#281 | Saturday, November 24th, 2001
That morning I was sleeping in, maybe awake maybe not, just having a lazy morning together with my boyfriend. My dog had died the day before, and I didn't have to get up and do anything until my class around 2. So I stayed in his arms until around 11ish (?) to take a shower and get lunch and get ready to go.

When I came back in my roommate had the TV on and she and her friend were sitting on the sofa watching it. I saw the footage of the Pentagon and heard a newscaster say that a plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

I thought "what are the odds that a plane would malfunction and crash down and hit the Pentagon?" It never entered my mind that someone might have driven a plane into the Pentagon on purpose.

I went into my room (maybe after taking the shower?) and noticed the little "Message" light flashing on my phone. So I called in to get my messages.

The message was from my dad, saying that America was under attack and that planes had crashed into the Pentagon and the WTC. I realized that the smoke I'd seen on my roomie's TV hadn't been some crazy accident.

I was far more scared of the Pentagon plane than the WTC, because my parents live in the DC area. Their message had assured me they were all right, but I was frightened for them. It took me a long time to realize the WTC was actually a greater disaster.

My boyfriend sent me a phone message soon after, telling me the same things as my dad's: that America was under attack, that I needed to turn on the TV.

The last thing I remember was watching the Taliban on the news, saying they send the US their condolences and that they didn't do it. I don't remember going to lunch; I think I went to class at 2, but can't remember it.

Classes were canceled at some point for that day (I think) and the day after. Emails flooded our inboxes. The school set up TVs to let us see the news as it happened.
Alexa | | Virginia

#282 | Saturday, November 24th, 2001
i'll never forget where i was. study hall, third period. we were sitting talking about our first full week of school that started the day before when a teacher came in saying that the world trade center was on fire. (this was before anyone knew about the planes.) she added that the local CBS station had switched to the WTC live and we could go to the library if we wanted to watch what was happening. i will never forget when i came in. the chilling moment when i came in just as the second plane hit. that was when i knew something had happened. i just didn't know what would come next.

gail | 13 | United States

#283 | Saturday, November 24th, 2001
I live in Australia so for us it happened late at night. Ironically, I was watching The West Wing and during the last add break (around 11.20pm) the news had mentioned a plane had crashed into the WTC. My flatmates and I were confused as this seemed rediculous. We watched the rest of the show and then the news came on.

We saw the footage of the second plane hitting the WTC and our jaws dropped and an amazing silence fell over all of us as we watched. After about 5 minutes we were all grabbing our phones and dialing our parents, family and friends. We didn't call because we thought they were in danger as we live thousands of miles away from the tradgedy; we called because in times of such a tradgedy, you want to be with the ones you love.

Then the tower collapsed, I think I stopped breathing for a minute. Stunned silence. Pictures of The Pentagon flowed through and security alerts at the White House made us all on edge. After the other tower collapsed, the absolute devestation was evident. There was still a plane missing and it was 3am before I felt I could go to bed. I spent the night tossing and turning with very little sleep.

The next day at work my web browser was firmly planted on cnn.com to see what was happening.

What an utter tradgedy to rip through this great nation and world. My heart goes out to all Americans. God bless.
Michael Lynch | 22 | Australia

#284 | Sunday, November 25th, 2001
I live in Manhattan and went to visit my boyfriend who lives in Long Island, a suburb of NYC. I was going to leave the night before, but it got late, so I stayed. I am a late sleeper and woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon to find my boyfriend downstairs crying. “What’s the matter with you?” was my question. As he came over to me with tears streaming down his cheeks he put his arms around me and said, “They blew up the Twin Towers.” As he was hugging me the TV was in the background and I watched footage that they were repeating over and over again of Tower I being hit by a plane and then Tower II; then the horrible image of the buildings collapsing. I initially went into shock, maybe for a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity to me, and then I started screaming my best friend’s name who worked there “JOYCE ….. JOYCE ….. JOYCE …. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I was furious that my boyfriend did not wake me up, but he said that this was probably the last good sleep that I would get in a long time, and he was right. The skyline that I look at every day is forever changed, and so is my life.
Joyce Ann “Cookie” Carpeneto never made it out of the building (Tower I; 83rd Floor), nor did any of her co-workers. I thought if anyone would get out, it would be her, but alas, life is fleeting and we are merely flesh and blood and no matter how strong our constitution, a terrorist attack like this one managed to kill thousands.
I miss her so much it hurts. I had just talked to her two days before the attack and we were supposed to see each other the next weekend. This was to be our last telephone conversation and she asked me if I would send in a resume to her company so we could work together once again, as we had years before (as well as being roommates). I told her I would think about it and that I loved her so much for thinking of me for the job.
It is so hard to put into mere words how someone so special can come into your life and then be taken so swiftly and savagely in the name of a so-called “Holy War”. Joyce was the most gentle soul that I had ever known. I will never be able to thank her enough for being my friend and for teaching me that life is so precious; I truly feel blessed. I was once loved by one of the most special people in all of New York; in all of the world. I will keep her in my heart until the day that I perish and hope that we end up in the same place of peace, God willing.
DianaHalle | 33 | New York

#285 | Sunday, November 25th, 2001
I was getting ready for work, running extremely late as usual. Went into the kitchen to get a drink and a bite to eat, and looked at the TV which the news was playing on. While I'm half asleep I see a tall building burning. Hmm..must've been an electrical fire I thought. It wasn't until I got to work and customers kept coming up to me and telling me what had happened. I went home on my lunch and sat glued to the tv, where I was bound to stay for the next month.
Kari | 18 | Florida

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