#2189 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Last year on September 11, 2001 8:46 the Twin Tower's where hit. I was in school when this tragic thing happened. When I frist heard about this it was after lunch. I was in my reading class with Mrs. Mullins class. Our principal came in our class and told us that the World Trate Center had been hit by a high jaked air carrier. Everyone got really scared. The teacher told us to be qiuet and listen she put the news one we watched the news up until time to go home at 3:16. I got on the bus scared to death. I was worried about my mom because I didn't see her much. I went into the house and mom called and told me and my brother and sister that she was okay. We watched the news all
night long. We was really scared that it was gonna be a war world 3. A few weeks later they fount out who it was.
My dads friend was killed by the twin towers he was a coke driver. My uncles sister watched the twin towers fall. She was really scared. Me and my aunt got worried about Elisabeth we thought that she maybe got hurt. She called and told us she was okay. Now today 9/11/02 the war has been gone a year. Thats bad because people fighting for us don't get to see there family and kids. But i'm glad there fighting for us so it would be over.
Megan | 13 | Virginia

#2190 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Well 9/11 was a pretty bad day!
Where were you on the 11th? I was in school it was hard for me to understand
at first but know itis very clear to me. If was one the perons on the plane I couldn't have done that. Because they called their family and told them what was going on. they were so brave they were saying that they were goting to fight for thier lives.

The firerfrighters were the ones that did it all.Even though some of them died they did it for thier country.
they were some of the ones that were probably the scaredes.I couldn't be one of those.
There are alot of people that died that day and they will be remembered.

Taylor | 12 | Virginia

#2191 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Last year when America was attacked, I think I was in English class when I found out about it.
When I first heard it I was like there must be some mistake but there wasn't.
I felt really bad even though I had no friends or family there. I felt bad because of all the familys that lost their kin and their friends.
I also felt scared and frightened because i did not know what was going to happen next. I did not know wheather or not there was going to be another attack, or wheather or not I would be with my family for long.
Even though it has been a year I still have thoughts that Afaganastan will come and bring more grief,sadness, and more unhappiness to our country.
I am making progress by trying to move on with my life and trying to enjoy what is left of it with my family and my friends. I am also making progress by saying to myself that tomorrow will be a more better and brighter day than the last. So far it has worked.
I hope that the ones who have lost family or friends on the attack of September 11, 2001 will recover and that they will have eternal happiness knowing that their family or their friends are now with the good lord in heaven and that they will always be with them.
I also hope that the ones who were in on the attack will be caught and will be punished.

Florence | 12 | Virginia

#2192 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
i remember thinking in my head, i don't want to leave and go back to work. vacation was so nice. i hadn't seen my grandparents and californian family members in a really long time. ugh.. my sister has a flight @ 7am PST and we need to get up and drive her to LAX.

then my aunt calls...

turn on the tv! turn on the tv!

and one event after another happened. the airlines were grounded and i faced the reality that i didn't know when i would be able to come home and see my parents or my siblings.
amanda | 25 | Ohio

#2193 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
On 9/11/01 I was in school. I never heard about the incident until maybe the middle of the day. It has been a year and many things have changed and I will never forget this day and I will never forget about the innocent people who died because of the terroist attack. I didn't believe it at first but that night it was on the news then I didn't want to believe it but I had to.
Jennifer | 12 | Virginia

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