#2484 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
Hi, im from australia so i dont know if this matters or not.........but september 11th 2001 will be a day of unforgettable memories of feeling helpless, devastated and very scared....

I was online playin backgammon.....saw a newsflash on tv and reported in the lobby when the first plane struck.... believing it was an accident at first to then seeing the second plane hit the towers....... The whole lobby was querying my statements then once they switched on the tv also confirmed........ Once that second plane had struck it there was a mass of fear........ i was playing with people from that area..... one girl in particular thought that her partner was somewhere there..... and for the next 2 hours we were with her supporting her......as she was unable to get through to him..... i was up that nite until 4.30 am...... i felt compelled to stick with my friends there....to offer support...... the one thing that has never left my mind is how real and how scared i was....... that fear lives with me still...... Fear that some one like myself could fall victim again to such horrific actions....

Although im not religious much...it is this situation that opens up my soul and prays that this will never happen again....... that as a human race we can focus upon resolve to the ongoing conflict of greed, belief, colour and race......that we can someday we can unite for a common aim... Peace and harmony.......

To the people of the United States, although i dont agree totally with your policies and your way of life.... i do believe that the callous attack on September 11th on the people of your country was shattering and totally unfair... My heart goes out to all the ffamilies of those who lost loved ones..


with love from australia xxx

Paula Henley
Melbourne Australia

Paula Henley | 32 | Australia

#2485 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
On that september morning I was just coming home from the doing the school crossing guard job that I do and I missed the first reports of the news of the first tower being hit and I had just turned on the Television and was flipping through the channels and settled on watching Regis and Kelly That was at 9:02 am. I then watched the second plane plow into the second tower. I was shocked, and stunned then I sat with my husband and watch as the towers collapsed. I cried, and then a reporter said that the Pentagon was hit. My thoughts were "My God they are declaring war on the United States." Then the reports of United flight 93 went down in western Pennsylvania, I thought that they were heading for the FBI training center in West Virginia well in later reports I found out that it possibly was going to try to take out the capitol building. I also found out later that flight 93 flew over my area on its way to carry out the deed well I was really scared to think that it could have been in my backyard that the plane would have crashed. For eight days I was numb just functioning on auto pilot to get through the day. When I really started to feel anything again was at the memeroial services, for all those who were lost on that terrible day. I still see the saddeness in the eyes of those people, at the services when I sometimes reflect back to that day.
Ruth | 35 | Pennsylvania

#2486 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
I was late getting up for school that day. I had woken up and turned on the T.V. Then proceeded to the bathroom to get a hairbrush. I saw the first tower had been hit. I didn't think much of it at the time. Than when I almost ready to go, thats when the second plane hit. I didn't know what to think. My mom decided not to send me to school that day. I ended up watching T.V that day,just to see what would happen. I cried for the people who were there. Little did I know my Uncle was on the 99th floor of the first tower that was hit.
Penny Williams | 15 | Canada

#2487 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
I was at work listening to the radio when the programme was interupted with the news that a plane had hit the World Trade Centre....At the beginning it seemed like a tragic accident. It wasn't till I arrived home after work and saw the pictures, and learnt of the other planes that it hit me. This was pure evil,I sat there trying to take it all in, numb with disbelief...My heart and prayers go out to all the survivors of 9/11 and to all those who lost loved ones. I can't begin to imagine the pain and suffering of you all....
Adam | 22 | United Kingdom

#2488 | Friday, September 13th, 2002
I was on the NJTP heading North, when I saw smoke coming from the North Tower. At first I didn't make much of it. But then I noticed people pulling over to the shoulder, and getting out of their cars, looking over to the WTC.
Traffic was slow, and I couldn't get out, but I saw more smoke, and then I knew it was serious. I turned on th radio, and I heard that two planes had hit the towers. At that time I was sure that this was a coordinated attack.
Later at work, we watched on TV, and even later I heard the towers had come down.
I was afraid there were 20,000-30,000 deaths, but I hoped many could get out.
I used to work in 4 WTC, so I was very sad about all the people, and the whole area.
I had a great anger towards the people who did this. I don't care why they felt they had to do this. This cannot be justified by anything.
I went home that day, waiting for my daughter to come home, making sure she was ok. They had explained at her school. I just didn't want her to watch TV that evening.
Roger | 48 | New Jersey

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