#529 | Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
I slept late that morning and woke up to the phone ringing. It was around 9:30am. I answered the phone, half asleep, and heard my sister-in-law on the other end. She was talking a mile a minute and I could hardly understand her. I finally figured out she was wanting me to turn on the tv, so I got up and turned it on. I could not believe my eyes. I remember thinking about all the people in the buildings and I knew there was no way everybody had gotten out. I was scared and upset. Even though it all happened so far from Mississippi, it still hurt me. My first thought was to go pick up my 2 year old son from pre-school. My Mom had taken him for me that morning. My sister-in-law came over a little while later and we sat and watched the news all day. I was basically glued to the tv for 4 days, watching the Fox News or CNN. Everytime I think about what happened that day, I get teary-eyed. It is so hard to believe that something like this happened on American soil. This is the kind of thing that happens in other places, not here in the USA. I doubt that I will ever forget that day as long as I live. I doubt anybody will forget that day. I pray for the victims and their families. I have no idea how they feel, but I know it must be awful.
Amanda | 19 | Mississippi

#530 | Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
I was in my living room watching CNN and talking to my son in El Paso, TX, who is in the Army. He was saying "mom, we've just been attacked by terroists" when the second plane hit. I live in a small town in central IN and today I cannot understand what they did or why they did it. It is beyond what I have the scope to understand. Kathy Cox, Shelburn, IN
Kathy R Cox | 52 | Indiana

#531 | Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
I was at college all day and when I got home I just saw my mum and auntie staring at the TV like they was in some sort of trance. I looked and that’s when I saw it, the news saying how terrorists had attacked. I just sat down and watched the news for about 2 hours or more, not being able to take my eyes of the screen as I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it.

I can’t believe all those people have been killed. It’s been 3 months now and I still can’t get over it. Why would people be so cruel as to kill and hurt thousands of people they don’t even know?! I felt like crying when I heard and saw what had happened. I just didn’t know what to say or feel, I was just….just….numb….

I can’t really write much more as I haven’t really got anything else to say. There isn’t anything I could say to bring those people back as much as I wish there was. I just want to say sorry to all those people’s family and I wish I could help. I have signed the condolence book in my hometown, Nottingham, and now I’m signing this to simple say sorry too all those people’s families and I hope everything works out and nothing like this will ever happen again. R.I.P
*Emma* | 16 | United Kingdom

#532 | Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
I was outside R.S Mcalls in the Timmergreens area of Arbroath, Scotland when i was informed of the horrrific tragedy that had just occured. I was standing with my buddy Colin and my homosexual friend Marc Beattie told me what had just happened. My heart sank and tears rolled slowly down my cold as ice cheeks. When I returned home i went to my friends house his name is Jp he shagged Margot.we watched tv all day.I was distraught.My prayers are with all those families and there loved ones.peace to u all.



Scotland | 17 | United Kingdom

#533 | Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
I was sitting at home with my mom. My friend called me on the phone to tell me that a plane had hit a World Trade Center Tower, no one knew why, some were saying it was an accident. I turned on CNN and got off the phone with her and told my mom about it. We both watched while CNN had witnesses tell us what happened. Still no one knew why or how. I remember even saying jokingly, someone was upset with the US and decided to hit one of our buidlings, I had no idea I would be right.

We were watching CNN when the cameras caught the second plane fly in and explode, CNN was interviewing someone over the phone when it happened, and they began yelling and screaming things into the phone.

I watched later as the buildings collapsed, I had to go to work (I work at a day care), I watched parents pick their kids up early and employees leave early. I called my mom, and told her not to leave the house. There were bomb threats all over the place.

I was so scared to be at work and not at home with my mom. By the time I got home from work, I don't recall how much information had been found, but I knew how grim things looked at the Pentagon and WTC. After that I was just numb.

God Bless America.
Erin | 18 | Georgia

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