#2094 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was in my social studies class learning about the war. Our coach came in our room and told us about it. i did not know what he was talking about. When I got home that night i saw the news. They played it over and over.
My grand pa told me what the world trade center was, but I knew where it was.
The pentagon was hit I think I was in social studies class. My mom told me the other schools let there parents take them home.
Brandon | 12 | Virginia

#2095 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was in Lienz/Austria, sitting in the library surfing the WWW. A woman came in and asked us if we´ve heard about the WTC.
I changed to a several news-pages. First we thought it was an accident. Not knowing the WTC we didn´t realise the dimensions of these pictures. After the second crash we knew: This was terror.
Later all newspages were busy - the www nearly broke down for several hours. It was about 1700 MEST (1100 NY).

I had to work from 1800 to 2100 as a driving teacher, then I went back to the office-computer and turned on the radio. I studied the reports and the comments on the www until 2 a.m.
There were many comments about Nostradamus and his prophecies. I was afraid that WW III was about to begin.

I wrote a short email to the white house and asked them to keep cool and not to lead the world into a new war, hoping that many people wanting the same were loud enough to be heard by the US-President.

Then I took my car and rode the 450 km (aprox. 320 mi.) to my girlfried in vienna.
On my way I called the greatest austrian radio station, they had a special program where everybody could tell his/her thoughts.

In september 2001 there was a big discussion about buying fighting planes for the austrian army - the discussion stopped for a few months, yesterday the austrian government broke because of this theme (and some other themes.)

I was often thinking about other buildings breaking down, killing people, leaving widows and parentless children.

Buildings, hit by bombs of allied bombers.

Nobody in the world cares!!!!

God bless america!
God bless the mankind!

May the peoples of the world be clever enough to protect each other, not to kill other innocent.
Roland Zigala | 28 | Austria

#2096 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
My names Gail Thomas from Wales UK, I was in Stiges a small sea side resort by Barcelona in Spain. My partner and I had had a day at the beach and as we headed back to our hotel we noticed a lot of people gathered round television screens in local bar. We went over to check it out and what we saw we just couldn't comprehend it was like something out of a film. I think that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.
Gail Thomas | 22 | United Kingdom

#2097 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
L'11 Settembre 2001 ero in vacanza.
Mentre l'altra parte del mondo si piegava davanti alla tragedia, io ero tranquillamente distesa al sole in una splendida spiaggia francese, cercando di prolungare il più a lungo possibile quell'ultimo giorno di vacanza.
Il cellulare spento, per estraniarci dal mondo almeno qualche ora.
E ancora la sera davanti al telegiornale, senza capire una parola di francese, non riuscivo a valutare la gravità della situazione. Solo il rapido,inesorabile ed immutabile succedersi delle immagini mi ha messo di fronte l'inimmaginabile.
Riesco ancora a percepire la discrepanza di emozioni che si accavallarono in me in quei momenti, in pochi istanti passai dalla gioiosa spensieratezza alla tristezza, alla paura, all'odio.
Come tutti, guardando crollare i sogni, le speranze, le gioie, rimasi senza fiato e piansi.
Un'anno è ancora troppo poco per colmare il dolore e il vuoto lasciato da
quel maledetto giorno.
Remembrance will never die.
Carla | 33 | Italy

#2098 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I think this was a very bad day for a lot of people
Lee Jackson | 12 | Virginia

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