#403 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
It was 2pm, I was upstairs reading, for some reason I never had my TV on that day. My mother called me urgently, I ran downstairs wondering what was wrong with her. As I walked into the room and saw the images before my eyes, I couldn't believe it. My Mum just said with tears in her eyes, terrorists are attacking America. I remember saying over and over "Oh my God" "Oh my God". My fiance is American and I was so worried. I tried calling him, on the 12th attempt I got through. We told each other how much we love one another. We watched the WTC towers collapse, it all seemed so unreal. I could hear the hurt and disbelief in his voice. I so much wanted to be with him to hold him, but I couldn't.

This touched the lives of people throughout the world. These events were real and will never be forgotten. Love each other more each day.

My love, prayers and thoughts go out to all the people who have lost loved ones, and to a Nation United. God Bless America. XXX
Abigail | 31 | United Kingdom

#404 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
Since my college calculus III class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was getting ready for school. I take the public bus usually and I always leave around 9:45 am for the 10 o'clock one. Before then, I always have CNN on. I was watching the Headline news version where they said something about we are now getting reports of a fire in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. Then, I switched to the regular CNN channel and saw the whole thing unfold as we know what happened. A little while later, since we weren't sure as to if there would be class, my Mother took me to the college, on the way there, looking for the best vantage point to see the towers from where we live (half hour or so from NYC in NJ). We had the radio on for this time and heard the towers collapsed and the Pentagon was hit and everything else that happened. Class was cancelled, as they were closing the campus; took a while to get home because everyone was apparently going home, and just was glued to the television after that.
Lois Merritt | 24 | New Jersey

#405 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
I was in my school in Brooklyn, that had a clear view of the Twin Towers on a good day. Since that Tuesday was a beautiful day, you could see them clearly. But all of a sudden, you couldn't see them anymore and all you saw was gray-black smoke. Then papers started flying outside school window (about 5-6 miles from the Twin Towers if you count straight). One student found a half of a burnt cell phone. Some people saw the Twin Towers collapse, before the school let us go home. The entire day if you looked towards Manhattan, the entire sky was black instead of blue.
VB | 17 | New York

#406 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
A friend of mine and I were on vacation in Spain. It so happens that we were in route back home (Alexandria, VA) when this tragedy ocurred.

Three hours into our flight, the aircraft suddenly turned back without warning. Shortly after, the pilot gave us the news. It was an eary feeling. And of course it did not help that we were in the middle of an international flight.

When we arrived back into Madrid, the airline, Spanair, who deserves mentioning, took it upon themselves to get us transportation, bording and meals during this period, which happened to be for 4 days (the airlines are not responsible to provide any kind of accomodations as it was no fault of theirs), and got us back safely the following Saturday once they were allowed to fly back into the states. I've heard of other people who were on other airlines who had to look for themselves for all their needs.

While we were at the hotel, we got to see these horrendous events. It was a very mixed emotions of feelings. We cannot, and probably will never, understand how can human beings be so capable of such things.

These events was transmitted on many TV and radio channels in Spain, who were agreeing with us on the horror of it all. We even received in our hotel room a gift from the city of Madrid. It was a very nice photograph book and with it a letter giving us their support and best wishes for our safe return back home.

But September 11 is a day that I have always remembered as it is my father's birthday. So, from here on I will have two major events that I will always remember.

Now, we are back home. I go by the Pentagon every morning to go to work and my thoughts through the commotion of those first days were that we have come to realize how vulnerable we are, and how much of a sheltered life we have lived.

However, as we have seen, even through these perils, and even with all the problems and pains that this country goes through every day, we have overcomed these tragedies and our lives have resumed, if somewhat different from where we left off, but we are living, we are together, and we have demonstrated to the world that we are strong and can and will go on.

It is still extremely hard for those who did loose someone to this tragedy and I feel for them, and pray that God will give them strength, peace, and hope, to go on in life and celebrate the memories of their loved ones. Our bodies may, in time, leave this world, but our memories will always keep us here.
Alex Rodriguez | 39 | Virginia

#407 | Sunday, December 9th, 2001
My husband (Medical Director) calls me (I'm a lawyer in Connecticut) around 9:00 am from his office that looks over the Hudson river and the WTC. He told me he turned and looked outside while sipping his coffee and sees a big black hole with flames comming out of the WTC building (first attack). His voice is tentative but calm. He is a doctor - he does not panic. He knows what he sees but his voice sounds like maybe he wasn't seeing what his eyes were telling him. I tell him nothing was on the internet yet but go and find out what was going on. He calls back and says that there is another hole in the other WTC building. I panic and say - Get home right now. Home is Connecticut - he needs to take a subway uptown to Grand Central and get a Metro North train to Connecticut. While driving to a Court hearing an hour later, he calls me on my cell and says it is pandamonium here in the City, I'll try to get home if they do not need me. All telphones are down and they are securing his building. I tell him about the pentagon. He is cut off. He gets home many hours later. He works the entire next day in my office setting up crisis centers for the survivors. He talks about those he knows at the WTC. He will never be the same. He is now part of a research team examining the post traumatic effect of the attack.
Laura S. Mitler | 55 | Connecticut

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