#2494 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
i was in my history of the modern era class. i walked into class, after barely rolling out of bed, and the professor said "you guys do know that the world trade center was bombed?". The class continued, and I walked out of the class, and saw footage of the towers. i just stood there in shock that this professor hadn't let us out of class or even told us what was going on.
Brooke Tomlinson | 19 | Pennsylvania

#2495 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
I think that they do not like the kind of FREEDOM that we have.
Megan Carey | 11 | New Jersey

#2496 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
I think that they do not like the kind FREEDOM we have.Sothey did what they did.
Megan Carey + Sara | 11 | New Jersey

#2497 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
Hello all, I'm a Union-Ironworker from Washington D.C. We are proud to say that we are the ones that were there installing the windows(blast-resistant) and structural fortifications to the pentagon that dissmal day. This is the first time I've shared this with anyone other then my family and collegues.
Well, I'm not very good at this because it still brings a tear to my eyes.First, I'm sure some of you know how close you can become with the people you've worked with all your career.(say some 27 years). You know, that was one of the most beautiful mornings. I remember that as I sat down to have my coffee on the curb with the guys. Then the noise of the plane clipping off the light poles, then the explosion as it hit the building. I can still hear my apprentice "Damn, someone crashed on the parkway" What else would a young man of 22 yrs. think? I knew the feeling in my stomach that it was a tremendous explosion from the concussion and the smell of diesel fuel.From experience, I knew to take cover from what might be another one.
To look around and see the expressions, that are burned in my memory,like the ones from childhood that you would see in scary movies.
Well, its kinda tuff talking about it, but we had a couple a guys that were working on the second floor about 60ft. from the center of impact that just happened to go to HomeDepot to get some things Rick needed for a home project. Rick and Joe were just coming into the parking lot when the plane hit the building. There was a brother, a steamfitter , that lost his life that day and another that was blown down one of the corridors. He got bruised and scuffed up a little bit.
To make a long story short, we all went to the union hall the next day and volunteered to aid the rescue workers in D.C. and New York city. All the men you seen with the cranes and cutting torches were all my brothers doing what we do best!
God, what would I give to set that man down in front of the men and women that were working in all of those buildings that day. The unsung heros!
Well, you all know shes about ready to open for business as usual,and we can all thank the labor force for those 60, 70, and sometimes 80 hr. weeks since 9/11/01 and you'll never know by looking at the pentagon that someone tried to destroy her.
Well, "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and all the brothers and sisters that built this great country!

Old Ironworker | 49 | District of Columbia

#2498 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
While the attacks on September 11th were going on, I was asleep because it was 3 am here in Hawaii. The phone rang and it was my Uncle calling me to tell me that we were was being attacked. Still half asleep, I panicked, and asked why they were attacking Hawaii. But he quickly responded, "No,they're attacking the world trade center." I turned on the television and was shocked at what I saw. As I was watching, I saw the second plane hit..and I just couldn't believe that I was actually watching it happen. Throughout the day, I remember feeling scared and paranoid because no one knew if they were going to attack the U.S. again. I just hope that everyone will get on with their lives, but never forget what happened and who lost their lives on that fateful day.
Chelsey | 15 | Hawaii

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