#2439 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
i remember i woke up that morning, i was a senior in high school. i didn't feel well that day so i was home on the couch watching "good morning america". when all of a sudden they told us of the report of the plane hitting the first tower and cut out to show the footage. then while showing that, another plane hit. i remember starting to cry. and then becoming angry. then the reports began to talk about the pentagon and the other plane that was over pennsylvania which later crashed. i spent the whole day trying to get in touch with my father who worked in the north jersey. but cell phones were shut down in that area. it was a horrible day which i'll never forget.
*nora* | 18 | Pennsylvania

#2440 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I went into the kitchen to make lunch for my older (9-year-old) son. I turned on the TV news - which I NEVER do (my other son was 3; who can watch the news with children in the house?) - and saw what I thought was a clip from a movie. I suddenly realized, as I saw the second plane hit, that it truly was real - and more horrifying than could be believed. I started to cry. I started to scream. I grabbed my son and held him, just held him, for the longest time, crying, so glad that we were safe. (I told my son yesterday, on the first anniversary of 9/11, "That's why I don't make your lunch any more. Bad things happen when I do.")

I called my Dad to see if he had heard; he was reading, having breakfast, and had not yet had the TV on that day. At first he thought I was joking, but my crying clued him in. "They say we're under attack, Dad," I sobbed. "They say a plane went into the Pentagon, too."

I had made it almost all the way to work that day when the second tower fell. I started crying, and couldn't stop for a long, long time. I still avoid TV news, preferring to learn it on CNN.com and newspaper websites. In the car, I listen only to music, never news.

There are people who never will be born because of what happened. Whole generations of scientists and composers and more who never will know the wonders of life on this planet because their forebears were ruthlessly murdered, assassinated. People I will never know suffer horribly - and will forever. People my sons will never meet will never be born.
KMB in Kansas City | 41 | Missouri

#2441 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
I was in homeroom with all of my friends and we were shocked to pieces when we saw. We watched the second plane hit on live TV. We will never forget.
Seshia M. | 15 | Massachusetts

#2442 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
When it was first mentioned, I was in first period Language Arts. One of the janitors walked in, and told the teacher what happened. It seemed like nothing at first, and my teacher had said 'What a tragedy'.

When we went into second period social studies, the teacher was on the internet and mentioned what happened and we were all like '...' because we were in New York City earlier in the year and we had gone to the top of the World Trade Center.

So, most of us were really freaked out. 'What if it happened while we on the top?' And then, the teacher in the room beside us had the television going. Our teacher didn't permit us to go into the science room and watch.

Then my mom dismissed me out of worry and I watched what happened at home.
Kristin | 14 | Massachusetts

#2443 | Thursday, September 12th, 2002
Tuesday morning, Sept 11. Just another ordinary day. But it wasn't gonna be that at all. I was asleep at 8:46 when my fraternity brothers began knocking on my door as hard as they could. I woke up and was told to turn on my TV. I had just learned that the North Tower had been hit. I turned to look at everyone and they all went downstairs to the chapter room. We tried for a few minutes to sort this out with all the different theories and ideas in our minds. Just as all 25 of us were in the chapter room, the South Tower was hit. We all knew it then, without a doubt in our minds. Our school had cancelled classes for the day. We all sat in horror and awe as the events unfolded. We took turns calling all of our closest friends and family, trying to get as many people as we can together. We wanted to make sure that we were all safe around each other.
Tim Forsythe | 21 | Ohio

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