#2454 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was at school when the first plane hit. I was in science class at school and then they announced in religion that we were going to be let out early. When we got home my mom was crying and hugging me and asking me if I was okay. Then, a year later, I was at the memorial Mass at school and suddenly, I began to feel sad and me and a friend went outside and I broke down crying and sobbing. I was kind of worried after that, but I'm over it now. The night of 9/11/02, I watched a lot of the news and I almost did not get to sleep at all because I was afraid of the terrorists attacking our area. But now, as I said before, I am over it now, but you guys might want to pray for me and for the rest of the country.
God Bless The USA!!!!
Stephen Bonadies | 13 | Florida

#2455 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I had just woke up and was going downstairs to the living room to read the Chicago Tribune like I did every day. My wife gave me a cup of coffee and then said to turn on the "Today Show" because something had happened in New York City. A moment later I saw the 2nd airliner smash into Tower 2 and knew immediately that it had to be a terrorist act. I was dumbstruck -- I could not believe that I had just seen hundreds of people die a horrible death while I was in my pajamas on the couch drinking coffee. I immediately got up, ran back upstairs and got on the computer to send e-mails to a couple of friends in NYC and especially my brother, an Army intelligence officer who worked at the US Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia. It turned out everyone was all right but my brother said the security at the embassy was incredible -- complete with machine-gun toting guards and tanks in the street. One of my NYC friends worked on the 12th floor of Tower 1 but was on her way to New Jersey that morning. Then I went back down, sat on the couch, and literally did not stop watching television for the next 12 hours. It was like looking at a crash on the highway -- you didn't want to look, you knew you shouldn't look, and yet somehow you had to look. I was filled with despair and a deep anger at the same time. I was out of work at the time and feeling pretty sorry for myself, but suddenly had a terrible reminder that I was really a very lucky person, all things considered.
Rusty | 41 | Illinois

#2456 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
On the 11-9-01,I was getting ready to pick my two daughters up from school.I was numb,angry,upset,worried lots of angry feelings inside of me when I seen the t.v,I just kept thinking why,I knew nobody in America but I still cryed like I never cried before.Even now when I see a picture or something to do with that day my heart sinks.That is a school run I will never forget,no calling at the shop for sweet's,no talking at the school gates,or slow walking home,I just needed to be infront of the t.v.Still I am very lucky I can pick my daughters up,there is children without mams and dads as a result of that day that is something I can be thankful for,now writing this wipeing the tears that still roll down my face putting it in to words I will pray for all those poor people whose lovedones have gone.
victoria | 28 | United Kingdom

#2457 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I had just woke up after flying back from Seattle, WA., the evening before. My father had passed on Aug. 22nd and I spent just over a week with my mother to make sure she’d be ok.
I don't usually turn on the TV in the morning, but something compelled me to this day. I changed to the Network stations and heared that something had hit the World Trade Center.
As I began to get caught up on the details, I saw the second plane look as if it were flying in the distance near the WTC. To my disbelief it crashed right into it.
All I could think about was there would be some moms & Dads that wouldn't be going home that night.
I had a bad feeling in my stomach and tears going down my face.
I have always had respect for life, but this put even more light on it because I had an unborn child that was two months from birth. I thought, "That could have been myself or family on one of the planes, or working in the WTC."
The other fact that will always have significance is that my wedding anniversary is on this day. Had I decided to leave the same day as this event, I would have unable to come home when the airports were shutdown.

I would like the world to know that this type of hate has less to do with religion or culture (Islam) as it does people being educated on the facts. It also does not help to follow a person or ideal and not question that which seems not to fit ideals or equate to our "common sense."
I hope this ordeal has gone a long way to change the thoughts and actions of even our homegrown Militia groups.

We have the capacity to forgive, but should never forget.
Gary D | 35 | Alabama

#2458 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
My name is Sandra Burnworth, I have 6 children and a husband. I live in Tacoma, Wa. On Sept.11,2001
I was just getting out of bed at 6:45am
to get children up for school and my mom called she asked me if I had turned on the TV yet, I said no, why? she told me it was bad that New York had been bombed or something (thats what news stations were saying at the time)I turned on the news and watched with horror at the devastating sights. I then went over to myneighbors and got them up and told them what I knew about it. My oldest daughter's birthday is 9/11 and she was so solom that day and she asked why did all those people have to die on her B-day? I said "honey I don't know". Thats where the Burnworths where on 9/11.
Sandra Burnworth | 31 | Washington

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