#67 | Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
I live in Connecticut near the shore and often vivst New York and family living there. I was sitting in my first period class getting ready to leave when the principal came over the pa system with a message I'll never forget..."Today America is under attack. The World Trade Center and Pentagon has just been hit by planes. That is all the information we have now. We will keep you up dated as more information comes in. Thank you." They school litteraly broke down froom there, students crying and fighting for phones whos lines were over 30 people long. Some had gone to the libarary where there is cable to watch the news and the eventual collapse. I went with my friend AJ to a teachers class to see what information was avalible online. As soon as the site finished uploading we saw the terrible sight of the towers and people. When I saw those photos I got physically sick but tried not to cry. AJ however was bawling and ran. I spent the remainder of that day under the sink in the girls lav with my best friend trying to convince her that her father wasn't there.
Isabella | 15 | Connecticut

#68 | Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
I was listening for the #1 song on the Australian hits countdown and right after it, the D.J broke right in after the song had barely finished.

"We've just had breaking news that the World Trade Centre in New York City has had a plane crash right in to it."

My heart stopped pounding for a few moments, wondering why oh why would we care? I didn't quite realise the importance of the WTC, thinking it was just a building. I thought someone important must have died, I suddenly then thought of all the celebrities at the New York Michael Jackson concert. I waited for a name, expecting the Aaliyah tragedy pt2.

"The American's believe its an act of terrorism, we'll keep you up to date." the D.J finished.

I sighed with relief! sighed! It wasn't til about an hour later, that I decided to go to bed. I turned on my television to watch some late night infomericals and I saw the WTC in bursting flames and smoke, reminding me of independence day. I suddenly began to feel my hands tremble as I heard George Bush start to speak, looking almost ready to cry. I flipped the channel, the exact same news stream was there. Flipped again, and again. I knew something was really serious. I've never, ever been so scared in my life. I went to bed and prayed most of the night.

Nothing has changed.
Jessica T | 17 | Australia

#69 | Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
I was at work in my office in Paris when I got a special flash through on my computer. I immediatly got onto internet and saw the first pictures of the first plane. Then I tried to get onto CNN internet site but it was impossible. I the saw the other pictures of the second plane. I couldn't beleive it. I RANG MY MOTHER UP AND SHE WAS WATCHING IT LIVE ON TV. Telling me that two other planes where missing. Then she told me about the building crashing down. It was just like a never ending nightmare evry 30 minutes another horrible thing happened. The only thing that I can remember is that I just felt is wasn't really happeneing. It was just too much in a few hours. Then when I saw the pictures on tv at night I was horrified and I felt so sorry for the people on the plane, es^pecially when, I saw the list of the passengers, there was a 4 year old child. My son is 4, and I can only imagine the horror that he must have lived, seeing the stewardess been killed and the panic aboard. I am totally devasted, and there isn't one night where I go to bed and that I don't have those terrrible pictures in my head. Every night I think of those poor innocent people and I wonder why I have brought my boys into such horrific life!!
mele | 27 | France

#70 | Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
I was sitting at my desk, just coming back from lunch, when a colleague told us a plane had crashed in the WTC. "What???" was my reaction, I thought it was a freak accident. A few minutes later, we learn about the second plane. And then it kept unfolding, like a surreal horror movie: the Pentagon, the 1st tower collapsing, the 2nd one... Unbelievable. I was frantically trying to connect to the Internet to have more info, but it was hard to connect. I am a Frenchman working in London, with strong affective links to the U.S. and this tragedy has affected me in more ways than I thought. I hope the people responsible for this carnage will be caught. I just hope that all this won't degenerate in a massive new war. At the moment I just watch the news and I hold my breath.
Yann | 28 | United Kingdom

#71 | Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
I was at work, minding my own business, trying not to muck about with international affairs, when a few latecoming co-workers mentioned that one of the towers had been hit. The first thing that came to my mind was the crash into the Empire State building. Not 5 minutes later, another co-worker charged in and told us about the second tower. From that point on, we all huddled around one streaming newscast(no TV's), and an IRC connectin for the rest of the day....
Ryan Beck-Buysse | 20 | Minnesota

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