#1968 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
My husband and our two small children were on our way home to Illinois from Texas. We were a few miles outside Texarkana when the radio show we were listening to said they were cutting away to national news. The terror and confusion we felt was mixed with even more fear as the realization of how far from home we were. Luckly the kids were to small to realize what was going on. As we passed the Little Rock Airport it was eerie to see all the planes grounded and police everywhere. Listening to the radio, holding on to my husband hand and looking back to see my kids, was how I passed the long trip home. My heart went out,and still does, to everyone at the WTC, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. J. Schueler Columbia, Il
Janet Schueler | 29 | Illinois

#1969 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I know that I and many others wont ever forget this day. I was in my history class taking a test when a student came in and told my professor that a plane had hit the World Trade Towers. Many of my classmates turned in out tests and ran to the nearest T.V. room. When we got there the whole room was silent. There were people crying and in total shock. This day will live forever in our memories. God bless the families of the deceased and God bless the USA!!
Bre | 21 | Minnesota

#1970 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was at work. I was in the USAF, working as a computer analyst. I remember thinking that the first plane hitting was a terrible accident as we stood around watching CNN. Then we saw the second plane hit. I guess that's when we knew that it was something more. It was really scary. The phones were ringing off the hook from our families trying to see if we had heard about it. My aunt in Illinois was the first to reach me and we were both in shock. Our NCOIC immeadiately started making arrrangements to have 24 hour shifts -just in case, he told us- and then sent some of us home. I remember walking to my dorm room thinking that I needed to get some sleep for the long night that I was going to be pulling, yet I knew there was no way that I was going to sleep. I stayed up for almost 48 hours glued to any news cast that was on. I remember watching and listening, thinking that there was no way that this was really happening. It just didn't seem that someone could have really bombed us. The U.S. has always seemed so invincible and for something of this magnitude to have happened was unreal. It was an event that touched all of us, and for all the horror and sorrow that it brought, I think that it has made a lot of people realize what this country means to them.
Renee | 24 | Texas

#1971 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
Hello i'm a high school student...and when this all happened i was in math class and our principle came on the speaker and told us to turn our t.vs to a certain channel. and that's when we heard about it.....that whole day not one t.v went off and not one teacher taught...we all watched in horror as the planes hit and then when the towers fell...and then they hit the petagon and then another plane crashed and i rememeber comin' home and turnin the t.v on and not watchin' or carin' about what else was goin' on but i was wonderin' what those people are feelin' and how i wish i could do some thing. then when the fires went out and they looked for the survivors i was hopin that maybe one person will come out of it...but saddly that didn't happen..i would like to thank all the n.y.f.d fire fighters and all the angels in heaven
allison | 16 | Michigan

#1972 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
Spetember 11,2001 felt like a normal day and it started out as one too. I woke up and got ready for school and went down stairs to eat breakfast. My grandfater always watches the news in the morning but on this morning we were running late so he turned on the TV and i saw the plane crash but i was walking out the door and i didn't think anything of it i didnt even realize that the plan had hit the WTC. So i went on to school like always and 1st hour instead of the channel 1 program that we always watch the news was on and across the bottom of the screen it said plan crashes into Twin Towers. I sat there thinking what kinda of a dumbass hits a building. The the next plane hit and everybody sat there in total shock i think that it was the only time that no body was talking in that English class all year. some of us cried some of us just sat there nobody really new what to think nothing like this had every happened to us before When the third plane hit we really thought that we were goign to war right then and there. Tomorrow is the annerversary and it really doesnt feel like it has been a year but in this year the US has proved how awesome this country really is I LOVE THIS COUNTRY we have came so close and we have so much pride I hope that the world can solve its problems but i will always remember sitting in class watching TV on September 11 2001 and how we walked the halls as zombies and i think that is all we talked about for quit awhile ... The teachers are still assigning papers on it!!
Heather Marquis | 15 | Illinois

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