#276 | Friday, November 23rd, 2001
I had gone to bed early on the 11th of September, so i knew nothing untill my clock radio went off.
The annoncer said "due to the crisis in america all airports are closed, disnyland is closed if you have relitives in america we will soon have a number you can ring to find out if they are okay"
I rolled over and said to my boyfriend "Whats going on?"
We jumped out of bed and turned on the telly as the 7 am news started and they replayed events as they had happened, i can remember standing in my pj's watching the tv and my legs sort of giving way. That afternoon i had to go out and a plane flew overhead everyone in the street jumped and look scared even though we are soo far away we still felt the impact.
Amanda | 21 | Australia

#277 | Friday, November 23rd, 2001
I work in a webdesign company.
It's good, I like it. One of my workmates is an... attempted practical joker? Strange sense of humour anyway. He's cool though.
I'll call him Alan, for reasons of privacy.

I walk in the door of our office, Alan looks up and says something about terrorists and 3 planes going into the Pentagon, and World Trade Center in New York...

'Riiiight...' I'm thinking. Only Alan could come up with a joke as weird as that...
I walk on over to my seat, while he continues to insist it's true - but so far, that's pretty much inline with what he does when it *is* a joke.

At this point, I'm still thinking about the Pentagon, not the Trade Centers...
In my head, the Pentagon is this weird American Military 'thing', which is referenced on so many weird shows and conspiracy theories it doesn't seem like a real place. It's "The place from the X-Files where they took Mulder's Evidence..."

The World Trade Centers have fallen down he insists. I can't remember what they look like, but I'm thinking... Skyscrapers. Way bigger than a little plane. How could a plane make a building fall over?

But other from work are concurring... huh?
I go online, if I trust anything, it's the net.

It's true.

I couldn't grasp it.
I burst out laughing.

That Alan was telling the *Truth*?

That the Truth was something weirder than *Alan* could make up??

That Little Planes *did* make a building fall down???

That the Pentagon *isn't* just a place off the X-Files????

My shock (I think that's what it was)had worn off, but the surreality was just kicking in.
I went into CNN.com (I think...)
There was a poll, 'Should we go to War?'
Most of the respondants had said yes.
I couldn't understand (I still don't)How could you go to War when you didn't know who had done it?!?

How many people had been hurt? Had died?
I started to *feel* the impact of that many lives lost... and I felt lost.
Where ever I turned on the internet, there was sadness, but more than that - Anger. Hate.

It seemed to be everywhere I turned. The people posting seemed to be the ones who hated. Who wanted the country from wherever the hijackers had come from, nuclear bombed til there wasn't even rubble.
There were postings and accounts from people who were in New York, at the Trade Center even. Real people. It was Really happening.

Even so, I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the net...
It was connecting me alright, I was getting a direct line to the hate of my fellow man.

For the first time I realised why people say 'ignorance is bliss'.
For the first time, I wanted to be ignorant.
And I really wanted the virtual world not to be so real...
Pearl | 19 | New Zealand

#278 | Friday, November 23rd, 2001
I'd been laid off on September 10th, and had spent the early morning hours of the 11th bitter and angry. I was awoken around 10:30 AM by a phone call from my aunt, who breathlessly said, "Did you hear?"

"No, what?"

"A plane struck the World Trade Center."

She then went on about some computer problem she was having, but I didn't really hear her. All I could think about was getting online, checking the news sites, seeing what had happened. After I helped my aunt with her computer problem, I logged on, and tried to find information. Details were sketchy at best -- all the large sites were down. I turned on the TV to CNN, and watched the images, over and over. I couldn't look away, but at the same time, I couldn't bear to watch.

I spent most of that day talking to friends on AIM and reading what news I could. My own troubles paled in comparison to what was going on. I cried a lot that day, for the people who had died and the people who had lost someone they loved. I realized that day how lucky (and happy) I was that I was alive, with everyone I loved safe and sound. It wasn't that way for a lot of people. To this day I'm almost thankful that it happened, because it brought a nation together and made a lot of us realize how fragile life is.
Jeni Grant | 23 | North Carolina

#279 | Friday, November 23rd, 2001
My friend came into the band building and said that airplanes had crashed into the WTC. She only said it to me and another friend, but I was still sceptic. So after class I went to my studay hall and the TV was on and there were people around it. We sat together in amazement as the image of NCY in smoke live on the screen. As the period went on, more and more people came into the Student Union and even our head master was down there watching it with us. No matter what class I was in, we went back to the Student Union to continue to watch it all unfold. All I could keep saying was "Oh my God..." Classes were called off for the rest of the day, as well as all after school activities,including sport games. I was in disbelief and stunned that this could happen.
Lougenu | |

#280 | Saturday, November 24th, 2001
i was a few days away from my wedding day. we (my husband, at the time, almost husband) and i had walked into my parent's house, and heard the tv.

we stopped everything. i don't remember where we were headed, but it could wait.

sat. watched the news. cried. prayed.

we were married september 15th. the days before were filled with shock and horror. i was getting married, but that wasn't what was on my mind.

we said a prayer at the ceremony for everyone. those directly involved, and those not.
Kimberly | 21 | Ohio

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