#2204 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Hi,my name is Valonda.I was in school
when we were under attact.My math
teacher told us that he had heard that
a plane had just hit the twin, World trade centers, and the pentagon. He also
said that there is still one up there.
I felt very bad, I was more shocked then
anything.Then when I got home me and my mom listened to the news.The news had said that the 4th plane had dispeared,
but they suppose to hit the White house.
I was so sad for the ones who lost their love ones. So now since this has happened we need to Stand up for our
NATION!I am an American.
Valonda | 12 | Virginia

#2205 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was in math class.The teacher ran out the room.Then she came running into the room and she said 4 airplanes were hi-jacked 2 were heading for NEW YORK, 1 heading for THE PENTAGON, 1 for THE WHITE HOUSE, but that isn't important so lets continue.
Then a hour later the tv came on and they were showing the twin Towers and there was smoke every where and in the back you can people jumping out.And I felt sorry for them.
Matt | 12 | Virginia

#2206 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I had just stumbled out of bed and turned on the TV. I saw what I thought was a smoke stack from a factory pouring out black smoke into the atmoshpere. When I changed the channel, I saw the same image- and the the same on the next channel. I realized something was wrong. Minutes later the second plane crashed into the tower. I didn't know what to think. I haven't experienced the trama many people have in this. I pray that America turns to God for answers.
Jason. Savannah, GA | 23 | Georgia

#2207 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
After one year,
I still am having trouble
fathoming the enormity
of what happened.

I was in college -
in Broadcasting classes.
At first, when one of our
fellow students came to tell us,
we thought it was a hoax.

Then we turned on the TV.

But our TV went out,
so we went directly for the net.
and just as the feed began,
we witnessed the second plane
explode into the second tower.

I was numb.
and Angry.

But I didn't cry.
I made sure to comfort
those around me.
Tried to be strong.

And I handled myself pretty well.

The Pentagon.


I said as soon as I heard the report
from Somerset County that the passengers must have taken
control of the plane, or it would have
reached its destination.
I was proud to be right.
My heart swelled.

My best friend and I went to church
that night for a memorial.
And it began to hit me.

After a few days,
I got tired of the media coverage
that was infiltrating our
radios and TVs.
Analyzing and reporting things
that I couldn't process.
I didn't watch or listen for days.

I heard the stories
about the stock market being closed.
About people not being able
to breathe in NY.
About the communication breakdowns.
About the children without parents.
About families broken apart.
About Rudy Guiliani sticking in there
and President Bush taking action.
About anthrax scares.
About Americans flying their flags.
About Congress singing together.

And now, after a year, it has finally
begun to sink in.
I finally feel the pain that I could
block out one year ago.

I have to watch the media coverage today for my Nature of America class.
But I'd watch it anyway.
I have to remember what it was that
hurt me beyond recognition.
I have to feel the pain
the terror
the despair
the pride
the agony.

And through my tears,
I do.

May peace be with everyone today and always.
Especially as we remember the day America paused.
Mandie | 21 | North Carolina

#2208 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
i was at hockey after skool a year ago + we were never told about it at skool so i didnt find out til i got in the car + my mum told me. at first i had no idea how big a thing it was coz id never heard of the WTC but wen i got home + saw all the pictures of it on tv i realised how serious it was.i cant believe its happened + hope 2 god it never happens again.to anyone.anywhere.
Jenni Young | 15 | United Kingdom

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