#2054 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I am a police officer, and on the morning of September 11th I had gotten off shift at 0700. I had some paperwork and administrative duties to attend to, so by around 0830 I was ready to leave. As I was leaving I decided to stop by and see another friend of mine who was working a road detail. We chatted and after about an hour, one of the bicycle patrol officers rode up to us and told us to turn on the radio. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, both towers of the World Trade Center had been hit. I immediately left and headed home. While on the way home I called my wife and found out that she and our daughter were at her grandmothers house. I told her to stay put and continued on my way home. I listened as the Pentagon got hit, the reports of a plane crash in Pennsylvania, and then the towers crashing. I remember driving on the highway and looking over at another motorist, I remember seeing her crying as she was probably listining to the news reports also. When I got home, all I could do was watch in horror as the scenes were replayed, over and over. I will never forget this day and the surreal feeling. What started out as a heavenly day turned into hell. Never in my wildest dreams would have I imagined that I would have seen fighter planes patrolling the skies of this great nation. God bless all my brothers and sisters in uniform, all the Medics and EMT's, all the firefighters, and the soldiers on the front lines. And god bless all of the Americans on this day of reflection. Someday we may be able to say that this day was the beggining of the end of terror.

My name is not important, what is important is that I am a proud American.

AMERICAN | 29 | Massachusetts

#2055 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at home working on the computer and a friend called me. I remember thinking that this is impossible! How could this happen to our beautiful country and its' beautiful people. The first thing I did was to embrace those around me, my friends and my family and give thanks for them, and then came days upon days of grief and sorrow for the poor souls we lost and the heroes that tried to save them and lost their own lives in the process. Then came the pride I felt as our nation came together in the following days and grew stronger. God has truly blessed us in our time of need and we will overcome the tragedy but will never forget and will forever honor the brave souls that gave their lives for our country and for their fellow human beings.
Diana Dorn | 46 | Ohio

#2056 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
I was at work. I was actually being "loaned" to another group and was walking across campus. My cell phone rang and it was my mother. She said "ya know this show I am watching is awful, it appears that the WTC was bombed." I then explained that maybe it was a movie or documentary talking about the attacks of 93. We went on talking for a few moments and then she shreiked "oh my god--this is not a movie a plane just hit the WTC" Around that time I had reached my destination. I then told her to find out what was going on and call me back. When I arrived in the building nothing seemed strange. Everyone was going about their business as usual. I then began to wonder if my mother was losing her mind. Approximately 10 minutes later (after the idea of what my mother described began to wear on me), I walked up to a close friend and mentioned that my mother had stated that something was going on at the WTC. The two of us then decided to get online and check it out. Within 5 minutes of looking online everyone knew. We were literally all crying. I felt awful! We had people in our group traveling that day and even some of our group in New York. I was devastated to the point that I had to go home from work and I literally sat and cried for days while watching everything unfold. Today as I drove into work I noticed that the sun was shining on my building and our flag was flying half-staff. All the memories of 1-year ago have taken over. I find myself again, wanting to go home and cry while watching television. I cannot imagine what people are feeling today. I only know that I feel terrible. God Bless
Brandi | 27 | Indiana

#2057 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
... I was on my way to college... a pitstop on my road to my own life. I went to bed late that night on 9/10. I ended up waking up late as usuall 10:30ish pacific time.. no one had thought to wake me. I walked out with a smile on my face and prepared to start a new day. I found myself looking across a room of my family infront of the tv. My Grandmother was in tears, and at a loss for words, save for "how could this happen". My father stared wordlessly at the tv, and I stood there, and felt nothing but numbness, disbelief. Still a year later it hasent sunk in. Todays media has us desensitized to this sort of thing. So I guess as a sophmore in college now... I am waiting to wake up for my freshman year, in a world where this didnt happen.
Nathan Smith | 19 | Washington

#2058 | Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
on 9.11 i was at school 7th grade. i was so confused i didn't know what was going on. i was scared. i didnt know why it happend merly knowing it did.
Michael wiley | 14 | Oklahoma

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