#321 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
at the time in question , i was busy working on our local golf course, in cheviot, nz. when i came home for lunch, my wife asked me "had i heard the news?". as i am interested in et's, and noticing the concern on her face, i asked "have they captured a ufo?". then i looked at the tv and saw what raised her concern. i immediately thought of the book by neville shute "on the beach" and thought this is the beginning of the end.
bill van halewyn | 57 | New Zealand

#322 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I live 2.4 miles north, on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Twelfth Street, and I have a clear view of the twin towers. That day I walked out the front door of my apartment building, there was a crowd and barricades at Saint Vincent's Hospital. I asked a police officer what was happening. He pointed south. One tower was smoking. Then the other tower exploded. Stunned, I wheeled about and quickly returned to my apartment. I sat quietly for three and a half hours. I thought: it has come home; it has come home.
Thomas Elias Weatherly | 59 | New York

#323 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was walking home from dropping off my Daughter Alli for her 5th day at Kindergarten. Her 5th day away from her home and family. Her 5th day without her MOMMMY! And, my 5th day without my baby! One of the neighbors told me to turn on the TV when I got in. I proceded to watch with extreme horror the events from about 9:10 on. I knew that she was safe at school but I wished I could bring her home so I could get my hands on her little body! I am a childcare provider so I broke out the playdough in the kitchen and watched in the living room. The kids don't watch TV unless there are cartoons on so they weren't interested. I watched on and off for the rest of the day, horrified because of the world changing implications. I didn't know anybody in NY, Pennsylvania, or Washington but I did know that this is not the kind of world I wished my kids to grow up in! Thanks for reading! Karen
Karen Croisetiere | 39 | United States

#324 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I was attending an EAL ("Everybody's a Leader") meeting at work. I'm a social worker for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Someone came in and announced that the WTC had been hit by an airplane. After pursuading the meeting leader to plug in a TV and switch to a news channel, we witnessed planes flying into the WTC. At first I thought the planes were foreign military aircraft and we were under attack. After a few moments I realized there were domestic commercial airplanes. But, unfortunately, we were still under attack. We were all in shock.
William Gowers | 53 | Kentucky

#325 | Saturday, December 8th, 2001
I heard about it when I was walking down the halls of my school and I heard some kids talking: "Did you hear about the hijacked plane?" Then when I walked into my biology class the TV was on, and the rest of the day was spent going from class to class each with the TV on watching in horror.
Sam Cole | 15 | Pennsylvania

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