#2249 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Hi, my name shay-shay and I had been in class when I heared about the bad news about NewYork City that Afghanistan had stricked our nation buildings they had hit the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon. When it happened I was scared and sad that all those people had been killed.
Shay-Shay | 13 | Virginia

#2250 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Hi, my name is Nay. But most of my friends and family calls me Nay-Nay. When we was getting attack on our own soil, I was in my Language Arts learning about pronouns and nouns. Then a coach at the school came and told us the we we're getting attack. Then, a kinds of things start to go through my mind like I hope everything is all right. I Was Like Oh My God !! And after school was out I went home and turned on the Tv and saw all those bad things what did happened. And than I turned the Tv off and went to my grandma's house. The rest of my day and night was over.
Nay-Nay | 13 | Virginia

#2251 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at work in Moorestown, NJ (Burlington County) when my boss comes in and tells me that he heard on the radio, a plane hit the WTC. Me and my co-worker just turned and looked at each other in disbelief. At the time, we thought it was just a small single engine plane crashed into it. So i hurried up to turn the radio to 1060am (news talk) and all 3 of us must have turned white when heard that it was a Boeing 767. Almost 2 minutes later was when the 2nd aircraft slammed into the building. It was just an eerie feeling, because there were no TV's in the facility and the internet was at a complete halt. We had IDSL connectivity but it was as slow as modem connection, then we couldn't get anything at all. So I felt like i was trapped. No TV or internet for info, just waiting to hear it on the radio. Bye the 930-1000am we actually had access to a TV and saw the actual damage to the buildings. When i saw the first building fall, i was so sick, i decided that i didn't want to watch it anymore. But of course something drew me to it and i had to stay a watch for a little while longer. I had to go to PA for an appointment but all the Bridges were shut from New Jersey to PA. The rest of the day i was depressed and angered. I kept thinking to myself "What the hell happened? Was this for real??"
I would like to extend my prayers to heroes(all rescue workers), victims and those who were left behind, GOD BLESS YOU ALL...
Steve DeCicco | 25 | New Jersey

#2252 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On September 11,2001 I was in social studies class.The first time I heard about the attacks I was thinking that the people in New York that
they were all dead.I felt so bad about the people in New York.Even though I didn't know them or anything.I mean if it was my family I would be so crazy that would have to put me in a mental institution.See I feel that the people up there right now are just crying out there eyeballs.I would think that if there loved ones where dead. All them people that are dead now could have been alive right know when I'm typing this for the community.Well
Samantha | 11 | Virginia

#2253 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I remember when the World Trade Center was attacked. I was in health class. Coach came in and told Ms. Cater about it, and I heard a boy behind me laughing. I bet he feels stupid. I did not think anything of it at the time. But when I got home I and turned on the TV on all I saw was the plane going in the World Trade Center over and over again. I feel terrible about all the families who lost the loved ones. I just want to say GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Thomas | 12 | Virginia

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