#351 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was at work, as ususal. I always have the radio on I could not believe what I was hearing. A plane just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. I thought to muself, what is going on? Was this a terrible accident? How could a pilot not see that building. Then they started talking about what really happened. I was in shock. How terrible an act is that? to take innocent peoples' lives. As the day went on, the news got worse. I was allowed to go home and i made sure my kids were ok and proceded to watch the television in horror.

It is a day I will never forget, thats for sure.

Lisa | 39 | New Jersey

#352 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was on my way to work. I turned on the radio expecting to hear the morning show on 96.5 KYPT Seattle, and instead, I was listening to someone from CNN. They were talking about a plane smashing into the World Trade Center. It seemed like a modern version of "War of the Worlds". I immediately called my fiance on the phone, and told her to turn on CNN and watch the news. We sat at work all day long listening to the news, dazed and confused, wanting it to not be real.
Dale Hirt | 28 | Washington

#353 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I am an air traffic controller at a large metropolitan airport. (I would prefer to keep my identity anonymous, as the FAA doesn't care for us to be talking about our role in the 9/11 events.) I had worked the night shift and was almost home to begin my "weekend" when I heard the initial, sketchy reports on the radio. My wife had been listening to the same radio station as I, but hadn't been paying attention. As soon as I got home I rushed inside and turned on Fox News. Moments later, they unexpectedly showed the second aircraft hitting the second tower of the WTC. We have a digital TV recorder, so we ran it back to see if what we saw was indeed WHAT WE SAW! My wife and I just sat there in shock. Later I found out what my co-workers at the airport and across the nation had to do to comply with the order to ground all air traffic, including those already flying (that was a smart decision by your friendly federal government). I'll never know what it felt like that day for those who were in my work environment, but I think I'm glad I was able to be home to grieve out of the view of anybody but my family.
C | 39 | United States

#354 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was awakened by my father after the first plane had flown into the tower - on the west coast, it was a bit too early for me to be up. Knowing that I'm glued to the news after major stories, he knew that this was something that I needed to see in real time, rather than a quick wrap-up later that day. I sat there with my parents before they left for work in horror as the second plane flew into the Trade Centers and as we woke my brother, we all sat as a family watching the buildings implode on themselves. My mother was scheduled on a flight to San Francisco later that day, which she still planned on taking, had all flights not been cancelled. My father went into work, but got little done as everyone watched the story unfold on TV. My brother and I sat at home and watched TV for hours on end.

A rude awakening September 11th as I was planning for my birthday 3 days later, and a day no one will ever forget.
Blake Kunisch | 22 | California

#355 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was at the PSI warehouse when it all occured. A colleague told me that a plane caused another to crash into the WTC. We quickly turned on the radio and everybody gathered around it. Then the second plane hit and I knew it was no accident. Immediately I began thinking that somebody was purposely committing these acts.
My wife then called me and said the Pentagon had been hit. I knew we were going to war. Everybody including myself was walking around in a daze. We just couldn't believe what was going on. The warehouse shut down and we all went home to watch the incredible horror on the television.
Those images took my breath away. All I could think of was those poor innocent people dying on the tower. How can anybody be so cruel???
David Kolln | 25 | Florida

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