dropped it off at a video store on Broadway near Canal Street on Monday. I even made some silly remark about it. Next day I was supposed to be at Broadway 120 but for some reason deliberately delayed going. I went to get a coffee at eight in the morning but went back to work some more on my home computer. By the time I went down to the street again at nine, there was a dark stream of smoke which came across the river and started to cover the streets. Someone told me that two planes hit the World Trade Center. We could still see them standing from a nearby Avenue. The subways were not running, the Avenue was closed for traffic. Several fire engines roared by. Some never came back.
brooklyn | 100 | New York

#695 | Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
I was just coming home from school, as I got a message from a friend on my phone, saying that something was happening. So I turned on CNN, and watched it unfold in all it's horror..
It seemed like a strange action flic, with no hero.... I live in Norway, so as I have had no "head on" contact with the events I can honestly say that even if I saw it... I will never really realize what happened unless I see it for myself....

Finn Jarle Kvalheim | 20 | Norway

#696 | Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
September 11, 2001

I had spent a night at my best friends house the night before and I was actually still in a deep sleep. I was wondering why there was so much commotion coming from downstairs but before I could get up to see what was going on my best friend came in the room and put the tv on. At first I just thought it was an accident because at that time it was only the first plane that hit, but to my horror it was then when I witnessed along with the rest of the world as the second plane hit. Then I knew this wasn't any accident it was a well thought out plan to attack our country. I couldn't believe what I was seeing it looked like something out of a movie, I didn't want it to be real. From then on I was speechless I couldn't stop thinking about all those innocent people that got up that morning and went to work as they normally would, or the people who got up to catch their flights or whom where just living life as they normally would and they lost their lives. Honestly I didn't feel safe at all. I thought America our country would never have to live in fear. I never doubt anything anymore because you truly never know what could happen. I mean I refuse to let anyone make me live in fear for the rest of my life but on that day every american all over the world lived in fear.
Donna | 22 | New Jersey

#697 | Tuesday, January 29th, 2002
I was still asleep when the phone rang,
my brother said to hurry up and turn on the TV. What I saw changed my life forever.
I'm down here in North Carolina now,but I'm from NYC. Everyone except my immediate family is still there. I have a family member who's a NYC Firefighter, he was seriously injured. Another family member worked in the WTC, but the subway was running late that morning, she saw the first plane hit.
When I saw what was going on, I felt numb, was it an accident? How could that happen!? Then the second plane hit.... I cried. I NEVER cry, but that morning and for a long time after I cried. "My God, what did they do?" that was all I could say over, and over. I felt disbelief, my heart was broken,I was afraid, and then I was angry. I tried calling my family in the city, I couldn't get through. I called my sister at work in NJ. They had the perfect view of the WTC from their office. The receptionist answered, she was crying. Nothing seemed normal.Everything seemed sureal.
I cried, my heart was broken, "Look what they done to my home, my city, my family...all those people! Why God, how could they do it?" and I cried...
My husband is in the military he knew at that moment he had a job to do and would be leaving VERY soon...he was right, and then I felt resolve.
Here we are four months later, I still mourn for all that we lost. I mourn for the innocent, I mourn for the heroes, I mourn for all those families that are forever changed.
I still cry whenever I see news footage or read stories about that day, but now mostly, I'm just mad as hell.
God Bless America!
Diane Knight | 34 | North Carolina

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