#1908 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
My husband and I were dropping our youngest off at the baby sitter. At the time they thought it was a small plane. By the time my oldest daughter and I got to work and turned on the TV in the breakroom, the other tower had been hit. Before I left to drop her off at kindergarten, the Pentagon had been hit. By the time I returned, the first tower had fallen.

Shock, devastation and a gut-wrenching terror. My husband--part-time Army National Guard--was soon put on active duty for security purposes. The terror and disbelief, dealing with a five-year-old who was drawing pictures of the whole thing...more horrifying than any of the rest of it. The continued fear that my husband will leave to assist--even though there's an amount of pride there as well.

THANK YOU!!! to the military and their families, to the emergency personnel and their families, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedom and our lives.
Chris | 34 | Montana

#1909 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I am a full time student at the Univ of TN @ Martin. I was on my way to class when I passes a TV in the building's lobby that everyone was gathered around. I stopped to watch in horror as I saw mass destruction happening to our country. I watched the horrific events as long as I could. I went to class numb. There was an erie silence in the room. As soon as I got out of class, I ran back to my dorm and turned on the TV. The first tower had fallen. Tears streamed down my eyes as I saw people covered in ash and blood. I thought how can this be happening here in my country. I said a silent prayer for all those invovled. I felt helpless just sitting there watching all this happen. I deicded the best I can do is pray for these people. And so I did, night and day. I am just a college student from Tennessee, but God hears my prayers, too.
Rebecca Byrer | 20 | Tennessee

#1910 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
It was the third day of my work experience at a Stockbrokers in the City of London. Being Stockbrokers they had Bloomberg on 24/7. We all watched in horror as the events unfolded. At first everyone thought it was just a accident, but as the second plane plowed into the second tower the reality struck us.
Britains' deepest sympathy goes out to all who were affected by the cowardly and atrocious event. We cannot express how we all felt by your great loss. This October i will be visiting Ground zero to pay my respects with my family. Be strong, and God bless.

Let us just pray that no one has to pay such a great price again!
Adam Scott | 16 | United Kingdom

#1911 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was sitting at work in Scotland (I work for the local Council (city hall). My dad was in hospital following a major throat cancer operation and I had just got word that he was going back to theatre so the surgeons could have a look at something. I remember feeling very worried about that when a guy I work beside got a phone call from his wife. He told us that a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers and I remember thinking to myself, I always thought the twin towers were those big buildings in New York but I must be wrong as it would no way be them. Then his wife phoned again to say that another plane had hit the other building. Another phone call confirmed that both buildings had collapsed. We just couldn't believe it. To think we are sitting at work on an afternoon while that atrocity was happening (I think it was 2.30 pm or thereabouts). I remember getting home from work and that was all my husband and I could watch on the news. My little girl was only 2 and I thank God for that as she was too young to be worried about it. My prayers are with everyone affected by that and also for the world as a whole, goodness knows where we are heading.
Karen Flood | 29 | United Kingdom

#1912 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
On that awful day I was on leave and saw the terible events unfold whilst watching television. My thoughts were with those poor innocent people in the planes and towers as all unfolded before me.WHY could this happen WHY should this happen. Who were the evil scum behind it. As we approach the first year of this awful happening I like many can still see those terrible pictures that will live with me forever.
If I close my eyes and recall the events I still see the impact and the following events unfold. Those poor poor people that perished. The hope I have is that the good people on this planet revenge that terrible day and remove the evil so called 'humans' before they can repeat such an act. To hell with the 'do gooders' who stand on the side lines saying don't retaliate. If we dont react to those evil bastards out there god help us. I hope and prey that AMERICA does continue its fight against terrorism and support him in his views and actions over the worlds evil.


Roger Shotton (England)
roger shotton | 48 | United Kingdom

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