#2114 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was in Europe on vacation; my last day in Prague when it happened. I didn't hear about it until I was on a train to Vienna. The Austrian border guard came by and after stamping our passports, he said "So you are Americans...". After we affirmed that, he asked "Did you hear the news?".

"Did you hear the news?"

Oooohhhh boy. Were we in for a revelation.

After saying "no", he proceeded to tell us about the terrorist attacks. He didn't speak English very well so it was hard to get the full good story.

Later on, the border guard came back with a German language newspaper with pictures. While I do not speak German to any significant degree, I was able to pick out tidbits like "Boeing 767". Wow. For someone who is used to having virtually immediate access to a TV or the Internet, to have to wait a few hours to get the news was a very unnerving and anxious experience.

A few hours later, we arrived in Vienna and after we got a taxi to our hostel (ironically called "Believe it or not"), we set out for an internet cafe, which seem to be somewhat less common in Vienna when compared with other European cities. We ended up finding a conventional bar that happened to have a computer and a modem. After spending a bit of time getting the machine to work with the help of the bartender, we sat down and read in horror all of the news, and comiserated with the bartender. I'm normally very desensitized, but I was in shock. In the process of all this, I downed two beers and three vodka shots. Then, we went back to the room, all called home to check in, and got some sleep.
Nathaniel Woods | 25 | Massachusetts

#2115 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at home, getting ready to leave for my 10:30 Spanish class. I had heard a brief report on the radio about a plane out of Logan that had crashed, but I just assumed it was an accident - engine failue, that the plane had crashed into the ocean. Terrorism certainly hadn't occured to me. As I was heading out the door, my aunt called from New York City, wanting to know where my father was. Until she called, I had completely forgotten that he had a conference in the World Trade Center that week. I absolutely could not remember what day he had said he would be there. My aunt then had to hang up, because her building was being evactuated. I immediatly called my dad's office, and got his voicemail. Same thing when I tried to call his cell phone. I just remember crying at that point. I was literally hysterical, on the ground sobbing. I was like that until my mom came home about an hour later. She told me that my dad's conference had actually been scheduled for Thursday. He called a few minutes after that. He had been down in the office gym, watching the coverage. I couldn't even talk to him on the phone, I was crying so hard.
Meghan | 20 | Massachusetts

#2116 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
My name is Tamara Towndrow and I live in Norwich, NY. On 9/11 I was getting ready to go to my class on the Binghamton University. The phone rang my sister called and told me a plane had hit the "towers"! At first I was at a lost and then turned my tv on. My husband hurt me gasping for air and ran into the room! All I could say is no this didn't happen and then all of a sudden the second tower was hit. I still had the phone in my hand and I realized that my sister was crying just has hard as I was. I was shocked. After I calmed down enough I went and picked up all three of my sons from their schools and brought them home. My husband and I began to try to explain what had happened. It was the mmost devasting thing to happen to our family. I am orginally from down near New York City and could remember the many occasions when I went into the "city" for different things. And I am having a very hard time dealing with the New York City's skyline without the "towers." It always brings tears to my eyes. And because of the tragic event in American history, I view the world a little bit different now. Oh I always told my children I love them and give them hugs and kisses but now I make sure I have plenty of free time for all those special occasions.
Tamara Towndrow | 37 | New York

#2117 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I think this was a tragic day. I heard about it when I was in my last block class.The principal said that two planes crashed into the twin towers.She said it happened that morning.When I got home I saw the twin towers about to fall.The news said over thousands of people were killed or injured.

I was very shocked. My mom said she was watching tv and saw the whole thing.The news showed a replay of the terrorists crashing the planes.Alot of people were bleeding.I was thinking in the back of my head,what if that was our county.

This was a sad day for the USA.Many people killed over nothing.Our country will never be the same after what happened that day.We will never forget it.
Lorenzo | 12 | Virginia

#2118 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I rembered the woried look on on my teachers faces that day. My teacher refused to tell us what happend. She thought it was to much of a sorrow to tell us what happend. She was right. She knew that we were were going to find out one way or another, so she took out her old record player and put on the National Anthom. After the song was over she toled us. Were were confused and worried at the same time. We diden't exactly understand what had happend so coach Gowin comes in and explains in detail what had hapend.

I know that there are many people helping with the tragity, But I think there could be more done. I wish everyone good luck.
Kimmy | 12 | Virginia

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