#306 | Saturday, December 1st, 2001
I was home at the time from work due to a foot injury.When my friend called me at 9:02 am and told me to turn the tv on.What came on the screen took me almost 5 minutes to comprehend.I could not believe this was happening.All the years i have and been delivering to the center and around Manhattan.I felt guilty to say i was lucky when we now know how many have perished.When you see it on tv and then happen to pass the gravesite words cannot explain the pain ...
Paul Rebello | 33 | New York

#307 | Monday, December 3rd, 2001
I was at work, when suddenly someone entered my office and told me that there was an attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon. I thought the worst: World War III has begun!! It could be anybody from local terrorists, to any of the many enemies the US have made through the years, I thought.

Couldnīt believe my eyes when I watched the TV footage. "Maybe it is only a hoax, like the one in the 30īs when Orson Welles broadcast the War of the Worlds sketch and the people believed the martians had really arrived". But then again, this is too real and too cruel for being just a joke.

The night before, I watched Armageddon (with Bruce Willis) with some relatives and we were talking about the wonders they do in Hollywood with special effects, but when we watched the fall of the two towers, we couldnīt believe our eyes, but sadly, it wasnīt just another movie.

I canīt describe the pain and desolation I felt for several days. I got the flu and it was like something died inside of me.

I felt ashamed of humanity at that point. How somebody can do something as horrible and despicable as what they did. I donīt believe that there is a God anywhere in this universe that can allow this kind of destruction in His name.

Itīs like someone said: "We met the worst of humanity and the best of humanity". Those HEROES that died helping others: firemen, policemen, common citizens and the heroes who sacrificed their lives stopping those madmen on that plane that crashed in Pittsburgh. Also, the HEROES that didnīt die, but were seriously injured or the ones that are alive and well.
They are the real heart of America and will be remembered as an example of love to their country and most of all, to humanity itself.

God bless you all, wherever you are and if you are a relative or friend of these people, you should be proud that your life was touched by them in an unforgettable way.

Horacio Alejos | 38 | Guatemala

#308 | Wednesday, December 5th, 2001
Never the Same:

On Tuesday September 11, 2001 at 9:05am the excitement of seeing my parents was transformed as feelings of shock, confusion, anger, fear, sorrow, and astonishment, and distress instantaneously consumed my mind. A college freshman, sitting in the backseat of a beige van, I watched intently as my dad solemnly approached with an expression of horror masking his previous carefree attitude. He opened the door and silently turned on the radio, at that moment, it felt as if the blaring panic had paralyzed humanity. I listened to the multitude of shocked voices on the radio for the remainder of the drive home. That moment is permanently embedded in my mind. Thoughts of uncertainty about the condition of my friends and family raced through my head. My peaceful and perfect little world was permanently jarred. This cruel unjustifiable atrocity affected every American, for an instant, we were identical, each of us felt helpless and vulnerable because we had no control over the earth-shattering event that just occurred. When I returned to the dorm I turned the television on and watched the surreal scene of a cruel maniac crashing a commercial airliner filled with mothers, fathers, siblings, children, and beloved friends into America’s symbol of freedom and power. This horrifically vivid scene will replay in my mind for the remainder of my lifetime.
Sheena | 18 | West Virginia

#309 | Wednesday, December 5th, 2001
I was in German class, 3rd period and the teacher walks in late "Have you guys heard?" of course none of us have and we all ask him what "The World Tade centers are being attacked. one has been hit with an airplane!" at this some poeple were shocked, some people wouldent believe it, and some like me, were shocked and scared at the same time. my life has changed since then, i think about the men on flight 93 who resisted the terroirists and think about how heroic they were. and i hope that the 4-6 (maybe more, im still researching it for a report in class) men recieve the presidental medal of freedom, that action saving hundreds of lives makes me think of how i should live my life every day. And that new way of thinking is not for myself, but for other people.

God bless America, The firefighters, and the brave souls from flight 93

David | 14 | Ohio

#310 | Wednesday, December 5th, 2001
its amazing how many of the descriptions of things on this site are so detailed. most of the day was a complete blur for me so i will recount things as i remember them. my mother woke me up and was telling me to turn on the tv and we are being attacked and just generally freaking out. i had no idea what was going on so i turned on the tv and at that moment i saw live footage (i believe) of the second plane that hit the second building at the world trade center. all day after that i was glued to the tv and dont remember so much as moving until much later that night. shortly after i turned the tv on, my girlfriend who is from australia called me on the phone, i wasnt really expecting to hear from her cuz it was like midnight there but she had seen all the stuff on tv and was calling to see how i was. we ended up having a deep conversation about all the possible implications that this could have. after i got off the phone with my girlfriend i really dont remember much except hearing all the details of the plane that went down in pennsylvania and other possible threats occuring. it was definitely the scariest day of my life and probably will remain as that for the duration of my life. i hope so. thankfully no one that i know personally was injured or killed in the attacks.
Dylan Farrell | 21 | New York

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