#371 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I work for the Idaho Humane Society. On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was talking to my boss in her office where she had a radio going. We stopped all conversation when the report of the first plane hitting was reported. We scrambled around and found a couple televisions. Then we heard about the second...then the third. Everyone was devistated. It was so unreal. We are not far from the Boise Airport. We watched planes land after ordered. This was also unreal. I personally didnt lose anyone close to me in these terrible crashes, however, I have friends who did. My brother had a friend lose his life in the Pentagon. For two weeks solid I watched CNN. I cried so much during that time. I prayed this country would survive. Then I watched as this country pulled together and showed patriotism. I watched as flags became impossible to find. I watched public figures cry and talk about God. These are the kinds of things I have heard my parents talk about from years long ago. I believe this country will get back to the faith and patriotism of years past. This war isnt over. But it is a war that must happen. As an American, I am proud of our leaders. As a person, I hurt for those who lost loved ones...and for those who will lose loved ones in the future. September 11th made a huge impact in my life. Never again will I think nothing like this could happen in a great country like America. I will never forget that fateful day. As I'm sure nobody else will either.
Deb | 37 | Idaho

#372 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I had just returned from taking my son to school. I turned on Good Morning, America, and went to the kitchen to get my usual second cup of morning coffee. I returned to see a full screen view of the WTC tower with heavy smoke and flames rising from it. I just stood and stared while the show's hosts rattled on that "something had apparently happened at the WTC". The he said they had a report that a commercial aircraft had crashed into the first tower, but that they had no other information as yet.
I stood, horrified, as I am sure, many others did, as he talked and the second plane came rapidly into view behind the second tower, crashing into it.
Then the thought crossed my mind "Aww, this has GOT to be some sort of elaborate movie preview", because it looked just like something out of a disaster movie. Then, my mind kinda went into overload or something.
When I came to my senses days later, I realized it was no movie. It literally took days for the shock to wear off, just like after the OKC bombing did, and only then did the reality set in.
I cannot fathom what it must have been like for the hundreds, thousands of rescuers, who had to wave off this shock immediately and get into the site to try to help the victims, and to even keep on going on after the collapse.
bcs | 47 | Oklahoma

#373 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I had just returned from a job site to pick up materials from home when I heard an emergency news flash on the radio that Tower 1 of the WTC had been hit by a plane. I thought maybe it was only a private plane until I ran into my home and turned on the T.V. then saw differently. My wife & I were watching as the second plane hit Tower 2 and I knew right then that neither crash was an accident and cold chills raced through me immediatly. I feel that these feelings of horror and disbelief were partly due because my wife & I were just in NY on Aug. 18th at WTC Tower 2 on top veiwing NY, and we knew of all the lives that had just been extinguished so terribly. We will remember this day forever, and our prayers go out to everyone whose lives were forever changed by these dasterdly deeds. God Bless America!
Michael | 38 | Florida

#374 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was in class when it happened, biol 364, or cell physiologly to be exact. My cell phjone was on but set on silent and i could see my that my friend was calling me. I thought it was weird that he would call me this early in the morning but ignored the call. After class i called to hear what he wanted. Thats when he hit me with the news. I told a friend nearby what was happening but she thought nothing of it...its just an accident, she said. Meanwhile, I was on the hunt for a tv. Finally, on the 11th floor, on a small black and white screen, i saw for the first time what was happening. That's when the first tower fell. Then minutes later, the second one fell..
Antonio Romano | 21 | Canada

#375 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I remember it very clearly. I had just woken up for class. I was going to start to take a shower when i felt and urge to turn on CNN. It was 8:55. After taking a shower and getting dresed. I looked at the TV and saw the horrible disaster. I continued to watch as the second plane crashed into the towers. I could not even fathom what had happened till i was sitting in class and my prof sat with us and talked about it. I think she really knew that we needed somewhere to let our feelings out. Thanks. And God Bless America.
Paul lemke | 18 | Wisconsin

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