#261 | Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
As I was driving to work at 8:00 AM central time I was listening to the same old radio station I always do in the mornings. The DJ broke in with the news of a plane flying into the WTC. My first reaction was, "Dumbass Pilot!" Then shortly after news of the second plane broke in and I found myself driving a little faster to work. As I arrived at work I could tell from the expressions of fear, amazment, wonder, and suprise on the faces of my co-workers. I spent the rest of the morning and most of the day watching as New York City slowly and painfully died.
Nick Sacy | 23 | Texas

#262 | Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
Working at my desk, listening to Howard Stern. It was unreal.
ryan | 28 | Michigan

#263 | Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
I was working when my husband instant messaged me with the news. I immediately thought it was a small private plane. When he told me it was an airliner, I was amazed. I had to leave the office to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment, and arrived home just in time to see the second tower fall on television. I was just numb. After the doctor visit, I returned to work to find that they had sent everyone home. We were all too distracted to get anything productive done anyway. I went home and dug up all the pictures I took from the WTC two years earlier. I still find it hard to believe they're gone.
Katie Howell | 43 | Florida

#264 | Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
I was looking forward to a weekend trip to New York that was to begin on Thursday, September 13. I was supposed to see Cathy Richardson Band perform as well as kicking off my midlife crisis which was to begin on September 12, my 40th birthday.
Bill Dolan | 40 | Illinois

#265 | Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
Where was I? En route to work. I live in Washington County, but my job was in the Wine Country. Which explains what I was even doing awake at 6am.

I was in a coffeehouse waiting to start the final segment of my commute, when a customer came in and said, "so, what do you think about that plane crash into the World Trade Center."

Like fifty million other people at that moment, the response was, "oh, it was jsut a King Air or some other commuter plane."

"No, it was a 737." Before I'd left, the size of the plane... and then planes... kept on getting bigger, and bigger.

It was Peter Jennings' voice on the radio, saying, "The south tower has just collapsed." Before I'd gotten to work WTC1 had also collapsed.

Even now, that memory sucks all of the substance from my innards.

Disbelief. I know, but my present train of thought is something I usually reserve for the final act of a work of Shakespeare.

What of the times since? Let me ramble...

I avoid downtown, but not consciously. I wonder what to think of the city where I was born. It's always been unique; now its distinction is even greater.

We discover that the people who did this were fighting the immorality they saw, never taking the time to ask if the people they were attacking might actually agree with their anger... if not their methods.

One of the columns in today's Oregonian was about one of the children who was aboard the plane that was crashed into the Pentagon, and what a basketball fan he was, how after all he never got his wish to see MJ play in real time.

That broke my heart.

As I started writing this one of my MP3's was on, a dance song with Russian lyrics that versifies love lost, a track I downloaded at work before the 11th. It's something both light and serious at the same time.

Now it goes a long way toward reminding me of the times we've left behind.
Ben Henick | 27 | Oregon

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