#2074 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Today marks one full year since an act of cowardice and terror, shock this nation and the world. All around I see indications that even now many are losing touch with the emotions of that day and the days that followed! And while it is a tribute to our resilience I pray that it does not go so far as to weaken our resolve, There are many who view today as an ending an epitaph to the events of a year ago, But I believe that we should let it serve as a beginning for real change, not rebuilding but building anew striving to make a difference here and abroad, to change the face of the globe in such a way that we become not only "One Nation under GOD" but "One World under a GOD who is to all people, a God of Love and Compassion, and that we in that spirit unite as a global community to put right the wrongs and Injustices that plague the globe. To change the culture of the people of this world so that no nation may be a safe haven for those that would spread terror and oppression.

I pray that we all will continue to remember the events of September the eleventh and allow them and the memories of those lost and the heroic effort of many to fuel or resolve to the end of our days.

Steven R. Williams
Steve Williams | 40 | Colorado

#2075 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
We were on holidays in a small fishing village in Spain, where we did not have television in our apartment. We had spent the afternoon of 11 September (it happened 2:46 Spanish time) on the beach unaware of what was going on in New York. I still remember (and feel ashamed), that I was sulking large parts of the afternoon, because my boyfriend had been teasing me over my lack of tan after nearly three weeks in the sun. Since we had to get up very early the next morning to go on a day trip, we grabbed a take-away from a beach restaurant, went back to our apartment and to bed very early, without hearing about the attacks.

On our daytrip, at the first toilet stop on the way, I saw on a muted television, that there was kind of an explosion in a large house, and they had interviews with George W.Bush, and Saddam Hussein. I told my boyfriend that it felt as if “something was going on”, but actually I thought that someone had started war with Iraq or similar. Only when we arrived at our destination and stopped at a pub where the television was on, did we see that it was actually a plane flying in a house. Since it said “reporting live from Madrid”, and our Spanish was not good enough to follow the excited reporter's commentary, we thought that a small plane had hit a skyscraper in Madrid. Out of context it looked like a tragic but relatively small incident, and our imagination was not good enough to imagine anything of the scale of September 11.

It was only in the afternoon, when we went past a shop selling international newspapers, that we discovered what really happended, and it has taken much longer to understand the full extent of the attacks.
Ulrike | 29 | United Kingdom

#2076 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
Nathalie - Paris - 11/09/02 - 15:36 (French time)
I was in Corsica (French Mediteranean Island) on holiday with my boy-friend on September 11th, 2001.
We were staying on a boat for three weeks of rest and discovery. When we came back to the pear in the evening, our neighbour came to us, saying : "look at your TV, a terribhe thing happened in NYC today, several planes crashed !!!!"
We had a tiny portable TV and start to look at the special information flashes on the French TV. It was such a shock for us ! We thought to our American friends leaving in Florida and American work colleagues leaving in Portland-Oregon.
We wanted to call them but it was impossible to get in touch with America this night...
It was just unbelievable ! We could not believe what we saw on the screen ! We thought it was a holiwood moovie !
And then, we started to cry and to feel very sad for America, this country we admire.
The following days, we kept listening to the radio all day long or watching TV where we could find one.
Three or four days later, our friend Terry from Miami called us to say that everything was OK for them. It was such an emotional conversation ... She told us how sad, quite, "dead" was America since the attacks.
We will never forget ...
We think of all American people today ...
Nathalie GANTE | 26 | France

#2077 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was working in a Retirement home for the Eldelry, while getting thier 7:40am Breakfast ready the Report showed on our TV in the Living room ajourning the Dining Room. We could not Believe what was happening. Most of the Residents are in thier late 80's or 90's.
It was a hard Day for us and not one person dared to leave the room.
I was upset they had to see this.
But they chose to watch. I feared for
my own Family even though I knew they were safe.
God Bless one and all
Lisa R. Cyr
maine Usa
fell free to e-mail anytime
Lisa Cyr | 43 | Maine

#2078 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I am originally from England UK and was in New York for my cousins 1st birthday party. At the time of the WTC bombings I was in Corona Queens, I first saw the WTC on the TV when only the one plane had hit, contemplating what had happened thinking that it was an horrific accident, and to my amazement watched as a second plane hit. From that instant my aunt and me knew that this was done deliberately and could not believe what we were seeing, my Uncle a NY cab driver had just dropped a passenger outside the WTC and after which the second plane had hit. He had luckily drove away from the scene and witnessed the ball of fire.
I offer my sincere condolences to all the victims and their families of 9/11. Rajinder Bharath.

Rajinder Singh bharath | 24 | United Kingdom

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