#2304 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
It was 7:23 in the morning when the phone rang. My mom was in the shower, my dad at work and my brother and I were eating breakfast. A voice said "America's being attacked." and I realized that it was my brother's friend.
"Good one, Joey." I said, "Here's Albert." I handed the phone to my brother who immediatly ran to the TV and turned it on.
Then he ran downstairs and told my mom who said "Albert, don't play. That's a serious matter and not something to joke about!"
"No really, mom! It's on every channel!"
The next thing I knew, my mom was upstairs in her robe saying "Oh-my-God!" over and over again. We went to school in horror and sat in each class thinking 'how could this happen?'. But it did.
Later, after school, my friend and I were talking and listening to music when her phone rang. It was her grandma who said to put her mom on the phone. It was urgent. Her mom took the phone and about 30 seconds later, she started crying and hung up. We tried to console her, but it was no use. Her cousin John, a lutenant, was missing. He had gone into the second WTC to help evacuate and never came out.
That was the end of the tragic day we will also remember.
Emmalie Moseley | 14 | California

#2305 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was eating my breakfast and my dad had gone back to his room to get his tie and I was watching the stupid today show (no offence) and I saw a plane go into the world trade center so I yelled for my dad to come out to the living room to see. As soon as he saw it he was this is not good. And I was like no duh dad a plane just crashed into a building you no that's not good. But I had to go to school so my mom and I listened to what was going on in New York on the radio. I was suprised that school was open. as soon as I got to school all of us talked about what was going on and about one hour later my vice principal announced that school was closed and that they would call our parents to come pick us up. I got picked up right away because my friend lives a couple blocks away. We went back to her house and watched the horror on TV. We thought it was armegedon. Then my mom got off work and came to pick me up and we went home and called all our relatives in the New York area. Then we just sat there for like 3 hours and watched TV till my mom couldn't take anymore of the terror on the TV. So we decided to get out of the darkness of our house and go on a bike ride. It helped her lot to just get her mind off of it. One year later we as a country have grown closer and become one family. The family of the United States of America!!!!
morgan taylor | 14 | California

#2306 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I came o school on september 11th it was like any other day. My classmates and I were standing in line waiting to hear the morning announcments. Then my friend leaned over to my with tears in her eyes. She told me what had happend. Horrified and scared,I told her" i didn't even know, I was sleeping though people dying." I started to got teary-eyed, just because of that one thought. People were dying while I slept peacefully.We walked into our classroom and it was so quiet that you could have heared a pin drop. We just sat there,in our desks, to stuned to speak. Then we got the announcment over the loudspeaker that we were evacuating the school. Ten or twenty muinets later,parents showed up crying. My mom took me and my friend Janine home to my house because Janines mom was working at the hospital and she had to stay for a while.When we arrived at my house,I saw my dad sitting on the couch.It was the only time I have ever seen him with tears streaming down his cheacks. He was sent home from his work that day just as we were from school. Me,my mom,my dad,my sister and Janine,watched the T.V. with horrer.We were glued to the set for hours.WE only got up to get tissue to dry our tears. I went to bed that night to worried,and to scared to sleep. I couldn't help but think...
Alexandra Thrapp | 13 | California

#2307 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Where I Was

On September 11, 2001, I was in my bedroom listing to radio to see if my favorite baseball team had won the night before. Thatís when I heard of the attacks. I was really shocked because I thought that nothing like that could ever happen to America. I was starting to get changed when I heard of the tragic news. I rushed out of my room and sat myself in front of the television and watched the second airplane fly right into the second tower!! It made me feel really crummy. When I got to school, all of the eight graders were gathered together and were crying. We were supposed to have our SAT tests that day, but our teacher decided not to give it to us. We also got out of school right after we got there because the principal thought that it was a time of mourning and we should be with our parents. If the attacks never happened, I wonder what it would be like today, the one year anniversary of September 11.

Amy Mathews
amy m | 14 | California

#2308 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was in history class and shall never forget the day, or what I was doing.
Schylene Nicole | 14 | Fiji

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