#484 | Saturday, December 15th, 2001
September 11, 2001: 9:30 am
I was actually in my first english turbo of the semester here in Ct. I walked into class, without knowing that anything at all had taken place. My professor continued with class, with nothing more than a mere mention to something he had seen on television, prior to leaving for the university. After the break, a student mentioned that the university was closed for the day due to the "situation" in NYC. Class wa dismissed and I ran back to my dorm to meet my roommate who was crying on her bed, she was the first to inform me of what had happened. The news was already on, and we both sat in our room, with our mouths open and our eyes filled with tears. And that's where I was on Sept. 11.
Carly | 19 | Connecticut

#485 | Sunday, December 16th, 2001
I am the mom of 2 teenagers and an almost 7 year old in first grade. Normally, after watching the little one get onto the schoolbus, I go online to read my mail and check in at Arlo Guthrie's (www.arlo.net) website. It's rare that I watch TV, especially in the morning.

College was still on summer break on September 11 and I was antsy. Not feeling satisfied at the computer, I put the TV on, hoping to tune in to some new home decor show on Discovery.

My TV automatically turns on NBC (channel 3) and I heard the word "debris". Thinking it referred to a hurricane in the Carribean, I changed the channel. Then, for some reason unknown to me, I quickly switched back to NBC. That's when I heard about the first plane crash. I guess my mind was trying to protect me, because I immediately thought of "accident". But when the 2nd plane hit, I thought to myself, "we're at war." My next impulse was to shake my head, "don't be so dramatic" I told myself.

Glued to the TV, I finally remembered that I had to call a tow-truck for one of my cars, but I really didn't want to have to leave the house. It needed the battery charged and I knew I'd have to drive it for a few miles without the radio being on. So... there I sat.

Finally, I got the car started, drove it and raced back home. So what if the battery dies? Somehow, having a running car no longer mattered much.

I called the High School to see if my 2 older kids were ok, did they want/need to come home? They could, I told the school secretary. She assured me that most of the teachers had dispensed with their lesson plans and that they had the TVs on in almost every classroom. At least my teens would be seeing this first-hand. They had extra counselors on duty.

Next I called the Elementary school. I was told that they had decided not to show the images on TV to the younger kids, but that they would be told of the events before boarding the busses to come home later that day.

The rest of the day, I was on the telephone with my husband, every few minutes to let him know the latest happenings. By the time the first tower fell, I was beside myself and wanted someone to come home. Thank goodness, all state offices closed early (he works for the state) and he came home shortly after the 2nd tower fell.

Fall term at my college began a week later and we had a memorial service. Every day, when I am outside on campus, I feel drawn to looking up at the American flag. We have held several special events at school now having to do with the events on September 11 and each time I feel a little bit closer to how I felt before this happened. I am feeling almost "normal" again... less anxiety than I had in the first month after the attacks.

Having an 18-year-old son doesn't do much to help relieve the anxiety, but now that's it's almost Christmas and enough time has passed, I see so much progress being made in Afghanistan that I'm not as worried about my son as I was before.

For all the evil that has been done, I really feel blessed to live in a country where adversity brings people together. We showed our true colors on that day. I am more tolerant than I had been in the past, especially with all the foreign students at my college. I have more patience with them as I work to help them learn computer applications and struggle with term papers.

My youngest's birthday was last week. He decided instead of having a licensed cartoon character birthday theme to have an American Flag party! He drew pictures and we made a "pin the stars on the flag" game, bought a patriotic songs for kids CD and even a large American Flag birthday cake! We had red, white and blue table settings and decorated with red, white and blue crepe paper streamers.

Seeing the changes in so many attitudes around here makes me believe that there is much hope for the future of America.
Terrie Winson | 47 | Pennsylvania

#486 | Monday, December 17th, 2001
I were watching on TV when they cut the broadcasting and I saw the attack.

The only thing I can say is: "Perfect, sublime, wonderful! The best medecine USA could get."

Save the world! No more yankees! Leave the 3rd World to live in peace. The only and great terrorist is the USA Government.

Death to taliban, death to Bin Ladin, death to USA!
Olaf Moggsen | 41 | Iceland

#487 | Monday, December 17th, 2001
I am a native New Yorker but I live in Tucson and I go to the University of Arizona. I woke up early on the morning of September 11th because I was starting a new job on campus. I was in the shower when I heard that there was something going on in New York City. I quickly got out and turned the television on just moments before the second plane hit. My father had just woken up and the two of us stood in front of the television riveted by what we saw. On my way to school that morning, I heard on the radio that the first tower had come down. When I heard of the second tower coming down, I was in the bookstore. I had to leave because I just broke down into tears. Later on that evening we found out that a good family friend of ours had been in the blast and that he had made it out ok. Two days later his picture was all over television and magazines as he helped two women down the street after they got out. All three were covered in dust, soot, and blood. The first week after September 11th is seemingly a blur in my mind. But there are moments that will stand out forever. I will never forget where I was that morning.
Shannon | 19 | Arizona

#488 | Monday, December 17th, 2001
I was at school! 1st hour class! I'm in 8th grade and a kid went to take down the attendance sheet and he came back saying that everyone in the office was watching something about a plane crash. So they teacher next-door came in and told my teacher that a plane had hit the World Trade center! She turned on our TV and there was the news..on almost every chanel! And we all began to watch it while working on our spelling homework! Then We saw the other plane hit!! We were all kinda scared at the same time confused! So we watched the videos they had w/ ppl calling in and telling whats going on!
Then we went to 2nd hour and we werre watching it again but turned the sound off so we could work..but then we all saw the picture of the plane into the pentagon and turned the volume on to hear it all! We heard Bush's speech's and saw all the videos!
OUr classes were the only ones in the school to watch this because we are the oldest in the school and the teachers didn't want to scare the younger ones! but then the principal came to talk to the teachers and told them to turn it off because o few people were really starting to get scared!
So we went through the rest of the day not knowing whats going on ..but last hour..at about 2:00 pm My social studies teacher (3rd hour)...Everyone found out that both towers had fallen by then and she was out of the room..then when she came back in all the kids told her and she had fallen to her knees and started crying, we all relised how many people had died right then!
So our classes that week had got in touch with a school in New Jersey where 6 kids in the school had lost their dads! We gave many things to them to help, and are like school pen-pals!! I will always remember every detail about when i heard what happened and hope nothing liek that happens again!
If we believe in God, he will help!! God bless America and everyone who was involved in helping out at ground 0! i hope i can meet some of you someday and hear your story! I want to be just liek you when i grow up!!!
Kelly | 13 | Minnesota

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