#661 | Friday, January 25th, 2002
I was sitting in the livingroom in my dorm with some of my friends discussing a guy at our school with downs syndrom, who had caused some problems. Then suddenly, a friend of mine came running in to the living room, screaming, "turn on the radio! There's something happening in New York! World Trade Center has been crashed by a plane!" We turned on the radio and heard it, but found soon out that we needed to see it on TV. So we ran over to our school and watched the terrible events on a big screen. All the students from our school came, and we sat there all of us, worried and frightened. We were frightened of how America and George Bush would respond to this, and we were sure it would be ugly...
ingvild svensen | 20 | Norway

#662 | Friday, January 25th, 2002
I was in Long Island -New york visiting.
Im from Israel & after all that been going on in my Cantry i wanted to get a way.but it didnt work. i had plaend to meet one of my friends from home at the WTC at 9:00 am.but i calld & told him ill meet him at 11 am.as i was gating rady my cousin told my to hopen the t.v. in my room "couz someony crazy got in to the WTC" i knew that it was no mistik.been a Israeli you know that staf like that happen at home but New York as been my "Island" way from all the crazy staf that go on in my cantry.i thing even now back in Israel i still can belive it.the sad thing is that staf like that happen every day in my cantry.& after it happend in N.Y.C it can happen every place & that sad.
Merav | 24 | Israel

#663 | Friday, January 25th, 2002
My first reaction to what happened on september 11th was that, when I heard that a plane had crashed into Tower1 on the radio, that it was some terrible accident. That a pilot had made a mistake and gone off-course. But when the second plane crashed, the first thing that came to mind was that it was an act of terror. I was at work when it happened. At the time I worked at a gas-station in the capital of Norway, and the television was turned on, and me and my co-worker waited to see what this really was. The TV stayed on continuesly during my shift, and it was really shocking to see what happened to at city I had recently been visiting. I had been to the city prior to the act of terror. It was in all the papers and on the TV the next day, and the next, and the next. The terror attack on New York really scared me, because I thought if this could happen to the country that I live in, and love so much. I even have friends living in The States. They live in Lake George, and I started worrying about them, even though they live outside the city. When something that terrible happen, you start thinking, what if....
What if I had been to New York a month later, what if, what if...
It really scares me. So I support USA in this war on terror. I'm planning to go back to New York later this year. I think it's a great city, and I'd love to go back.

Kristian Norvik, Norway
Kristian Norvik | 22 | Norway

#664 | Friday, January 25th, 2002
I was standing in the office of my boss, the American Consul General in Tel Aviv. Whenever a group of people are huddled around a TV or radio in Israel, you know what's happening. Except, it's usually happening in Israel, not in the home country you haven't seen in months and are sure is the one safe haven in this world from all of the crap swirling about your head every day when you're living through an Intifada... I had been on my way out the door at the end of a long day at work. I stared for a couple of minutes and then kept on walking. Needed to be closer to my liquor cabinet if I was going to watch any more.
Bob Collins | 26 | Israel

#665 | Friday, January 25th, 2002
I was literally walking out the door to head to work when an urgent news report popped on the screen.

It was Katie Kuric from NBC news telling the nation that a plane had just hit the world trade center. My immediate reaction was a horrible mistake.

I left for work and tuned my radio to my local radio station with the hopes of getting more news reports. All I got was the radio jocks carrying on with their normal daily humor. All I could think is, they have no idea that this just happened.

When I arrived at work, I was told by my fellow employees that a second plane had hit the other world trade center. I was at a loss for words. I was confused, afraid, and thought we were truly under attack.

Not long after I arrived at work, I received the news that a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. I became filled with fear knowing that the Pentagon was only 15 miles from where I work.

I was convinced this was the start of World War III and the events of the day was Pearl Harbor revisited.

As I sat at work, helpless since my only communication was the Internet and every news site was overloaded with people doing the same thing I was attempting to do, I did everything in my power to get the latest update, but to no avail.

Over the course of the next 2 hrs, I was told that both towers had collapsed and that another plane had crashed In Pennsylvania, probably on it's way to Washington DC to strike the White House.

During this time of udder chaos, rumors began to fly around. Well known news agencies reported on car bombs going off, and other places getting attacked, filling me with complete horror.

At around 11am, we were dismissed from work. I sat in Rush Hour Traffic in the middle of the day. Everyone had their radio tuned to some sort of news source, all of us eyed each other as we passed, silently reassuring each other that everything will be okay.

I arrived home to get my first visual of the entire days events. Watching people run as if they were in a movie, being chased by a huge monster.

My day continued with back to back news coverage and finally ended by me lying in bed staring at the ceiling, saying a pray for all those people in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

Zach Fitzjarrell | 23 | Virginia

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