#2214 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was home with my infant son, and my two older sons were at school...My infant son Daniel is one of twins...Joey died in January of SIDS at almost 4months of age...
Well, when the second tower was hit, I was in absolute state of confusion...not really sure what was going on and just hoping somehow that people would be saved and the fires put out, but that was not to be...When the first tower fell, I was in complete shock and panic....I called the schools and let them know I was picking up my children....I cannot express how vulnerable I felt and I did not like my children in a federal building...The thought of losing another one of my children just about killed me.....they will be home with me! When I got home after picking them up, I saw the second tower had fallen...I could not believe all of this was happening just 40miles or so from my home.....
I had just been at the Twin Towers the August prior...we often took the PATH train to the city....and would marvel upwards at the huge buildings...they were just AWESOME!
My patriotism has not changed a bit...I have always flown my flag ever since I owned my own home in 1990. I thought it was rather shameful that so many people did not have one, and needed to go out to buy one!
My heart aches for every surviving family...I know your shock and pain of loss....and we can never make sense of something so senseless...
We have to be sure NOT to let the terrorists take this day from us...and we must continue to live our lives freely...always acknowledge the wonderful people who were killed, but dont change your life out of fear.
Marta McGraw
Marta McGraw | 38 | New Jersey

#2215 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I DID NOT lose someone on September 11, 2001. I DID NOT know anyone on the planes, in the Pentagon, or even in the World Trade Center. I was one on the lucky ones.
My husband and I, with our daughter, were traveling across the country to our new home in New York. We didn't even have the safety of our home to retreat to.
Now I awake each morning and go to bed each night cherishing each and every moment. I pray for some of the strength that I have seem victims' families demonstrate. It could have been me. I pray it never has to be anyone else. Bless you all, for you are always in my thoughts.
Jennifer Collazo | 29 | New York

#2216 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I gave birth to my first child 2 months before the tragedy. I remember waking up because she was sleeping later than usual. I came out to the living room and turned on the news and saw the first tower in flames. It had just been hit. My daughter woke up and my husband came into the living room with her and together we watch in horror as the second tower was hit and then collapsed moments later. All we could think about were all those people whose families were, in a single moment, torn apart. Two hours after the second tower collapsed, my daughter smiled for the first time. It was a sign that we would all make it throught this awful time.
Melissa | 23 | Virginia

#2217 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I remember on my way from picking up my carpool, I heard on the radio that a plane crashed into the first World Trade Center. I assumed that it was maybe an accident, but then I heard that the second tower was also hit. I went to school and it was all anybody could talk about. We had our first two classes and then homeroom. My homeroom advisor brought in the television and we watched the news. Our dean made an announcement over the P.A. and said that we were to be sent home. Everyone started using their cell phones to call home to be picked up. After I was picked up, I went with my mom to pick my sister and her friends. At home, my family and I continued to watch the news about the terrorist attacks. It was sad to see the people running away and then the rescue workers were trying to save people. At night before I was going to bed, I said a little prayer to take care of those who died and for those trying to save others.
Trisha | 16 | California

#2218 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Me and my partner had just returned from a holiday in Spain the day before September 11th. He woke me up and told me to come and watch the TV quickly, he had seen the news we all know saddens us and that we will never forget. I thought it was some wind up at first as the film makers of today can produce un real images. Unfortunately it was no film. I sat there with shock and numbness, I didnt know what to say.I have no relatives or friends over in America but I really did feel for them like they were my family. I remember ringing up my dad at work to tell the awful news, he had visited New York and been inside the WTC the previous year. He couldnt believe it either. As further horrific events unfolded that afternoon we just sat in front of the TV unable to comprehend what was happening to the world.

I thought it was never going to end and we really were doomed and I was a witness to it all. It was something I will never ever forget, but one day i will visit New York and Ground Zero and pay my own personal respects and prayers to those that didnt deserve to die that fateful day of September 11th 2002.

Sarah Barrett | 21 | United Kingdom

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